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I'm tired of this.Category: (general)
Friday, 9 November 2012
06:21:48 PM (GMT)
Heres a wonderful selection of grim things I've been sent:
"I'd like to do dirty things to your hot body"
"Model for me. (;"
"my god u r beautiful. your eyes are the nicest i hav ever seen"
"Lets have fun. c; <3"
"Sex? c:"
"i miss my slut. "

These are all legit things I've been sent in the past 14 days. It's really starting
to annoy me, please keep your perverse/creepy/poor grammar comments to yourself. I
will ignore you. 
I don't feel like I should have to make this diary but I have to vent. I cannot even
accept these as compliments any more.

Tamara x
Last edited: 25 July 2014

Cinders says:   30 March 2013   685997  
I can just tell which ones are from Andrew. @.@

You is a lady. A Jesus lady. Why they no understand? 
SearchingForInfinity says:   30 March 2013   948257  
Fuuu seriously. 
Lets just all go back to like the 50's-70's where guys had manners
jammed into their heads ;-;
Phantom says:   24 July 2014   157251  
The third comment doesn't seem untoward. It's just poorly written.
Really though you should be flattered. At least you get attention even
if it's mostly or entirely unwanted. There are many girls on kupika
who would die to be half as beautiful as you are and would be thrilled
to have any male interest at all.
Phantom says:   24 July 2014   383118  
Having said the above, I do however get just how annoying it would be
if the vast majority of communications you receive are of the nature
and quality represented in your excerpts.
‹Pasta.› says:   25 July 2014   820109  
Attention isn't a bad thing don't get me wrong, it can be very
flattering but these are all first response messages.It's the the kind
of thing I would like to receive from someone for the first time and I
don't understand the thought process.
I guess the third one I do find flattering it's just a little
annoying. The others I just find degrading. 
As much as I want to enjoy these comments and appreciate them I find
the manner insulting. Not just as a woman but as a human. Rather than
simply complimenting me they involve themselves in a sexual manner
towards me, like they assume that just because they find me attractive
I will instantly want to be sexual involved with them. For some reason
during those 2 weeks I only received that style of response from
people, these were the mild ones I didn't want to put some of the more
graphic ones up.
Never the less I do understand your point and I don't wish to appear
ungrateful. I just fear that people easily pity the ones that don't
receive compliments moreover some that have to put up with distasteful
ones, because they 'just should because they're lucky'. 
I guess it's just a respect thing for me. 
Phantom says :   26 July 2014   647478  
Like I said I get where you are coming from.


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