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I can give you adviceCategory: (general)
Monday, 1 January 2007
07:06:34 AM (GMT)
Even though some of you miht not know me I love giving people advice I helped a
friend get out of nasty relationship with her friend's friend and now they are nice
to each other and pretty close friends I love helping people so talk to me
                                                                         Love, to
give you advice from,

Maria010 says:   1 January 2007   616781  
Hi I want to give you advice so let me help you!
RelientGirl says:   1 January 2007   174939  
-pokes my diary-
The second entry...Kind of explains it.
Don't know what to do now.
EMO_LOVER says:   1 January 2007   777298  
hi i like givin advice but im pooh at it lol
Maria010 says:   1 January 2007   289913  
lol that's funny
dancrgurrl101 says:   11 January 2007   433431  
I had a bf but we broke up a long time ago and we never see
but i cant stop thinking about him and i wanna get back together
danieltpe says:   7 February 2007   377681  
okay say i like a girl but i dont know if she likes me in the wa i
like her put i dont wana o straight in for the kil n then get turned
down like a prat help me!!!

Loving advicefully relaved wishs dan
‹Allie Tea› says:   11 March 2007   928732  
I think I could train you to be a profeshionale advice giver.Come to
one of my classes for free
qwerty55 says:   12 March 2007   928172  
i need advice. read my diary ME it explains it.
Maria010 says:   12 March 2007   621816  
okay will do
queer_princess says:   11 April 2007   114539  
my first journal entry explains eveything that i need to know and it
ask the question at the end...i hope you can help me out.
Freyah_Kitten_angel says:   6 May 2007   335847  
both entries in my diary explain it  i dunno what to do help
freestyle13 says:   26 May 2007   189287  
Yhea.... Kay *deep breath* there's this guy....he's sometimes really
nice to me (as nice as guys can be) But he has a gf. The problem is I
like him but his gf is my friend. See my Oekaki "alone" it explains
this more....
1shanicehobbs33 asks:   14 June 2007   617544  
k there is this thing and i do not kno which one of my friendz is
lyin 2 me! so wt should i do?
Maria010 says:   14 June 2007   473559  
Your  talkin bout me I think
SmallFry says:   16 June 2007   336153  
Okay, so here's the thing. My crush has been my bf since preschool.
We have done everything together! Now this girl is flirting with him
and says she wants to be his girlfriend. Should I talk to him about
1shanicehobbs33 says:   17 June 2007   424358  
no i am not i just need 2 kno da truth!
Princess_Pirupira says:   15 July 2007   539794  
I've got a big crush on this guy in my class he's super sweet and
but he's acting wierd like Freyah's he's very very umm provacative
like one time I had some chocolate on my face from eating cake and he
wiped it off my face and ate it then smiled and said it tastes better
if its on you 
but then he keeps asking me how to ask this girl out he says I know
her better than anyone and should know what she likes and I really
dont have any friends that are girls (I go to an all boys school with
four girls) so I have no clue what he's talking about
william says:   18 July 2007   426856  
i am ubsesed with soth park and i cant stop watching it
Maria010 says:   19 July 2007   193845  
okay what can I do
vet345 says:   20 July 2007   681939  
hi i can give you advice on how to log on to millsberry.com,
neopets.com, or marapets.com. i can tell you about  the websites too i
know a whole lot about neopets.com though.
Maria010 says:   20 July 2007   236564  
I am on those sites 2
william says:   23 July 2007   887124  
tell me how to stop
Blair says:   23 July 2007   629432  
hey uhm thers this guy i really really like and hes off kupika and
hes been off for like 2months and i reallyyyy miss him and he enever
knew how i felt.....what should i do?
‹{{♥Gelikerz♥}}› says:   5 August 2007   545399  
hey can u check out my newest diary entry?
‹nosleephere› shouts:   11 September 2007   826629  
Read my advice will ya ! I have a young physciatrists award!
cloud2 says:   22 September 2007   335524  
read my diary that says need advise
rissamae asks:   19 January 2008   469964  
how did u put a back dround on your page
rissamae says:   19 January 2008   195991  
im srry i meant background
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   10 June 2008   979434  
i can give advice REALLY well, but when i sometimes need advice, I'll
come 2 u!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 September 2008   558681  
sry to advertise here. it's really nice of u to be giving advise to
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 September 2008   196343  
angellight078 says:   8 November 2008   867735  
i miss marioman:_O
‹love*is*just*a*word› says:   31 March 2009   649616  
hi my names tabathia and i need ur help if you have a friend that has
a boyfriend that you know hes done some things while he is dateing u
would u want me to tell u
pocketemo says :   6 August 2009   675329  
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