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Clik here i swear its really funny!!!!!!!!Category: (general)
Saturday, 9 December 2006
12:30:31 PM (GMT)
otay I have these imaginary friends named George and bob. one time, George and Bob
were trying to get rid of me, but I didnt know it. so like right in front of me,
George is like, "Oh, bob! I love you!" and Bob is like, "Oh, George I love you too!!"
and George is like, "Bob, will you marry me?" and Bob's like, "Yes!!!!" and Im like,
"okay then, My imaginary friends are gay..." and I left. And wen I left, George's
like, "finally, she's gone!!" and then Bob's like, "Why the heck did you ask me to
marry you?" and then George is like, "Why'd you say yes?" then Bob's like, "for the
drama." and George is like, "Oh..."
                                                                 THE END!!!!!

And dont worry theres like a zillion more George and Bob stories. I hope you liked
this and theres more so subscribe to my diary please!!!

jennin217 says:   9 December 2006   126787  
ooooooooooooomggggggggg that was so funny lol
oldersis1994 says:   9 December 2006   496482  
If ur older than 10 an you still have imaginary friends, that's as
worse as me kissing an elephat's butt! Gross and pethetic
oldersis1994 says:   9 December 2006   599337  
what part was funny?
monkigirl says:   9 December 2006   169147  
reeree shouts:   9 December 2006   547274  
omfg that was so freaken funny LOLOLOLOLOL
playboybunnybabe says:   9 December 2006   817511  
Pinkwink9 says:   9 December 2006   194328  
u call dat funny? how old r u 10? if u r ur just rong, I mean I
imagine 3 or4 year
olds having imaginary friends but 10? dats just going over da limit!
xox_hersey says:   9 December 2006   719825  
OMG THAT WAS SO FUNNY LOL!!1 **Note the sarcasm
Slaphappy12123 says:   9 December 2006   383911  
Dang u people are mean...
Slaphappy12123 says:   9 December 2006   194285  
I didnt know that people could get that heartless. I mean come on. My
imagination has a mind of its own and G&B just popped up outta nowere.
They started out as one of the stories that I was writing on the
computer and then they just... popped up. They were really annoying at
first but I learned to keep them as like my best friends. I don't have
any other friends and they give me everything you should expect from a
friend. accept they also gave me the wierd habbit of talking to
PunkyMunky11 says:   9 December 2006   357273  
I think its really funny!
Slaphappy12123 says:   9 December 2006   928872  
thx read book 2 its awesome also. Bob and George are great!
Little_Sarah says:   9 December 2006   253571  
I have an imaginary fairy named Layla
prettystar123 says:   9 December 2006   176983  
stop being mean! it's Ok to have imaginary friends,as long as you
have some real friends,too.
Slaphappy12123 says:   9 December 2006   515372  
Well I dont really have real friends... Unless my skateboard
annaodeh sings:   10 December 2006   928878  
Hi ppl
hhahahah that was funny
trippinout98 says:   10 December 2006   231271  
lol that was weird........................but funny
princessangelrapperbaby says:   10 December 2006   664839  
lol lol girl
kittenmew says:   10 December 2006   566223  
you rite! that funny!
hairyfairytopia says:   10 December 2006   846824  
that was so funny you no that was funny what did they look like.
Nanogirl says:   10 December 2006   327517  
lol!!! that was so funny, i have 2 imaginary friends, and 1 imaginary
pet, friends:kim&kimberly(twins)pet:Tigger,a tiger cub with angel
PunkCutie11 says:   10 December 2006   348948  
Cowyeshia says:   10 December 2006   337892  
Thats funny...and its weird...but it's still FUNNY
SPORTYCHIK says:   10 December 2006   552569  
Slaphappy12123 says:   10 December 2006   135845  
For hairyfairytopia: Bob is kind of stupid and hes short with glasses
and spiky brown hair and George is alot smarted but hes kind of a
joker. Hes taller with black hair. They're both kinda stupid tho and
Bob's a geek and George tries to act cool but hes really a geek too.
nece wonders:   11 December 2006   693426  
do you want a penpal/friend?
cheatagirl123 wonders:   11 December 2006   962188  
That was the gayest thing I ever read! but some how it`s kinda
Slaphappy12123 says:   14 December 2006   868313  
They did it to get rid of me so its not completely gay. Read book
three its about the cow tipping incodent.
babygirl12 shouts:   18 December 2006   937923  
ok the people who thinks its wrong to  have a imaginary friend stop
being jealous just because slap happy is smart enough to make an
imaginary friend dont be jealous bitches
Slaphappy12123 says:   18 December 2006   153794  
Yeah what she said!!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   28 December 2006   616517  
i loled lol hee hee ha
Tomboy400 says:   7 January 2007   181773  
slaphappy123123 is awsome   i think bob really is gay
Slaphappy12123 says:   10 January 2007   985187  
I think so too...
Princess67 says:   13 March 2007   174634  
lol now that's funny
jabba whispers:   20 March 2007   263962  
im not bein meen or enyfin, but it wasn't THAT funny.
Slaphappy12123 says:   20 March 2007   592942  
*snifflez* oh well... i just post these out of stupid humor
anywayz... if u dont think its funneh dont leave a comment...
geturownlife says :   2 July 2007   456587  
Are bob and george really gay????


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