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Upon request, I'm writing another thing about Matt.Category: (general)
Monday, 11 June 2012
06:01:23 PM (GMT)
He's really cute. And he does cute things.
Like the way he makes this noise he says our band teacher calls a lion noise. Just
the way his face is when he does it.
And when he laughs, it reminds me of the way Goofy laughs.
And the other night he didn't want to burden my dad with the task of driving him
home. "I live down the street, what does it matter?" He said.
"It's nine at night and it's dark." I said.
"I don't care, you're dad's busy." He said.
"I don't care, we'll drive you." I said.
And he refused and started walking down the street, "Hahaha, look at me, I'm walking
and it's dark." And I was like NOPE. And so I grabbed his shirt and I said "come on,
we're driving you." And he said, "I give up." and took his shirt off. So here I am
sitting in the middle of my street at nine on a Saturday night staring at my
shirtless boyfriend who wants to walk home.
Damn I wish I hadn't given Matt the shirt back. 
But today. We went to Dunkin Donuts and talked about everything. And we went to the
grocery store and I bought Zebra cakes and we walked up to the church and lied in the
grass and talked about more everything. And then my mom told me to come home.
"Hey Matt, what's 'music' in Spanish?"
" la musica, why?"
"I don't know, it sounds like the name of an encyclopedia."
"What.... why?"
"MOO-sih-kuh. Think of it, Encyclopedia Moosica. Everything you'll ever need
to know about moose, and all the things you'll never need to know, too."
"*dies laughing*"
But we started walking to my house. He was gripping the straps of his backpack. I
grew some balls. I reached out for his hand.
"Hey, can I see this for a second?"
I wrap my fingers in his. His arms are long and mine are short. So it's weird but I
can get used to it. His hands are perfectly sized though.
"Okay thanks." I say. And smile. He smiles. We smile. And yeah. Baby steps.
I think this is gonna get even more amazing that it already is.
Matt and me<3

‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   12 June 2012   198512  

You two are just perfectly ADORABLE!!!!! xD I love it!!! 

And the way you "grew some balls" and grabbed his hand was icing on
the cake! I'm way too shy to do that stuff but sometimes I do grow a
pair of ovaries once in a while. Lmao!!!!
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   12 June 2012   947399  
xD Oh my god. Lol 
Hahaha. I wish I had some kind of good picture of him...
His yearbook photo looks nice, maybe I'll scan it. Haha. 
Yeah that was... that was pretty damn nice. xD 
He's such a nerd, though. I went to his house for the first time today
and he was showing me his legos and his Yu Gi Oh decks and his car
posters and yeah.   Ahaha. He's a nerd in the least nerdiest yet
cutest way possible. 
And like the way how every night around ten he goes to bed and texts
me "goodnight, sweet dreams " is like oh my god<3 
By that I mean somewhere peaceful and like secluded I guess.
He's just one of those guys, you know? Easy to talk to, funny, super
smart, sweet as candy, and is just so FUCKING KAWAII. xD
Not to brag, of course. I wish all guys were like him, then people
could see how amazing he really is. :3 
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   14 June 2012   207398  

And oh geez! Lmao! What a cute nerd! Man! I wish I could find someone
like that. xD I didn't even know anyone played/had Yu Gi Oh cards
anymore. And Legos?! Man! You got a keeper!! 

Awh!~ I love it when a boy does that. It leaves me with a smile on my
face before I fall asleep. 

And you should scan that picture!! Lol! I can't wait!
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   14 June 2012   970857  
Yeah. I think I'm gonna do that like now. xD
Yes, and yes. xDDD 
Yeah it really does. He's such a cutie oh my god.<3 
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   18 June 2012   368772  
D'awwwww <3
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   19 June 2012   367629  
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   22 June 2012   997917  
I can tell <3 
‹~(Shaywee)~› says :   22 June 2012   663319  


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