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Part Uno of '16 Candles; Rainette Georgina'Category: (general)
Monday, 12 February 2007
06:25:57 PM (GMT)
"Seriously, Heath. Let go!" Rainette Georgina snapped at the rather well built boy
in front of her. She moved herself to the corner of the bathroom stall they were both
in, her arms folded across her chest. The boy looked at her in disgust, "C'mon,
Rainette- I took you out, I bought you fucking dinner! At least.." He held out his
hand, Rainette smacked it away, "You know what? I'll pay you that money on monday,
now take me home!" She shouted.
Rainette Georgina, she's blown 16 candles off her cake and she's been in pageants
since the age of 3, some people says she's beautiful, others gorgeous? Guys say she's
a skank and the girls agree. Even with such a pretty face, there are troubles. Yeah
guys are attracted to her, maybe too attracted. A couple of dates she's been on with
older guys turn into nightmares, the rumour mill in highschool is huge and vicious.
You don't want to know the things written on the school's back wall.
Out of everyone she's known, Heath had been the first guy to protect her from
the rumours, but it turns out that he was just one of those perverted freaks. Heath
ran a hand through his short blonde hair, his dull grey eyes focused on her, Rainette
backed away from him, a bolt that was helping to hold up the stall's wall cutting
into her slender tan leg. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you, get your stuff." He
muttured, flinging open the stall's door, he walked towards the sink, startling a
couple of girls there. Rainette ran out of the stall after him, her rainbow ballet
flats gently clicking against the bathroom's snow white tiles. 
"Um, Rainette- I'm sorry, I just...well, You know that Kaylee left me and my love
life's been going down the drain.." Heath said with a weak smile handing her, her
black purse that had been left on the bathroom counter.
Rainette grabbed her purse, 'Yeah right' she thought, sauntering up to the bathroom
mirror and checking her appearence. Heath smirked, 'Stupid Bitch.' He thought, he
grabbed her shoulder, "Heath, You just messed up my makeup! You ass!" Rainette
snapped, her lipstick had found it's way across her cheek, she tore off piles of
paper towel from the dispenser and wiped her face with it. With a flip of her blonde
hair, she stepped down on his toe, "That'll teach you to mess with my makeup. I wish
I was wearing heels." She muttured, Rainette smiled with satisfaction while Heath let
out a sharp cry of pain.
Rainette was vain. She only thought about her beauty and clothes. So she basically
deserved all this negative attention from all her peers. 
She checked the mirror one last time, a white and sky blue tanktop clung to her
uppertorso, blue faded jeans tightly fitting her long slender legs. She took out some
eyeshadow and applied it above her icy blue eyes.
Heath looked at her, "Do you have another date?" He asked, still in pain.
Rainette flipped her hair once again, "No- I'm going home. You were my last date
tonight." She blew him a kiss and sauntered out the bathroom door into the restaurant
they were previously in before Heath decided he wanted something to make his night
She tapped a waiter on the shoulder, "Yes, erm. My escort will be paying, that young
man? Heath Jameson?" She said innocently. The waiter just nodded and returned to his
Rainette smirked, "Oh Thanks." She giggled, batting her eyelashes.

{Continued. Heh, It took me ten minutes to write this. I might need to put more
effort in it.}

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