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Tuesday, 8 January 2013
12:08:03 PM (GMT)
Chapter 4: 
From Darkness to Light and into Nothingness

The battle had begun Borea was the first to make a move as she engulfed herself in an
electrical aura and slammed into Adam. As there auras met it let out a small pulse
that started making the lights and nearby cars go haywire. Solaris came up from the
side and slammed his fist into Adams aura but nothing happened.” Your all worthless
now die. Dark Thunder Axe. “Adam said grabbing his sword in one hand and slamming
it into Borea whose aura almost shattered by the sheer force of the blow. The energy
released also pushed Solaris back but he regained his balance and dashed at Adam
again." Take this Dimension Mirror Dark Thunder Axe." As Solaris used his ability the
energy that was released began to circle around his arm slowly turning his energy
black. Adam took notice of it and watched as the darkness began to corrupt Solaris.

"Kevin cancel the attack before it takes over completely." Sam said as she pulled on
her bow firing several arrows at Adam. Adam easily dodged all of them then fired a
bolt of lightning right at Sam." Look out! Tempest wave.” Dius said jumping in
front of the attack and swinging her blades releasing a burst of wind energy at the
lightning causing it to cancel out with it and creating a small explosion. Mean while
Solaris was confused at the sensation he was feeling as the energy began to grow
around him. But after hearing Sam he quickly dispelled the energy and flew toward
Adam. “Damn it he's strong what are we going to do." Solaris said. "For one we
don't give up till he’s dead now come on. Lightning Javelin!" Borea yelled spinning
her spear and releasing a bolt of lightning that hit Adam in the back.” Is that
really all you got guardian of thunder? Let me show you how it’s done. Dark
Lightning Javelin." Adam said swinging his massive sword releasing a black bolt of
lightning that struck both Solaris and Brea sending them into a building. 

As the battle continued it seemed as if they would lose and all would be lost." Damn
there has to be a way there just has to." Solaris said breathing heavily as he got up
after receiving another blow.” You have the power to vanquish the darkness just
seek the light within you." Said a voice that echoed through Solaris head. He looked
around trying to figure out where the voice was coming from." Where or who are you?"
Solaris asked but there was no answer. Solaris reflected on the words of the strange
voice then looked up toward Adam who had an unconscious Dius by the arm. " I cant let
her die I cant let anyone suffer. Adam for disgracing my uncles name ill destroy
you." Solaris said gripping his sword. Adam looked down as the dark clouds began to
suddenly push away from the sky and energy began to gather at one location. He let go
of Dius and Sam caught her and slowly landed falling and holding her arm which was

Light and darkness began to swirl around Solaris who began to glow his sword
resonating with him. As the energy began to build his sword suddenly changed becoming
pure light its energy radiating outward. Solaris cloths and body began to change as
well his black hair turning pure white and his tattered cloths becoming white and
black armor." Impossible no one can have this much light and dark energy within them.
Unless you are the one my lord wishes to find but if that's the case your a threat to
our cause of reviving the great one so perish he who was born from nothingness. Dark
Dragon Lightning Roar!” Adam yelled as he raised his sword then dashed at Solaris
dark lightning engulfing him completely and taking the shape of a dragon. As the
beast roared Solaris lifted up his hand his eyes glowing with a golden hue." Vanish
into the void. Paradise Oblivion." Solaris said as light and darkness swirled around
his hand and a small beam of light shooting forward at Adam. "Hahaha is that all. So
all that was just for show you are pathetic now die. "Adam said as he brought his
sword forward to impale Solaris. Solaris closed his eyes as the energy in his hand
suddenly irrupted sending out a blast of unimaginable size. The attack easily
overwhelmed Adams as his dark energy faded and his aura began to crack. "No this cant
be I will not be defeated. No nooooooooooooo!! Adam yelled as his aura vanished and
the blast overtook him destroying him completely. The sheer size and force of the
attack also vaporized the dark clouds from the sky.

As the darkness faded from the sky Solaris and the others covered there eyes as the
sun finally was visible again. Sam, Borea and Dius all rushed toward Solaris. When
they got to him he simply looked at them as the light and darkness swirled around
him. Dius went to go touch him when the energy around him vanished and he changed
back. Once back to normal Solaris fell to the floor almost fainting from using up so
much energy." D..damn I'm so tired." Solaris said trying to get up. Dius quickly
rushed to his side as well as Sam and Borea. "What was I mean who are I mean." Sam
said trying to summon the words to try and ask what just happened. "Sol are you OK
what was that I've never seen anything like it." Dius said helping him up. Solaris
shook his head as he didn't even know himself, all he knew was it all felt familiar
somehow. The power the energy and the voice who had spoke to him. They all went back
to the tower and Sam and Borea worked together to get the city back to normal while
Dius tended to Solaris.

Dius sat beside Solaris as he laid down in bed exhausted from the battle and now
recovering. "What’s happening Sol I don't understand what’s going on. Please tell
me what’s happening to you." Dius said sighing then getting up. She decided to let
him sleep and got up to leave the room to prepare something to eat. As she left
Solaris slowly sat up in his bed. He tried his best to remember the feeling and how
it felt so familiar. Solaris couldn't understand how it could be possible to have
this much power hidden within himself. He laid back down and sighed wondering what
they were going to do next.” What happened to Kevin back there is that part of
something in your family." Sam asked Borea as they helped guard a few of the ships
that headed back up to the floating city. "No I've never seen anyone in our family
use that and I don't think its in any of our history archives." Borea said recharging
several of the computers after getting back to the tower. 

Sam and the twins got together and contacted the guardian base on Earth. "Hey
everyone how is it going over there is everything OK?" Sam asked as Kayam and Arthur
appeared on the holographic projector." Yeah were all fine nothing has happened so
far and we haven't gotten any new information on who’s behind all this." Kayam said
as Bianca stepped into view. Solaris had gotten up and walked wobbly toward the main
room." We did sense something weird though a few hours ago. But it didn't feel like
an evil presence or a good one. It was almost like something stirred up our energy
for a moment." Bianca said as she put her hand over her chest. Dius and Borea hadn't
notice it because of the battle but they knew where it might have come from. Sam and
Borea then proceeded to tell the others of what transpired just moments ago and
Bianca was almost brought to tears at the mention of Adam who resembled there uncle.

“That sounds intense I'm sorry you all had to go through that. I cant imagine how
Kevin must be feeling." Arthur said." I'm fine don't worry, that wasn't uncle Adam
anyway. As for what happened I'm not sure really." Solaris said sitting down. He
explained how a voice helped him summon all that power and how it felt familiar as if
he had done it before. Everyone tried to think of a reason behind it but just became
more confused. "Sol did our parents tell you anything before Solician was attacked?"
Dius asked thinking maybe they left him a hint. But he couldn't think of anything
then he remembered what the mysterious man who attacked Earth had said." There
looking for the light of the universe. But I don't know much about it other then
it’s in a member of our family, do you know anything sis?" Solaris asked. Bianca
thought for a moment but nothing came to mind." Wait the light I remember a story
father used to tell me before bed." Borea said as she told the story of the light. 

In the beginning, while the universe was still in its infancy two races of super
beings existed who kept the order. The people of Light which would be later known as
The Kingdom of Solisian and the people of the dark who would be known as The Kingdom
of Lunaris. Each existed in harmony to keep the peace within the growing universe but
with all beings with power then need to acquire more is always an inevitable. As such
over the span of several millennia tension between the two kingdoms began to grow and
in time violence broke out on several planets controlled by both nations. King
Solaris of the people of the light tried his best to bring peace between the kingdoms
but King Endymion had other plans. 

He discovered that the creation of the universe was the result of three beings one of
pure light one of darkness and the other twilight. Each gave a part of themselves to
give birth to another being that would be born of nothingness. This one person would
be the foundation that would create everything. The Light of the universe kept the
dimension of the three great being separate as well as keep the order. 

Those from one came many and with that the two great kingdoms were born. One blessed
with the power of light said to be directly from the being of light and another from
the being of darkness. With this information King Endymion sought a way to find and
control the Light of the universe to control all. But another threat arose that
forced the two warring kingdoms to work together. When the Light was created
something else was also, a being known as Chaos. He wished for nothing else but the
total annihilation of all existence created by the three great beings. 

After a century of fighting the Light finally appeared to put an end to Chaos but in
the end was only able to seal it away with itself. To keep the universe safe from
Chaos the Light created a dimension for the sole purpose of keeping itself and chaos
in an eternal slumber. "It’s just a legend though no one in the family remembers a
time when that happened and its not in any of the records. If it does exist I don't
know where it is." Borea said. After listening to the story it started to become
clear. The dark army must be looking for the Light to resurrect the being known as

“So if the legend is true then that would mean the Light was reborn into this
world. But apparently the Light is within one of us and its host doesn't realize it."
Solaris said. The other agreed and a plan was made to visit the Solician archives but
they knew it would most likely be heavily guarded. Since they were sure the planet
was already taken over by the Chaos army they needed a way inside without them
knowing." Hey Bianca do you remember when we were little how we used to visit those
other worlds using that thing we found." Dius said. Bianca thought for a moment then
smiled remembering what she was talking about. When they were little Bianca would
drag Dius to other worlds showing her what she would soon have to do as a guardian.
Bianca couldn't travel to other worlds without permission but she found a strange
crystal that allowed her to open a rift to anywhere in the universe. 

Once preparations were complete Dius found the crystal Bianca had her had used when
they were young. Solaris told Bianca and the others to try to get in contact with
Kasai since they would needed to get to him next. They knew one thing for sure, if
the Light was inside someone and it knew the Chaos army would be after it then the
only place to hide was inside a member of the royal family. The others suggested that
Solaris head back to Earth since it was a high possibility that he was the host
because of what had transpired. But he figured if it was him the Chaos army would
know just by searching for the Lights energy.

“Besides I'm the only one who can create pocket dimensions in case they try to blow
up a planet again remember." Solaris said as they prepared the rift. "Ill go with Sol
and Brea will stay here with Sam. If you want I'm sure sis will send you home if you
wanted." Dius said as she and Solaris stood in front of the rift. “No its ok Borea
promised to help me with something so ill be fine here.” Sam said as she examined
her bow. After going over the plan again Solaris and Dius jumped into the rift that
closed behind them. "Now that there gone we should check the files we have on his
birth. I don't want to consider him an enemy but if the legend is true and they
reawaken Chaos then I'm not sure if we can bring ourselves to.." Borea said gritting
her teeth and slamming her fist into the table. "That's why were going to check all
your families records maybe they can give us a hint.” Sam said and Borea nodded.

As they glided through the spatial rift Dius turned toward Solaris. "OK remember
we're going to land just outside the royal library and if our hunch is correct
they'll be looking to find some connection between the Light and the royal family
like us so it'll be guarded. No splitting up we have to stick together in case we
need to escape." Dius said. Solaris knew the risk but they were about to step into
the lions den and that made him slightly nervous. “We’ll get in and out as soon
as we find what were looking for right then let’s hurry." Solaris said as a bright
light began to shine up ahead.

As they passed through the rift they landed in a spiral staircase. After scanning the
area for enemies Solaris and Dius made there way further down the stairs." If I
remember the library shouldn't be that much further down. But I've been there a few
times how are we going to find anything on the Light when its considered a legend."
Solaris said as he motioned her to stop as they reached the main hall to the library.
“I once saw an interesting book in the library but whenever I went to grab it I
always ended up grabbing something else. That book might have had a spell on it that
made it so no one would touch it." Dius said as she peaked around the corner with
Solaris. As they watched the hall the libraries doors suddenly opened and Solaris
spotted the man who had attacked Earth walk out with a few soldiers.” Its here
somewhere I know it. Now go find that book it will lead us to where our master is and
that dreadful Light. Once we revive Chaos nothing will get in our way." Said the man
as he walked up the main staircase that leads to the palace. 

The soldiers with him saluted then went back into the library." So the book is
important to him which means we have to find it before they do but we can’t risk
getting caught." Solaris said. Dius nodded as they quietly moved into the hall.”
There’s a secret door around here I found it while I was snooping around at night
after bed time." Dius said as she hurried to a part of the wall and began looking for
something. Solaris shook his head and smiled remembering all the good times they had
together. He hoped that when this was all over he could take a vacation with his
siblings and have some good family time for once. He watched as she used some of her
power to make the wall vanish and reveal a narrow hallway. They both stepped inside
and the wall closed on them.

As they walked through the hall Dius nudged Solaris showing him that they could see
through the walls but no one could see them. With this they looked around the library
till they finally reached the section they were looking for. It was a section on
folklore from other planets as well as Solisian legends. They waited till it was
clear then exited the hallway in the wall." Where is the book at Dia?" Solaris said
quietly.” Keep looking you'll know when you find it. It has this tempting glow
about it." Dius said as they searched through the shelves. The royal library was
filled with almost every piece of knowledge in the universe and was kept on magical
tablets that could hold an entire planets history within it. Solaris searched and
searched then finally came across what Dius was talking about. All the records were
basically the same white color with the tag being the only thing different but this
one was white and gold.” You found it right now watch." Dius said as she went to
grab the book. As she did her eyes turned pure white and she let it go and turned
around to grab something else. 

When she snapped out of it she turned around toward Solaris.” Did you find the book
yet be careful not to touch it." Dius said. Solaris was shocked that the book had
that kind of power. Dius had no memory of ever seeing the book a few moments ago. He
examined it then decided it was worth a try to grab it and see what happens. As he
reached for it the tablet began to stop glowing. Once he grabbed it he shut his eyes
waiting for some kind of explosion but nothing happened. Dius ran to his side and
examined the tablet with him." OK I'm going to open it now so lets prepare
ourselves." Solaris said as he put his hand over the tablet. His power began to flow
down into it as it began to glow again and in a flash of light the tablet fell to the
floor and Dius and Solaris vanished. A few guards noticed this and quickly ran to
investigate but found nothing but a white and gold tablet. 

When Dius and Solaris awoke they found themselves in a place with nothing in it just
white emptiness as far as they could see. They walked around for a little while and
Solaris attempted to create a rift but nothing worked.” Where...are we Sol. whose
history is this?" Dius said as they continued to walk into the emptiness. “I’m
not sure it looks familiar though. You sure we weren't taught about this place
before?" Solaris asked but before Dius could answer they spotted something in the
distance. As they got closer they finally recognized what it was. Floating in the
distance was a black and red dragon emitting a dark aura, a white and gold phoenix
glowing with white flames and a black and white archangel with six wings who was
surrounded by a silver cloak of energy. “So its agreed we will create another as a
foundation for all life in the universe and the three dimensions." Said the dragon as
its enormous wings floated up and down steadily in the air.” Yes this being will
have power to make and take life as it see fit and will keep our dimensions
separate." Said the Phoenix as its flames swirled around it as if having a will of
its own.” So we shall name it Omni Sator or the Light in short. Said the Angel. The
three nodded and in that moment the nothingness around Solaris and Dius began to
swirl and the scene changed. 

"Sol this must be.” Dius began to say but suddenly a crystal appeared in front of
them." I don't think they can see us." Solaris said as the archangel walked to the
crystal. The angel removed its hood revealing its long silver hair. Its wings
disappeared and it began to talk to the crystal." Don't worry soon you will be born
as a new god of this world. We are sorry you have to live in this nothingness but
someday you will be able to see the new worlds and life you create with your own
eyes. You are a part of us and we will always be here for you. Before I go my name is
Desina deity of the Twilight Lares its nice to meet you Omni." Desina said as she put
her hand on the crystal. As she did it glowed a faint light and she smiled then
walked off into the nothingness and vanished. Solaris smiled a little as he felt
something like a warm light inside him respond to what happened. 

Again the scene

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