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Monday, 14 July 2014
12:11:29 PM (GMT)
I don't want to start anything, but after having a conversation with a buddy, I got
to thinking...

What the hell is it with stupid young adults? (I am a stupid young adult also -
nineteen in November... shit, that sounds like a song. Better write that down. )

I mean the type that will get into fights with kids/teens and vehemently defend their
stances. Buddy, sit down! It's the internet.

You don't just see this type of junk online either - I've seen plenty of adults snap
at teens for having differing opinions and all that junk. But, the thing I don't
understand is...

You are an adult. You're no longer a kid, y'know? You're fighting with (and
excuse me teens for using this word, it's not really a perfect term, but for the sake
of this argument...) a child. Aka someone who is younger than you, and
supposedly LESS mature than you are. But a lot of the time that's not the case.

I've met a lot of articulate teens on here (wow, do I sound like a pedophile) and a
lot of the time they have a lot more sense than these supposed adults (me included!)

And to what end? For fake internet points? Is it some sort of bizarre attempt to
prove superiority? It's not really working - it just makes one look really foolish,
and on public forums no less. 

What do you guys think?

Why do these types of people insist on arguing with teenagers and kids? They're
supposed to be at a point where they've long crossed the threshold of childhood into

(For the sake of argument, let's just speak about those who are 20+, because at that
point one is really legally no longer a teenager... no excuse. =P But of course,
since I'm the one who's speaking this argument, I'll happily lump myself in that
category if someone would like to criticize me! Open discussions are very

‹TheHashSlingingSlasher› says:   14 July 2014   493362  
Just because someone is expected to move to the next stage of their
life and act more maturely does not always mean it happens. Some young
adults argue with the younger ones because they still have not reached
maturity. Not everyone decides to grow up. It's the same with an older
child ( say past the age of 7 or  acting like a toddler, while
others are a little more mature at that age.
‹♛ Mari ♥› says:   14 July 2014   712600  

I think you're right when it comes to not reaching maturity. I always
get a twinge of secondhand embarrassment when I come across an
immature adult, haha.

There's nothing wrong with being playful and mature. I don't
see why people don't realize that. x) 
‹TheHashSlingingSlasher› says:   14 July 2014   599198  
Yes, I act like my shoe size instead of my age most of the time. But I
also realize when I have to be mature.  I would still be considered a
child until December, and I have been looking to my future for a
couple of years now. I've met some people ten years older than I am
that act more immature than I am. There's certainly a need for a
little immaturity at times, but it needs to be balanced out depending
on what stage a person is in. 

Though when I'm a grandparent and my children have left the house, I'm
going to use my new found free time to act like a 30 year old. 
‹♛ Mari ♥› says:   14 July 2014   924412  

It's also other's perspectives of you, I think. Most of my peers; we
tend to view each other still as 'kids' in a sense, because we grew up
in the same strain of time.

Those a couple of years older than me consider me an adult, thank
goodness haha.

Can't really speak for those a few years younger, but going from
personal experience.... there's a huuuuge difference between a
16-year-old and a 19-year-old.

But yeah! #foxygrandpa 
‹Women Are Even Freakier Than Men› says:   7 August 2014   189869  
Still consider myself a child =b
‹♛ Mari ♥› says :   7 August 2014   724080  

Cheers! I do too, a majority of the time. Still growing into my
awkward adult self, I suppose. :') But since I'm 'legally' an adult I
don't think it's an excuse to act petulant. Got to set a good example,
you know?  


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