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How to stop discrimination and racism!! *_*Category: (general)
Saturday, 3 August 2013
03:14:48 PM (GMT)
Okay, slightly random but here we go-Y'ALL BETTER PAY ATTENTION TO THE FREE


Let's get this straight-some o the nicest ass people I met are black but SERIOUSLY...
you gotta stop looking so intimidating-you all be walkin around lookin mean as shit
when actually, you nice as rainbow pooping unicorns! You walking round looking so
vicious and intimidating all the time and really aint necessary. I know
some o you just cant help it but to look mean but inside, you not mean... You may be
nice in person but if from a distance, you look like you about to BBQ my ass, AINT
NOBODY GOT TIME TO TALK W/ Y'ALL!  So, for you guys, try to look more like your
personalities and be more approachable! :D

Let's move on to the white people... Now, being asian and living in the uk, y'all be
trying your best with all the cultural shit..and sometimes, that comes off as
racism.. YOU may not see it, but it kinda is! Like some people be bowing to me an
shit when they say hello or thankyou and I know you probably got off some textbook
that it's all respectful and shit but seriously.. Y'all gotta learn to chill with
that! 1) we in BRITAIN (or wherever the heck you guys come from.. America and all
that) guys and nobody does that 2) we ain't in japan or wherever it is I come from so
just chill! Be normal around people of different ethnicity!! :D

Now, Asian people... Why y'all gotta yell down your phones loud as hell ah??!! I
think 'oh, the other person must be holding their phones like hella far away' but
then i realise, you just be screamin down your phone so you BOTH just be yellin at
each orher... It's like sometimes, I wonder why we asians even bother buying phones
because we could just yell and you'd probably be able to hear that shit from Timbuktu
or someplace... I would understand if you were mad or something but YOU AIN'T EVEN
MAD!! My parents do it, and they just be asking me to take out the frozen chicken
from the freezer -_-'' I mean, I kinda understand the girl who made the 'change chong
ting tong ling long' video-I mean I'd HATE to be studying someplace where all these
asians be screaming to each other.. so PLEASE just tone it down when you speak okay?

Pheeeeww... I think that's pretty much it for my rant for today!! If you liked that,
wait for my new book coming out uhhhh.. Later this year called uhh.. 'wise words of
Hannahhbananahh the awesome' by Hannahhbananahh.. So yea!! Lol that was weird :D

‹› says:   3 August 2013   936998  
Lol Hannah its just too fun listening to my parents screaming over
the life's entertainment right there...xD
Hannahhbananahh says:   3 August 2013   210678  
Dude, don't it hurt your ears??!! I'm half deaf (I'm sure you
know...) because of that!!! It's funny at TIMES.. but still.. -_-
‹› says:   3 August 2013   350789  
Yes but I have a little sister that loves to copy's a
headache at times but FUNNY AS HELL
DerrickTheGayGuy says:   3 August 2013   167221  
What idiotic diary did I just read.
‹› says:   3 August 2013   591746  
This one obviously xD 
Hannahhbananahh says :   3 August 2013   424530  
MINE! lol XD

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