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Tuesday, 19 December 2006
12:34:31 PM (GMT)
this story is based on what happened between me and nathan  (if you read my other
diary, you'll know what i'm talking about)

background information:
last year nathan and i were in the same theatre class. we didn't really talk to each
other a lot because we had other friends in the class, but we did do a project
together (we were assigned partners) i didn't think anything of it, it was just
another project. while we worked on the project, we talked some, mostly about school
and stuff like that. he seemed like a nice friend, but that's the only time we really
talked. this year however, we are in the same multimedia (computer technology) class.
on the first day of school, he was the only person i knew in my class. (typical, you
never get a class with your friends) he was the only freshman in our class, so he
didn't really know anybody either. we sat next to each other and over the last couple
months we've become really good friends. like, we give each other hugs in the halls,
but everybody does that so it's not really special, it's just a way of saying hi. we
never do anything in multimedia, it's a blowoff class, so we just talk the whole
time. the other day (last wednesday or thursday i think) he told me that he really
likes me and he wanted to know if i'd go out with him. i didn't really know what to
say, so i told him i wasn't sure i felt the same way about him. he said he
understood, but i knew he was really embarassed. after that, he pretended like
nothing happened, but i'd catch him staring at me every once in a while, and i knew
he still felt sad. i felt so bad that i'd hurt him so much. and then i started to
realize that i kind of liked him too. i talked to my friends about it, not saying any
names, i just asked them: "would you ever go out with a freshman?"  (since i'm a
sophomore) and their response was like "eew no that's just weird." or "no, it's okay
for girls to go out with older guys, but when guys go out with older girls, it's just
so i knew i didn't have my friends support. it made my decision really difficult.
that's where the background info ends.  phew!

and the story begins...
this morning when i got out of bed, i got dressed for drill team practice (which is
before school every day), ate breakfast, and drove to school. when i got to practice,
i discovered that the theatre classes were using the dance gym to practice
choreography for their musical. nathan is in theatre still, so i looked through the
window on the door to see if he was in there. he was, just sitting off to the side
waiting for his part. he saw me and i waved, but he just gave me a half-smile. i knew
he was still hurting. and now i hurt too, because i liked him as well. after practice
was over, i went to all my normal classes. multimedia is my last class of the day. i
walked into class and sat down in my regular chair next to nathan. he looked up when
i sat down, but then turned away from me.
"hey nathan"
"what's up?"
i felt so bad, i knew i had to say something.
"um, well...i have something to tell you."
he turned around and looked me in the eye.
"okay, what?"
"well...uh, i feel really bad about hurting your feelings. i was just kind of shocked
when you told me...well, you know. but to tell you the truth, i think i DO like you,
and i really hope you can forgive me."
as i said this, he kind of smiled and looked really happy.
"do you really mean that? or do you just feel sorry for me?"
"i am completely serious nathan."
"well, then let's try this again: do you want to go out with me?"
this time i knew i had an answer
"yes, i would love to."
i gave him a hug, not just a friend to friend hug like normal, but a real hug.

**if you enjoyed this story, please tell me if you want me to continue! if you don't
like it, just say so...i'll stop writing**

hottbaberapperdancer says:   19 December 2006   957447  
love love is right
star906 says:   19 December 2006   188997  
continue please lol
theCATintheHAT says:   19 December 2006   792396  
okay i'm going to post the next chapter either today or tomorrow.
and thanks for the encouragement, i've never written a story like this
Michaelgurl says:   19 December 2006   599864  
yes do vontinue'
Cheerleader says:   19 December 2006   118237  
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Cheerleader says:   19 December 2006   189439  
oops omg im so sorry
theCATintheHAT says:   19 December 2006   125887  
thanks for the encouragement! the story should be up tomorrow
hina writes:   20 December 2006   379579  
Please continue, your story is so interesting and... well, a little
romantic ^^
I like the way you tell your story!!
Glittz says:   20 December 2006   547322  
CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!! these series are interesting.............well i
g2g im glad u took our advice................BYE!!!!!
XxCrystalxX says:   20 December 2006   519552  
Please Continue... 
I like it very much!!!

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supertori11 says:   20 December 2006   692759  
ya me 2!
HotBunniiee says:   20 December 2006   636341  
Yeah, True Love is something that comes easy <3
cheeky_angel says:   21 December 2006   126613  
Pls continue.
You know the true meaning of love.

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Lovelychica0 says:   22 December 2006   313375  
This is really romantic ^^ I LOVE LOVE STORIES. =P
Syndirela says :   22 December 2006   263856  
That was cute. I'm going to read the other parts I think.


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