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Neko Lesbian Sex Story.Category: Sex,sex,sex
Thursday, 26 April 2012
05:23:20 PM (GMT)
This is a story about two Nekos, by the names of Mai and Nai. C; it is a lesbian sex
story, between two girls, so if you dont like it then dont read it!

Mai's ears twitched as she felt someone jump onto her back. "Mai! I missed you!" Nai
said as she smilied at her friend and hugged her from behind. "Will you get off of
me!? It's only been on day for petes sake." Mai said as she tried to get out of her
friends grasp, but it was impossible. "But I really did miss you." Nai said as she
smilied and let go, "Anytime away from you is not fun." She said as she bit her lip,
"Besides." Nai said as she touched one of her friends ears, "Besides what?" Mai said
as she raised her eyebrow at her friend. "Well I just really like you." Nai said as
she smilied at her friend and walked closer to her, "I mean really like you." Nai
said as she bit her lip and got close to her friend, so close that their breasts were
touch. "Oh? You do?" Mai asked as she blushed, her breathing starting to get heavy as
she felt thier breasts rub together. "I think you like me too." Nai said as she
smilied and moved her face closer to her friends, their breasts squishing together.
Mai's blush grew brighter but she kissed her friend back, moving thier lips against
each other, Nais tounge darted out and licked along Mai's bottom lip. Mai obedintly
opened her mouth and allowed Nais tounge into her own mouth. The two swirled their
tounges around each others as Nai moved her hand down to Mais skirt, she hiked it up
slightly and started inching her hand towards Mai's pussy, which made Mai gasp. Nai
giggled and broke their lips apart, "You must be getting excited, right sweety?" She
asked as her other hand moved towards Mais shirt. She was going to make Mai her
bitch, weather she liked it or not. Nai pulled her friends panties aside and stuck
her fingers into the warm wetness that flowed out of Mai's pussy, "Oh my yes you are
excited." She said as her other hand moved inside of Mai's shirt, inching just over
her bra. "We should go somewhere alittle more comfertble." Nai said as she stopped
what she was doing and started walking towards the living room, with Mai in tow. Nai
bit her lip, "I ment by getting naked." She said as she winked at her friend and
started to take her clothes off. Although Mai wasnt speaking much she did as she was
told, she wasnt about to get rid of this opportunity. She quickly undressed and Nai
set her down on the couch, "Now where were we?" She asked as she moved on top of Mai,
moving her hand back down to Mai's pussy. "oh yes, here." She said as she started to
play with Mai's clit, rubbing it in slow circles with her finger tip. Nai's mouth
kissed her way down Mai's breast until she found her nipple. Nai moved her tounge
around Mai's nipple, teasing her before she clamped her mouth down onto it, sucking
on it gently. By this time Mai is moaning, and her breathing is labored as she feels
herself being pleasured. Nai smilied as she moved onto Mai's next nipple and got an
idea, "WHy dont we just 69, it would take much less time." She said as she winked.
Mai nodded eagarly and bit her lip as she laid down and Nai moved on top of her, her
pussy in Mai's face. Mai wasnt sure what to do, but figured she should start with
what Nai was doing to her. Nai had her mouth on Mai's clit, while her fingers started
to play with the rest of her pussy, her finger moving towards her hole. Mai happened
to be so wet that Nai's finger slipped into her pussy. Both girls were moaning as the
other worked on each others pussy. Mai was licking at nai's clit and moving her hands
around Nai's theighs. Both had the other so worked up that they came at the same
time, squiritng over eachothers faces. Nai smilied and came up with another idea,
scissoring. They set it up, their legs at awkward angles as they rubbed thier pussys
together, moaning loudly. Nai played with her nipples as she felt their clits moving
against each others and their juices comming together. Finally as the two rubbed up
against each other they came again, moaning loudly as they did, their juices comming

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