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LifeCategory: Is anyone else feeling numb?
Monday, 8 December 2014
10:23:29 AM (GMT)
Emma walks down a hallway with marked doors. Behind each door is a series of
emotions and their memories that go along with them. She stops at Self-Worth and
peeks inside. The room is dark and all you can hear is an un-identifiable male voice
spewing venom into the air.
"Worthless slut. Only one thing you're good for and that's getting naked!..."
Satisfied, she closes the door and continues on, moving to love. She goes to open it,
but stops herself, reminding herself that she doesn't want to open that door for fear
of what she will find. Instead, she goes to Depression where the room is a rainy grey
colour and you can hear the sounds of sobbing and what sounds like metal cutting
flesh as you hear someone whisper in the background.
"Why doesn't he love me? I'm so good to him, I always do what he says..."
Emma closes that door and feels the dull ache of her masochism come alive. Her sanity
won't allow her to harm herself physically, so, she goes to the one door with no
markings on it. A thick, heavy wood door with a metal doorknob that, when she touches
it, a spark travels through her body. She opens the door and is assaulted by the
smell of sexuality and self-loathing mixed with self-pity. The male voice is back as
Sexuality recognises what the girl needs and turns itself into a male who can give
her what she so desperately seeks. 
Sexuality stalks towards her and in the same voice as the one from the first room
says, "You little whore, you just couldn't stay away, could you?"
Emma gets excited, this is what she came for. Sexuality chokes her brutally and digs
it's nails into the soft skin of her neck as Sanity excuses itself to go to the room
marked happiness. Then, they all get pleasure. Sexuality shakes her around a bit for
good measure before tossing her on the ground and staring her down. Emma opens her
mouth and eats the mound of self-pity and and self-loathing that are just sitting
there. Then, she turns back to sexuality and opens her legs, whimpering her needs.
Sexuality obliges and gives her what she so desperately needs, relief mixed with the
masochism of words harsh enough to tear flesh open.
Once she is done, she's left a bloody mess on the ground until sanity comes back and
takes her to the room where self-pity and self-loathing belong. She lies there as the
memories play around her while spoon-feeding her depression.
"What have I done? Why do I do this? What do I amount to? I am nothing, I am
worthless, I am emptiness."
Self-pity and self-loathing agree with her while curling up on her lap. It feels nice
to be given some attention. They sit there until the walls start shaking and Emma
gets up to go. They closing onto her and beg her not to leave, but a force stronger
then all of them, forces her out of the room and into the door marked "Normalcy"
where Emma has to sit and rule, this is where she spends most of her day, besides
having the freedom to venture, but it's not for very long and anyway, pity and
loathing like to visit her and she sees them most anyway. Along with sexuality.
She rules this castle and is feed depression for meals. It's hard going down, but it
feels so right sitting in her belly, making it all twist and turn as she beats
herself up with help from pity and loathing. Sanity only comes in when needed, which
isn't very often, only when outsiders come in to check on the young girl and see that
the castle is up to code. They've gotten very good at fooling everyone that it is. 
No one worries.
And that's just how she likes it.

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