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Wednesday, 6 January 2016
12:39:04 PM (GMT)
"Scarlet get out of the tub!" The pounding caused her to look up from her magazine,
"Seriously, there's other people here you know."

She grumbled, and sat up pulling the plug from the drain, and stepping out, wrapping
a scratchy yellowed towel around her body, she threw the door open, and glares at the
young man on the other side, his blonde hair sticking up in all different directions.
His face is completely relaxed, and smooth, bringing all of her attention to his
dark, chocolate eyes, right over his crooked nose. She can't help but laugh at it
every time. He'd had his nose broken so many times it would never look the same
again, and the best part is, the last time it got broken, she did it.

Mikola sneered down at her, and in his perfect Russian accent, "There's only one
bathroom, you don't need to take all of your time in there." he stepped in, and
handed her lit cigar to her before closing the door in her face.

She snorts at him and swings her hips as she walked down the hallway, cigar poised
between her lips. Her red hair swishing back and forth across her butt, and her small
feet padding out a perfect rhythm. She pushes open the last door on the hallways and
walks in, closing the door behind her with her foot. She sets her cigar down in the
ashtray, and finds clothes.

She pulls a baggy black t-shirt with a few tears over her head, and down her body,
Along with a pair of torn up blue jeans. She stands in front of her broken full
length mirror and pulls the t-shirt back, tight around her abdomen. The boys are
always complimenting her on her body, she doesn't see what's good about it at all.
Her hair never cooperates, her skin is nearly white, which makes her light green eyes
almost seem like they glow. You can see her hip bones, and she has little to no fat
on her body at all.

She turns away from the mirror and pulls on her socks and boots, and straps her belts
around her thighs, both of them cut off to a perfect size just for her thigh. She
stands up and ties a black bandanna around her upper arm, and pulls part of her hair
back into a quick, messy bun on top of her head. She turns a few times and nods at

She opens the door as Mikola is walking past with a blue towel slung low across his
hips, almost too low, she averts her eyes, "You know sweets, you can stare. All of
the girls here do."

She grimaces, and walks past him down the hall. She goes down the steps and into the
kitchen, where she sits down in an empty chair. No sooner has she sat down then a
glass of water is put in front of her.

She looks up into the sweetest pair of caramel eyes ever, the same eyes that found
her on the street, half dead, after a failed suicide attempt. This lady, or ma'am as
she likes being called, always has space to take in a teenager who doesn't have
anywhere else to go, she never asks questions. She's a pudgy little Mexican lady, in
her late forties, with long dull brown hair that naturally has pin curls.

Ma'am tsks and walks away, "I wish you would tell them your real name. I mean to all
their own, but if you keep going by Shoot Star Scarlet, I'm not sure." Ma'am turns
back, "Rachel, honey, please just take my advice."

Rachel turns away and looks out the window, where a few of the residents here are
sitting, she looks back to Ma'am and taps her fingers twice, causing Ma'am to turn
around. She taps a few more times, using both hands, fingers like drum sticks.

Ma'am shakes her head, sadness filling up her eyes, "I'm sorry sweetie, I haven't
found a band for you yet. I do know that Mikola got in contact with someone who just
ran away from home. He'll be coming here any day now."

Rachel looks out the window again, and clears her throat, "Why?"

Ma'am starts chopping up carrots, "Because he has no where else to go. You know we
don't ask questions here mija, just accept him. Mikola said he plays guitar, just
keep that in mind, you can jam out in the garage."

Rachel smiles at Ma'am and takes a sip of the water, and stares out the window. She
listens to everyone upstairs, mentally going through a checklist of everyone in the
house; her, Mikola, Danita, Amber, Ryan, Tyler, Susie, and James. She's the only
person in the house who likes to play music. Everyone else just listens to it. Danita
will come and sit in the garage with her while she plays though, and always enjoys
it, and says 'Scar, you seem like a different person when you play the drums, why
can't you be like that all the time?'

Rachel stands up, and washes the glass, placing it on the drying rack, and leaves the
kitchen. She starts going up the stairs and Mikola plows into her, "Woah, are you
okay? I'm so sorry." His brows furrow as he makes sure she's okay, and all she can do
is nod.

He looks over his shoulder, "Did Ma'am tell you, we have someone new coming?" She
nods again, "He plays guitar, I think you'd like him. I knew him from one of my
foster families." She nods again, and he looks towards the door, "Do you want to come
see him, he's not ready to come to the house yet, but he's in town today."

She starts to shake her head, and instead nods, and follows Mikola into the kitchen
where he relays to Ma'am what he just told her. They walk out the front door,
perfectly in sync, and perfectly silent. They reach a small diner in the center of
town and outside of it a boy with perfect black hair is plucking the strings of a
guitar, and is actually earning money. His eyes are closed and his mouth is in a
relaxed smile, just enjoying the melody that he's creating. 

Mikola claps and startles the boy, who jumps up, "Hey Mik."

"Bradley, I didn't think I'd ever see you again." Mikola flashes a lopsided grin at
him, and tilts his head towards Rachel, "This is Scarlet, she's a drummer."

Bradley's eyes land on her, and she waves, "Hi Scarlet."

Her cheeks flush, and she clears her throat, "It's- it's, Rachel."

Mikola turns, eyes wide, "She spoke. Wait what do you mean, Rachel?"

"My, my name. Is actually Rachel." She clasps her hands together, Mikola scrutinizing

"Why you telling everyone your name is Scarlet then?" Mikola crosses his arms.

Bradley touches his arm, "She probably doesn't like her name, she would have told you
guys eventually."

Mikola shrugs, "Oh, why should I care, the mute girl never talks to any of us

Bradley keeps watching her, "So, you're a drummer?" She nods, "Any good?" She

Mikola whistles, "She's just being modest. She's very good actually. Band good." He
elbows Bradley in the ribs.

Bradley smiles at her, his orange eyes sparkling as they met her green ones, "If
you'll talk to me eventually, maybe we could start a band."

Mikola rolls his eyes and drapes his arm across her shoulders, "She doesn't talk to
anyone. That's the most I heard her speak since she moved in a year and a half ago."

Bradley kept smiling at her, "Well, I like hearing her voice. Hopefully she'll talk
to me about music eventually."

"Well me and her should get back. You're welcome to tag along, Ma'am would love to
meet you." Mikola pulled Rachel around in a circle away from Bradley.

Bradley cleared his throat, "Can I pack up my things at least?"

Mikola stopped and pulled her to a stop, "Oh, of course. Just make it quick. She
still has chores to do when we get back to the house. I stole her to meet you."

Bradley chuckled and tipped his guitar case over a bag, pouring all of the change he
got into that bag. Getting the rest of his things together takes the blink of an eye,
and then he's standing before them, a giant, goofy grin plastered on his face. The
boys walked side by side, chatting and reminiscing about their past, and she followed
behind by a little bit. As they got closer to the edge of town, closer to Ma'am's
house, Bradley changed his stride and walked beside her.

"So, why did you tell everyone to call you scarlet?" He was looking sideways at her.

Silence. Mikola sighed, "She actually said 'Shooting Star Scarlet, and when she plays
her drums is the only time you'll understand." He smirked, more to himself, "Her eyes
light up, literally, and she's like a bottle rocket that's been lit and ready to take
off. It's something else."

Bradley nodded, and looked back at her, "So, where do you practice?"

Silence. Mikola whistled, and whispered, "Hey, Scar, I mean Rachel, that's when you
say the garage."

Silence, she just kept biting her lower lip and watching her feet while they walked.
They stopped in front of Ma'am's, Rachel walked right up and through the door, and
into the kitchen. It didn't take too long before Ma'am was in front of her, saying
something in Spanish.

She flipped her hands through the air and said a few more things in Spanish, "You
have chores to do. Go."

She shrugged, and pointed outside, "New boy."

Ma'am looked up, "Oh mio dios, he wasn't supposed to be here today, I don't have
anything set up for him."

She walked away and Rachel could hear her chatting with the new boy, telling him
about the garage, how he can go there any time between 6am and 10pm to practice his
music. She also told him that I go in there every morning at 6 until breakfast at 8.
They walked through the kitchen and he stopped to stand beside her.

"Hello again Rachel." He smiled down at her, "Why didn't you stay outside to talk
with us?"

She blinked at him, twice. Pulled a cigar out of a drawer, her drawer, and lit it in
his face. He smirked down at the cigar now poised between her lips.

He pulled it out of her mouth and put it in his, taking a deep drag, then handed it
back to her while blowing the pungent smoke in her face, "Nice quality. I can tell
already that you have a taste for the finer things in life."

She glared at him and jumped off her stool, shoving him out of her way, she ran up
the stairs. On her way there she barely avoided slamming into one of the other
younger girls, that had come down to see the new boy.

She made it to her room and plopped down on the tiny twin sized bed and glared at the
door. She could hear Mikola talking with Susie, one of the girls here that's older.
The one that helps ma'am with everything. Susie's nice, well to everyone besides for
her, Rachel pulls her legs up to her chest. She doesn't know why no one likes her, or
moreover, the fact that the people who do like her are just annoying. She continues
to sit and listen to the noises that the house and the occupants make, all normal

After about an hour of normal noises, something new joins the ruckus. It's slow,
sweet, smooth rhythm makes her body want to get up and move. Involuntarily, of
course, but she shuts that down quicker then when it came, but the rhythm stays, and
she focuses on that. She can tell every note separately, like the music is speaking
to her, and only to her.

She hops off her bed and walks into the hallway, running into Mikola leaning on the
wall outside her door, she tries to slam the door but he catches it, "Hey Scarlet, I
mean Rachel, Bradley told me to come get you and see if you wanted to practice

She shook her head, then pointed to the bathroom, Mikola stepped away from the door
and gestured down the hallway, "I'm not stopping you, I was just here to ask if you
would want to. But I got your answer, so I'll see you at supper."

Mikola spun on his heel and walked the opposite direction that she was going. She
stood and watched him, listening to the what rhythm still. She couldn't believe that
she would ever meet someone with a talent for music, but he was right downstairs. She
rolled her eyes at her stupid thought process, and walked towards the bathroom, where
Susie was just exiting, after fixing her hair and make up. They made eye contact, but
just walked past each other.

Rachel knew that Susie knew, that she knew what happened every night. She was right
under her room, and the beds were plenty squeaky. Rachel closed the bathroom door
behind her as the thought popped into her head, 'Why hasn't ma'am done anything about
that?' she released the belts and dropped her jeans around her calves, and her
panties followed suit. She thought about Susie some more, and realized that Susie
never left the house, but she always had money. 

She smirked to herself, and she formed the word with her mouth, though she never has,
and probably never will say it. Susie was a whore, she was paid to give guys sex, and
that's why it was forgotten because Susie helped to take care of bills and food. Not
to mention, she did a few chores around the house. Rachel stood up, and finished her
business, before pulling up her pants again. 

She eased the bathroom door open, and slunk down the hallway, stopping at the window
looking over the garage, she could hear the music clearer from here. She decided she
wouldn't let him being down there stop her from practicing tonight. She didn't even
care who saw her, that was what made her light up mostly anyways. People watching
her, gave her the energy needed. 

She hopped down the stairs, and ma'am met her eyes, she air-drummed, and ma'am
nodded, going back to baking whatever they were having for dessert today. She stopped
outside the door to the garage, where Mikola was posted, and they just stared at each
other, the smirk not even wavering from his face. She scowled at him, and pushed the
door open, walking past him. She tried to close the door before he could come in, but
he forced his way in. 

Bradley stopped playing his guitar, and was watching them, "Jeez Mik, that took you
forever, what did you do, have sex with her before asking."

Mikola laughed out loud, "No, she ignored me, and slammed the door in my face. She
came down entirely on her own."

She walked over to her drum set, and sat down, glancing up, meeting both of their
eyes. She lifted the drum sticks and hovered above the set for a second. She struck
one down, and everything just happened. She felt herself come alive.

All she knew was she could feel people watching her, and she felt like a live wire.
She was electric, sizzling all over her body, sparks jumping from one part to
another. She made it through a quick warm up, and set down the sticks, meeting Mikola
and Bradley's eyes from across the garage. Bradley's giant smile gave it all away.

He turned to Mikola, "You weren't kidding when you said she literally lights up."

She tilted her head to one side, and Mikola laughed, "Yeah, she doesn't even know."
They both looked at her, and she climbed off the seat, and walked towards them, and
towards her exit from this room.

Bradley put his hand out towards her, "Don't tell me you just came down her to play
one tiny thing. You can go ahead and practice, me and Mik are taking off pretty

She stopped and looked at him, before turning around and heading back away from them.
She made it back to the drums when ma'am throws the door open, and glares at the two
boys, and points at her, "You, chores." She then looks at Mikola, "You, help me in
the kitchen."

Bradley takes a step back, and smiles sheepishly at ma'am, "I'm sorry, I had Mikola
go bug her, and convince her to play once for me. She just got done and was leaving."
He glances towards her, and she walks away from the drums, and around ma'am who just
watches Bradley.

As soon as Rachel is clear out of sight, ma'am starts talking again, she stops and
listens, "I don't want you to get any ideas. That girl had one of the hardest times
ending up here. So don't push her. por favor."

I will continue this at a later date.

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