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People that I cannot stand...Category: Rants
Thursday, 21 March 2013
05:52:02 PM (GMT)
 TRY-TOO-HARD-TO-BE-GOTH: Omg u like pink hahahaaha i only like black,
pink is for faggits. Ew, all pop is gross, sluts r the only 1's who listen 2 pop,
metal is the only fing i lissen 2. metal or gtfo. Oh, this music video doesn't have
blood in it? thats lame as duck diks.

CLOSE-MINDED-PEOPLE: black ppl r so gross and horrible, they r responsibil 4
all the worlds crimez . This 1 boy broked my haert like and it rly like suked now i
think all boys are dicks and all the boyz in tha world should be castrated.

SYMPATHY ATTENTION WHORE: omg halp me, im such a victim, I was raped and
beaten by every1 ive ever known, pls some1 cum and pity me  I have a terminal
illness and im depressed and i have 23 other mental illnesses :'''(

CONFLICT ATTENTION WHORE: I liek saying things that will riel people up. I
mean abortion is ok, i hate babys anyway. omg black people shuld b slaves agin. jews
r dumb and take all my moneyz. mexicans suk. every other race suks apart from mine
bcuz my cuntry is perferct, i meen wtf is up with azians open ur fukn eyes pls.

TRY-TOO-DAMN-HARD-TO-BE-TOUGH: im so gang$ta that this 1 tiem i shot up a
public toilet n errbody was so scured. haha im so funny.

AVERAGE SEX ATTENTION WHORE: ive had 90 boyfrunds in the last 2 days. im a
churleader, im supr populr and i have crazy wild sex. ive had a gangbang omg im
underage and i drink and smoke lols so cool i mean yolo rite?

FEMINIST EXTREMIST: Boy: "You look really pretty today! " 
Feminist: "The fuck u say son? I look PRETTY today? Are you saying I don't look
pretty everyday? If I was a man, would you have treated me differently? of course you
would, you're a sexist chauvinistic pig. How dare you pollute this earth! You're scum
and filth. You should be marked on the sex offenders register for that remark!" Boy:

branches says:   21 March 2013   350343  
wait then what are you doing on Kupika?
‹*~.۞Magicstorm_Frostfire۞.~*› says:   21 March 2013   397310  
Lol this is all true.

However,that's the majority of kupika.
Koneko_Loli says:   22 March 2013   945234  
I don't even know u_u
I think it's the majority of the internet not just Kupika. It annoys
me but I'm not forced to contact people like that so it's ok :> 
‹*~.۞Magicstorm_Frostfire۞.~*› says:   22 March 2013   919477  
True. But then we always come across them at sometime or another lol
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   28 April 2013   492297  
lol. This is so true.
sisterwinter says:   28 April 2013   200442  
ok but how can you write this but then also say "close-minded-people"
Koneko_Loli says :   28 April 2013   646293  
Because this is verging on a joke and I also realise that not
everybody is how I describe in those categories, it is just thrown
together quickly, it's not like I meant to write a huge documentary
going into depth. This just touches the surface. I acknowledge that in
someone else's perspective I may fall under one of these categories,
as do you. 

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