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Three Random Word challengeCategory: Story
Saturday, 29 December 2012
10:06:41 PM (GMT)
My friend said that, for Christmas, I had to go on a Three Random Word generator and
write a story about those three words. This is the result. It's a little over a page
long in Word- the words were "Sack", "Leisure", and "Quail".

Horatio Hernandez continued through the park, rifle perched on one shoulder. Walking
beside him was his sister Maria, still recounting her latest run in with the
	Funny thing about the press. Neither sibling had done anything interesting or
scandalous enough to get their photo in the paper for years (and even then it had
been for silly, exaggerated teen nonsense), but they still plagued their doorstep. It
was the curse of modern low level nobility; they became the answer to every slow news
day. And even if the photos never made it into a magazine, there was no way to stop
people from ambushing the siblings and taking them, which was just unsettling.
God help them if their lives ever did involve drama, because every gossip columnist
out there had access to hundreds of photos of them, and people like them, locked up
in some vault somewhere, waiting.
	“I mean, Christ, Horatio! I stepped out to go to lunch thinking ‘Oh, who cares I
skimped on makeup today, right? It’s only Angelina.’ Then off they went, with
their snap-snap-snaps! I get so sick of it. Our lives are so quiet, they should leave
us alone.”
	Horatio shifted his rifle to the shoulder furthest from her so he could pat her
	“I’m sorry querida. It might not be so bad, if you left the city again.
You know how those people love convenience. They are bad predators; they want their
meals quickly, without much stalking.”
	“Please don’t talk about stalking,” Maria said, and shuddered. That was
one problem they worked hard to avoid, especially for Maria. It was the root of why
they disliked being watched so much. Horatio changed the topic.
	“Maybe if you were away from your apartment for a little while. You could stay in
my guest house. I know it isn’t completely safe, but I don’t get bothered as much
out here. It’s too far for them, and there’s some safety in staying in land you
own. Some of them don’t like trespassing.”
	They were reaching the end of the trail. Ahead of them a large clearing bubbled out,
dotted with bushes and undergrowth. It was a good spot for hunting quail, and it was
very beautiful. The perfect place to unwind.
	“You know I can’t, Horatio,” Maria sighed, removing her bag and beginning to
load her gun. She was never content to just leave it on safety- “What if it shot
me in the back?” she always said. 
“’Razzi be damned, I have school. I can’t make the commute from your place each
day, I just can’t.”
	Now it was Horatio’s turn to sigh. “I know, Maria, I know. It just makes me sad
that I can’t do more for my precious hermana.”
	“You don’t need to do more,” she said, and smiled. They both got their smile
from their father, a trapezoid of straight teeth that hid neither happiness nor the
top gum. “We just need a day to relax, unwind, and shoot some quail. Do you have
the sack?”
	“Si,” he said, lifting it. “Hopefully we get something to put in it today.”
	“Ah, what does it matter?” Maria asked as she loaded, already calming down from
her strain about school and the ‘razzi. “This is just for fun, no? This is the
life of leisure that’s supposed to make us so interesting.”
	Horatio laughed. “That’s right. Interesting life. Interesting standing in a
field looking for birds.”
	Maria looked up from her now-loaded rifle, grinning. “Bet I can find more than
	“Bet you won’t,” Horatio replied, and dropped his rifle (the safety was on) on
top of the sack before running into the field, screaming. Behind him his sister cried
that he was a cheater, that he would scare all the quail away. But hey. What was
leisure if it wasn’t fun?
Last edited: 29 December 2012

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