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Friday, 6 November 2015
01:15:00 AM (GMT)
first off, i can't believe how obnoxious i used to be lmfao,,,,, sorry @
everyone that had to put up w/ that
secondly, i was scoping out some old sites i used to use, just for the hell of
it, a little while ago, and eventually found myself back here, long time no see!
thirdly, i don't think i'll be actually using this site again haha. it's cute
but idk,,, i've grown into a bit of  a socially awkward person so i wouldn't even
know how to approach plp here anymore i think, tbh idk how past me did it [ oh wait
yes i did , lots of scremaing and rude comments that were socially appropriate back
in good ol 2009]
what i'm getting at is

i have a lot of very /very/ faint memories of this place!!!
i mostly remember the people, interactions w them. i don't remember specific
conversations at all i just remember really enjoying my time getting to know plp here
i don't know if people ever saw me the way i saw them, back then, but a lot has gone
on for everyone i'm sure.
if you'd like to try and get to know each other again just for the hell of it,,, hmu
!! i think it could be nice to try and remember things and see how people are. !!
send me a letter tho bc i DEFF don't check this site out frequently enough to reply
to 'messages' lol...
but, if we get to know each other and become more comftorable w/ that then we can
give each other things we actualyl use more often .i.e. skype and things like that

so just to like?? idk i guess update, on who i am now, lol1!!! and then i'll probably
end this

A lot of you used to know me as Brittnie, i go as Brice now!! Sometimes Bri,
sometimes Brick, davey for close friends.
I used to express feelings of how i felt i was transgender, as of where i am w that
in life rn, i am gender queer/fluid!! yehaw
i still typo JUST as much as when i was a kid and still horribly sloppy but idk,,
somehow its more calm,,, shrugs
i used to be reallyyyy into things like naruto, bleach, death note, basically ur
staple 2003 esc anime. i actually don't really like or watch anime anymore !! haha, i
do ADORE tekkonkinkreet though!! Free! and Ping Pong the animation are so good too
I still like show's like Scrubs, haha, i watch Parks and recreation, south park, rick
and morty, the office, archer, always sunny, really, i could go on.
as for cartoons in general, i like steven universe, gravity falls, mlp, monster high,
ever after high,adventure time, and gumball and clarence are p alright!!!
borderlands has taken over my fucking life holy shit,,,, if u like the borderlands
series,, honestly,, hit me the fuck up,, we can talk for days,, lmfao,,,
besides that im still honestly into my old time games i.e. legend of legaia , spyro
etcetc. telltale is some good shit tho 
youtube has its clutches on my life ,,,
i've gotten immensly better at drawing from when i was a kid [ bless....]
fave colour/s: lt pink + lt blue !!! cotton candy 4ever man,,,
i have more ocs then i know what to do with tbh but i dont rp anymore i just
i was one of those kids who thought i was gonna be out the door on my own as soon as
i was 18 ,,ha,,,,ha,h,a,ha boy was i wrong
im 21 now and i think i started this site around when i was 12 actually. i still live
w the fam bc im tryin g rlly hard to save up money to go to school,,,capitalism,, am
i right ladies,,,,, haahha,,
i want to go to an art school by the ocean!!! i want an average, well roudned college
experience. i want to study art and hopefully do st w storyboarding in my future!!!
since ive always been fairly decent at skecthy comics lol :'p
i used to be fuckin g boy crazy over one guy in particular. it took my like 5 yrs to
get over that guy jfc we never even dated... @pastme,, chill the fuck out man,,,
still single but a lot more happier and confident in myself tbqh.
i have blue-green ombre fohawk so i can match the ocean and swamps m/
ive had a bowlcut too many times to count,,,,, i continue to disapoint everyone i
love,, LMFAO
as for sexuality??? idk man i just like pretty plp they make me blush,,,,,
i still type a LOTT but surprisingly WAY less than past me did lol
i love art, water, fish,axolotls, dogs, cartoons and video games and just want
everyones dreams to come tru and b happy bc im smol and gay lmfao.

well thats all i can rlly think to say rn!!!!! itd be cool to try to reconnect w some
of u guys but i totally undersand if that doesnt happen bc plp move on and keep
moving on and that is a -ok. u go man, i believe in u. stay determined !!!

i seemed to end a lot of my entires w a sig,,, so who am i to stop a tradition ???
lol  i totally forgot i used to ALWAYS use the 'cookie' skin and say how much i loved
them jfc,,,,,
how did u plp put up w me,,, i can't beleive i am finally putting an end to 169
entires,, rest in fucking pieces,,,,


EDIT: sorry this is so long wow,,, it's a bit of a sore to read too ahh,, i dont
remember how 2 edit things on this as dumb as that may sound so i apologize in
Last edited: 6 November 2015

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