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Saturday, 26 January 2013
06:39:53 AM (GMT)
the arm and pulled him in and shut the door behind me. He was a bit confused “ok
sit down, we need to talk” I said in a serious way, I told him everything and when
I got up to the part of worrying about him having cameras, I started to worry again
he pulled me next to him and he said “ruby… You are such an idiot; of course he
will have cameras” my eyes widened and I looked at him and he said “but you
shouldn’t worry, you were breaking an entry yes but you didn’t steal or break
anything right?” I looked at him seriously and said “you will regret that” he
then jumped back and said “I’m sorry, hey I know what will make you feel better
some food” I had to say yes to that, I was really hungry but I kept staring at him
“good I’ll get some hot chips” he said with a smile and ran out of the
apartment. So I waited… and waited… and waited… and waited some more… and
more I got so bored so I started to sing a bit “I want me a Jack bum, bum, bum, bum
I want him to come back, bum, bum, bum, bum he’s taking his time bum, bum, bum,
bum, I’m busting my behind bum, bum, bum, bum” then he came through the door and
yelled “Got it!” I sighed, walked up to him, took the stuff out of his hand and
asked while taking the food to the table “what took you so long?” he then said
“there was a long line” “At this time of night?” he then looks at me and rubs
the back of his neck and says “I had to get something” I looked at him, then
smiled and said “ok whatever, let’s eat!” then he gets a surprised look on his
face then smiles. I sit down in the chair and grab the remote for my little TV I
switch it on and the TV was all static I then threw the remote at it and it worked.
The chips were so good, but I didn’t like the fish Jack at most of it. “Here” I
said while handing Jack some money he then pushed my hand back and pated me on the
head and said “it’s my treat” I smiled and put the money back in my pocket.
When we were finished Jack had to leave but he didn’t leave easily, I tried pushing
him to the door and he said “oh no, gravity’s increasing on me” I then yelled
“no its on, get out!” he then started to slowly fall back a bit and I yelled
“don’t make me hurt you!” he then got up and went out the door and faced me, I
went over to the door and said “bye Jack” he then asked “no kiss?” I then
pushed his head out of the door way and laughed while saying “goodbye Jack”.
The next morning i had nothing to do since someone took my guitar I am bored out of
my mind. I tried to sing a bit but I didn’t have the right mood even though I kept
smiling so I went to the markets. There was so much stuff this time, this time I
bumped into Jack. “Jack what are you doing here?” he then said “I felt like
doing something today, so I thought about going to the market and here I am” then
all of a sudden I felt a tug on my sleeve I looked down and it was the little girl
from yesterday “hello Lola” I crouched down to give her a hug and then she asked
“who’s that?” I giggled and replied “he’s Jack” he then walked up to him
and he smiled and waved, then she looked back at me and asked “is he your
boyfriend?” he panicked a little because of the question. I giggled, smiled and
replied “no of coarse not he’s a good friend of mine” she smiled and I stood up
then she asked “where’s your guitar?” I then replied “someone took it” then
she said “oh…”. “Lola!” shouted her mother, Lola then shouted back
“coming! I have to go, bye”  “see you” I said while waving goodbye, I then
had a look around with Jack, there were so many stalls fudge, electronics, plants,
antiques, toys, movies, games, cloths, accessories. Me and jack were at the
accessories stalls and I was looking at the hats and Jack was looking at the shades,
when I was looking at this really cool hat some boy a year younger than me took the
hat and tried running off I then run up behind him and did one of those grips on him
and he fell to his knees, I then pushed his arm up behind his back and I said to him
“I really don’t like people who steal, so you should earn this hat I took the hat
out of his hand pulled him back to the stand and said to him “if you really want it
though here” I handed him ten dollars and smiled then said “that should be
enough” I then gave him a glare that said do it again I’ll break your arms off. 
I smiled as I watched him walk off with the hat and a recite in his hand instead of
him running off with a stolen hat, it was a really good hat and it was the only one
left, lucky guy. 
A band was performing at the stage their really good. Jack got these really dorky
glasses I couldn’t help but laugh every time I looked at him, I giggled and laughed
“what’s so funny?” asked Jack, I tried to reply to him but I couldn’t
breathe, I then took in a deep breath and I replied “it’s your glasses!” I then
started laughing again he then stood up straight flicked his hair and said “well, I
think I look great” I then stopped laughing at him and stared at him, he then asked
“what?” I then started to laugh at him again, I laughed so hard I fell down, my
stomach hurt so much. 
When I was finished laughing Jack asked “are you finished?” I then said “yes”
he pulled me up and then I saw walking towards me was Theo.

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