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Awesome Nice Guy!!!Category: Omegle Accounts
Saturday, 14 April 2012
12:31:18 AM (GMT)
Before I crossed paths with this guy someone had been horny if you can't
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: Hello

You: Mary is talking to you because Mary doesn't want to fuck a 17 year old female
who apparently goes by the name John and is "horny"

You: Okay? Mary wants to make that clear

Stranger: Ok? Haha rough night

You: Oh yes..

Stranger: Im sorry for you

You: Haha it's okay, there are worse

Stranger: It can be

You: Mhm I don't like the people like that on here though

Stranger: Haha ik what pervs! Hi I'm Calvin (yes that is lgitamly my name)

You: Yeah and it's a cool name. It's nice to meet you Calvin, my name's Itzel

You: And that's my real name 

Stranger: Wow cool name!

You: Thanks :D

Stranger: No problem :D haha that's awesome so tell me a little about you

You: Well... I guess you could just ask it's hard to explain things without knowing
what you want to know

Stranger: Like how old are you what donyou do job wise, are you in a relationship you
know small talk

You: Well I'm 13 and I have a boyfriend who I might break up with...

Stranger: Why would you break up with him

Stranger: ???

You: Flirts a little too much with other girls for my taste specifically my friends..
Only happened a couple of times and I told him last time to stop so.. :/

Stranger: Awwwww why would he do that when he has a catch like you  he retarded

Stranger: ?

You: Aww thanks :D and no, I love him and he knows.. I just don't know why

Stranger: Well he's lucky  and that's for sure, I'm happy that you have someone you
care about, I hope it all turns out good cause I love two people in love cause that's
what I want one day 

You: Well I hope love comes your way because I think you deserve it

Stranger: Thank you 

You: Your welcome now if you don't mind, I'm going to get some sleep. I'll remember
you! Thank you for listening and I know it may be impossible but hope we talk again!

Stranger: Same here! Goodnight

You: Night!

You have disconnected.

Nice dude right? I hope more people on Omegle can be like this in the future (like
that'll happen).

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