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My True Love "Chapter 4"Category: stories
Wednesday, 6 December 2006
04:39:44 PM (GMT)

That night I fell asleep. I dreamed of me and Zack being on the Titanic:

 I found myself in an old fashion dress, worn by the high scociety. I turned and
saw Zack, looking handsome as can be. I ran toward him and hugged him hard. "
Alexandra, what are you doing?!" an angry voice screamed. I turned around, seeing it
was Cal. "What do you think your doing??!!" he screamed looking at me. Then he
grabbed me, but I pulled him off. "Get away from me, Cal! I love Zack!" I cried. Zack
said "Alexandra, I didn't know you felt this way about me.." I kissed him on the
lips. "Huh? We're together! How would yo-" I looked around. I was having a dream
about the Titanic which had me, Zack and Cal in it. All of a sudden, Cal came up and
grabbed me, pulling me to our cabin. "Your my fiancee'! You cannot see other men!" he
screamed, slapping me across the face very hard. "What do you think you're doing!" I
screamed back, slapping him very hard on the face back. All of a sudden, he pushed me
into the wall with anger. I ran out and then he ran after me. Of course, I was faster
because I'm head of the *cough* track team and *cough*  head cheerleader. So when I
came back in I ran with Zack. He quickly ran with me, going down to the 3rd class
steerage. We had such a fun time, then we ran into the parking place. "Now what!" I
screamed because we could still here the engine running. "Lets have fun," he
whispered into my ear. We went into this old car and started making out. Then, we
started making love.. 


My alarm went off. It was 8:00 on a Saturday. I went downstairs seeing french toast
on my plate. "Mollie, I'm thankful for someone like you to help take care of me," I
smiled. She smiled back. "No prob, kiddo. Oh, how was Zack?" she asked. "Oh Mollie! I
actually have a man in my life! Except for Daddy!" I cried happily. She looked pretty
happy when she saw my smile. "Remember, the party is later today," she added. Oh
gosh! I totally forgot! I went on AOL:

AABabiiGurl: omg did u girls no todays the party??
SoSarah: yah, u forgot? lol so hows zack goin?
AABabiiGurl: good and guess wat??!! i heard bryan likes u!
SoSarah: no! he is so cute!
ClothezRule: yah, he does sarah. anyway alexa, remember, cal's dance!
AABabiiGurl: oh gosh. i had the worst dream about him. u no titanic, right?
ClothezRule: yah..
AABabiiGurl: well, i had a dream that cal was my fiancee and he did horrible thingz
SoSarah: omg, thats horrible!
ClothezRule: i gotta get ready, byez still gl with cal <3
SoSarah: me too bye!
AABabiiGurl: BYE!

AOL THING: Good Bye!

I turned off the computer. Then I sighed. "Guess I have to get ready.." I said
quietly walking into my closet.

At the party, I was actually having a good time. Thats because I was spending it with
Zack. Then Cal came up to me and said, "I think we should be having our dance now.."
I didn't mind. I hated the song that was on anyway. It was Cal's favorite though. So
then we danced and when there was the intermition, he asked "How about we go upstairs
and do something.." he said. I was annoyed. "For your informantion, I have a date!
And if its so important, just say we did!" He looked weird to me. "Okay if thats what
you want," he said smiling walking away. A few minutes later, Jessica came up saying
"Oh my gosh, you had sex with Caledon Harrison??!!" I was annoyed. "What the
heck??!!" I screamed. I went up to Cal saying "Why did you say we had sex??!!" I
slapped him on the face. He came closer to me. "You said to say we did" he smiled
about to kiss me. Then, I bit him hard. "That doesn't mean you could come over and
tell everyone we had sex!!" I slapped him again and walked to Zack. We left and went
to his house. I was very annoyed as you could see. But Zack made everything better.
Thats why we went to his house.


sexyboy10896 says:   6 December 2006   292888  
the chapter was great i really liked it
fashion_girl asks:   9 December 2006   819698  
Is the story done yet?I hope NOT!
colagirl4 says:   10 December 2006   955223  
Please write some more!!I love this storie!!
Lovelygirl1213 says:   10 December 2006   391463  
Oh! How good this story is! I love it! Please write more!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   3 January 2007   552226  
me no likey Cal....
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   3 January 2007   567732  
but there wouldn't be a story without him..

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