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Monday, 18 February 2013
02:49:42 PM (GMT)
There's something about the first snow of the year that makes everything seem a little purer then it truely is. Falling down from the grey, smokey sky it settles down upon all the dirt and grime that clutters the streets, and makes it all a bit prettier to look at. The homeless beggers that huddle in their dark corners seem hidden from view as their ill-fitting clothes become dusted with the powdery flakes. What a pretty scene it could have seemed to another who didn't know this sector well enough to hate the chilling snow that arrived every year to suffocate the miserable. No rusty cars broke the surface of the annual white curse this quiet morning, nor did local gaurds patrol the streets yelling out their usual cruel demands. No; this morning, everyone was quite busy elsewhere... "This is complete bullshit." The quiet mumble sent the heads on either side of Adelaide spinning in her direction. She averted her eyes quickly, and occupied herself with tightening the laces on her boots. Eventually the two evesdroppers dropped their frightened gazes and sent their attention elsewhere before one of the many guards noticed the tiny scene. Frankly, Adelaide wouldn't have minded. What did it matter if she were jailed, or beaten in the streets now that she had been drafted into the kings little makeshift army? As soon as she had seen the fateful letter in the mail, she knew exactly how greatly her life was going to change; for all who had been drafted by the king in the previous species examinations hadn't ever returned to their families. They seemingly dissapeared into a different world that the outter ring was simply not apart of. That strange world was where Adelaide was headed at this very moment, along with dozens of others of her "kind". These examinations had happened a few times before with the magic weilders, and the fey breeds. Luckily the king hadn't drafted every member of their species, lest the outter ring be left with no villagers at all... no. Only a select few from the species who were deemed "fit enough" were picked, and apparently Adelaide had made the cut for her species dispite being a female, who were more often left out then the male. Around sixty or so were chozen from each of the species, and they all still apparently remained in the inner rings. What exactly they were doing there, everyone could only guess. Though, Adelaide supposed she'd know after she got through the long line of many unique looking villagers. Besides the magic weilders who could naturally be human, her kind resembled the humans more then any other species, that is besides the varied amount of body hair, hidden ears, and the occasional feather head. Shapeshifters; they were an interesting lot all right. At times, Adelaide was proud to be considered apart of the species dsipite the harsh discrimination toward her kind from the wretched drow, and even the eerily beautiful fey. Adelaide could see the disgust on the gaurds faces as they stared the group down, and shoved stragglers into their place in line. She kept her eyes focused on the ground as one of their silvery eyes passed over her and lingered, hopeing that she'd be able to control her temper long enough to catch a glimpse of the inner circle; a place she had wondered and dreamed about since her childhood. However, luck was not in Adelaide's favor on this chilly winter morning. "You, girl! Show me your entrance pass!" A small, exasperated hiss escaped through Adelaides' lips as the guards command reached her ears, his boots crunching the fragile snow beneith them as he approached her. She took a slow breath, reassuring herself that the flush in her cheeks wouldn't be noticed due to the many chapped, rosey faces all around her. All she needed to do was pull out the small slip of paper that'd allow her permission into the inner ring that'd come inside the drafting letter. She'd bite her tongue, and fix her grey eyes on the open air above the drows head. Simple... that is it would have been if she'd been anyone but herself. She pushed herself to her feet, and slipped her hand into the back pocket of her faded jeans and retrieved the pass before quickly holding it out in front of her for the guard to see, hopeing he'd simply glace, and leave her be... hopefully soon, for he had fixed his cruel gaze upon her so inteansly she feared she snap at any moment and find any possible way to rip that expression away. "... that's a pass alright." He grumbled, flicking his metallic eyes from the slip and back to her face. "Where'd you steal it from?" Adelaid's eyes flashed as a tiny jolt of anger flared through her, shrinking her pupils, and making her jaw tense. She had to speek now... speeking was dangerous. If she ticked this guy off she'd be giving him the perfect opportunity to have his way. She was walking on thin ice here... "I didn't steal it. I received it in the mail along with the letter from the King requesting that I come." She replied in the drabbest way she could possibly manage, her face void of all emotion. Even so, the guard persisted, grunting and shaking his head as if her statement had sounded rediculous. "Did you now? And did it also say what species the king was so graciously inviting into the inner circle?" "Shapeshifters." The heat in her cheeks had begun to flare up incredibly as he crossed his arms, and leaned over her in a patronizing mannor that straightened the hairs on the back of her neck. "That's right, and if you can prove that your actually one of them, I'll leave you be. But you'd have to think me a fool if you expected to just waltz in here and not be questioned. I know a shapeshifter when I see one, and if these eyes of mine are correct, I don't see one in front of me." Adelaide would have snapped right then if the person beside her hadn't stumbled over his feet and fallen against her side. The force shocked her out of her silent rage, and required her to hold both their weight at once. "Pardon me, pardon me!" The man repeated, stammering, and quickly pushing away from her. The guard glared at him suspiciously as he scrambled to regain his footing, and avert his rapidly blinking eyes. Adelaide adjusted herself, and silently thanked the man for unknowingly helping her avoid a nasty situation. After all, she should have been prepared for something like this. It wasn't as if it was the first time she'd been asked to explain her appearence. With her delicate looking body, and small, elvish features, she didn't look at all like her kind, and for a reason. "My father was elvish, while my mother was a shapeshifter." Adelaide watched the guards eyes cloud over with confusion with a bit of devilish delight. It was always nice to see the tables turn with these guards. "That's why I look the way I do. According to the king, I am a shapeshifter. She let the information sink in, relishing the image of the guard leaning away, and contorting his face in disbelief. "As for proving myself, the only performance I plan on giving today is for the king himself, just as all the others of my kind where requested to do today." The shapeshifters around her had begun to stare at her in disbelief, and fear. She was causing a scene, and giving the guard an excuse to punish her, and possibly them too. Yet, she managed to ignore them as she stared up daringly into the face of the baffled guard, who had settled into an expression of genuine interest in her. He seemed to be debating on whether to believe her or not, which was expected. It wasn't everyday that a child was born of different species, and one from such different kinds was simply unheard of. Adelaide was well aware of this, as she'd watched her mother as she was questioned many times before over the matter. Finally, the guard
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