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Haha today was the best day ever!!Category: (general)
Thursday, 23 November 2006
02:45:59 PM (GMT)
So I thought today would be crappy but it turned out it wasn't!
On the bus I wrote penis on the window and everyone started laughing and it was so
great and then when we got to school my friend Wanda forgot her textbook on the bus,
so we had to wait for everyone to get off and the bus driver closed the doors so
Wanda was standing there like "uhhhh..." and then the bus driver opened them again
and Wanda got on and she was like "err it's not there guys" and then we were like
hahha. So I had English first and the other day I wrote "Andrew is a piece of shit"
on the bathroom stall because he dumped my best friend. So anyways, In English my
friend was like "everyone thinks that I wrote that, go erase it." So I went to the
washroom and I was opening the door and there was this girl standing on the other
side and I screamed and the girl thought I was so wierd! So she walked away and I
went in and looked at the stall, but everything had been painted over so the words
weren't there anymore. So I stood there like "uhm what now?" so I took out my marker
and I wrote "Andrew is still a piece of shit and Amy(my friend) didn't write this,
her friend did." So then I left and I told Amy that everything had been painted over
so I re-wrote it and I told her what I wrote and she was like "HAHAHA" so she went to
go see and she came back and she was laughing so hard. So my other friend Monica was
like "I want to see!" and I was like "Don't go now! The teacher will think we're
doing drugs or something in there!" and it turns out she was going to go later so it
was all good. And then English was over, so I went to my option which was Learning.
Learning is where the kids go if they failed last year. It's pretty stupid in there
because the teacher is so gay!!! But some of my friends are in that class so it's
okay. So we got our report cards the other day and we were all talking about that,
and the Learning teacher put all this nice stuff on ours. Is she like on drugs or
something?? Seriously. We bitch at her everyday and don't do anything!! She is the
dumbest teacher ever!!!!!! So after that we decided to be gangsters and we listened
50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. It was great, all the ESL kids were like "what the hell..."
So that class was finally over and I went to Drama and me and my friends had to do
this set thing for some play and then we had to watch these people perform there skit
from the movie Grease. So they did that and it was the best thing ever!! They sang
and everything. Hahaha. They even said pelvis. Hahahah. Anyhow I had gym next and I
chose to do cardio or something like that and the small gym was being used so we had
to do all this other stuff, so me and my friends chose to run around the school. But
that got boring so we stood at the door to outside and we were like "let's run
outside!" so we opened the door and no one walked out there yet so all of the snow
was like deep and stuff so we all got snow in our shoes. And we were freezing so we
went back inside after getting stuck on a hill hahaha, we couldn't get up it lolol.
So when we got inside we walked around the school and then we went down to the change
room and one of the gym teachers came up to me and he was like JESSEH and he screamed
it in my face and I freaked out. Hahah. Then it was lunch time, and me and Amy
decided to go find Andrew and pants him, so we found him and we started following him
and he went outside so we kept following, and I didn't think Amy was going to do it
so I handed her my purse and I snuck up behind Andrew and I went to pull his pants,
but his friend was like ANDREW LOOK OUT!!!!! So he turned around causing me to fall
in the snow and I started laughing and my ass was soaking wet lol. So I went inside
and the principle looked at me and he was like ....... and I kept laughing and then I
had Social Studies and I couldn't stop laughing and my chair got all wet and stuff so
the teacher looked at me and was like "did you pee?" and then I almost did pee
because I started laughing so hard!!! Then I had math and it was really lame. There
were only two good things about it. The first thing was the teacher wanted to turn on
the lights and she was like "I'll turn on the lights so you guys can see" and
everyone shouted "no". So she was like ...... and then the other good part was that
Amy was really hyper and she was making these really annoying sounds and the teacher
was like "who's doing that??" and Amy was like "HAHA ME!!" and the teacher was like
".... I thought it was one of the boys" and then we all started laughing. And then in
Science my friend Jamie slammed his paper on the desk (if it's possible to slam paper
o.O) and then I like moved over because I was afraid he was going to hit me or
something. And then he was like "what the hell did I do?!" and then I started
laughing again because Amy was like "YOUR MOM!!!" and that is the end of my day.
Peace out!!

‹Visably-Vacant› says :   24 January 2012   359766  
Don't give up your day job.  You suck at writing.

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