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Chapter five: Dobby's sexualityCategory: (general)
Sunday, 8 July 2012
05:48:00 PM (GMT)
Harry awoke from a pleasant dream to the sound of meowing and squeaky grunts.
Thinking that it must be a rat, Harry tried to go back to sleep. The sounds
continued. After a final "ooh," the meowing stopped and the scrabbling commenced. He
fell asleep, only to be awaken again by a ginger cat running across his bed.
'What in Merlin's saggy left...'
Crookshanks had a splodge of white liquid around its arse. Harry shook his head and
fell into a deep sleep.
'OUCH! WHAT THE FUCK..' Something heavy was treading on his balls. It was a small
grey house-elf with protuberant green eyes and lipstick. It also had mascara and eye
'What the hell, Dobby?'
'Dobby wanted to look pretty for Harry Potter sir, and wanted to ask him something,'
whispered Dobby.
'Stop treading on my balls, then we'll talk'. 
Dobby sat on his Harry's lap and stared directly into his eyes. 
'Dobby came up to Gryffindor tower while cleaning, and was full of sexual energy.
Dobby had been having sexual fantasies about Harry Potter. Dobby looked for Harry
Potter but found a sexy cat instead. So Dobby had sex with it.'
'What's that got to do with me?'
'Dobby has been having wet dreams and was wondering, if, just, once, he could have
sex with Harry Potter.'
Harry digested this and a no was forming, but then his Gryffindor courage showed
itself. Also, he hadn't shagged before, so why not?
'All right, Dobby.'
The elf shivered in anticipation. 
Harry got out of bed, dropped his pants, and presented his arse to Dobby. Dobby
jumped up on a chair and slid his erect willy into Harry's pink, puckered hole. He
thrust in and out for 15 minutes, until he came. Harry, meanwhile, was in a state of
shock. He just allowed a house-elf to shag him.
'Can we cuddle, Harry Potter?'
And so they cuddled until Harry fell asleep and Dobby snuck back to the kitchen with
a lop-sided tea towel and a smile.

Sorry it's so short! I got the idea last night. I didn't sleep last night, and I'm
hungry. So excuse my crappy, short chapter. 

RogerTheAlien says:   8 July 2012   603062  
That's the ugliest thing I ever read....and I love it!
Conkerr says:   8 July 2012   687134  
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   8 July 2012   367184  
Thanks! I was expecting hate comments. 
Conkerr says:   8 July 2012   765191  
No hate.... it was just one of those what the fuck moments... 
It was pretty damn good actually 
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   8 July 2012   245104  
Thanks! What the fuck moments must be one of the best feelings on
Basketballgirl12 says:   8 July 2012   690033  
hahaha LOL that is halerious
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   8 July 2012   289355  
Glad you liked it!  
‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› says:   9 July 2012   898560  
Dobby is like.. So hideous e.o I don't approve of "this" but why not
a prettier person?..
branches says:   9 July 2012   421085  
Right in the childhood. :c
‹gunk› says:   10 July 2012   639490  

‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   10 July 2012   553538  
I love Harry Potter, and I was sleep deprived at the time.
Dobby may be ugly but he's gorgeous on the inside. And Dobby wanted to
look pretty for Harry Potter. 
ECSTATIC says:   16 July 2012   223351  
It's beautiful.
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says :   17 July 2012   686815  
Thank you. I should not sleep then write more often.  

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