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Thursday, 22 March 2012
01:06:22 AM (GMT)
Ok. Now that I have your attention, listen. Haters gonna hate. Please read this all
the way through, please hear what I have to say. If you don't like it, I respect your
opinion. If you leave a hurtful comment, I will delete it. Ok. Now. Down to business.

The illuminatis. They murdered Tupac, Whitney Houston, and the king of pop, Michael
Jackson. This is not some bullshit conspiracy theory, it is cold, hard truth. The
illuminatis have their symbol, the all-knowing eye, on the american dollar bill. They
live underneath Denver International Airport. 

The illuminatis are going to create a new world order (nwo) so they can bring down
the Earth's population to a manageable population. 90% of the Earth's population will
be  murdered. This is world-wide Genocide. 

- Forced abortion
- Forced recruiting of an army
- Promotion of homosexuality to spread the AIDS virus
- Worldwide communicable diseases spreading to an epidemic
- Forced vaccinations which are deadly
- Spraying chemicals from a plane 

I am going to try to fight to stop this among many other things. I urge you, I beg
you, to spread the message. If I am going to die, I want it to be fighting the NWO.
If you don't believe me, fine. I respect your opinion. But it is the truth.

‹BadDBboY› says:   22 March 2012   987288  
I agree with u
You're completely right
I am glad u brought this up
ur a smart mature girl
keep it that way Holly ur the best
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   22 March 2012   871269  
Thanks first of all, secondly, I bring these topics up, protest them,
and right about them because there are so many things wrong with the
‹BadDBboY› says:   22 March 2012   631358  
i get your point Holly and im glad i have such a smart friend
keep going
the World will listen to u
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   22 March 2012   978512  
The world will never listen. The world is now, an evil, corrupted
place, but as soon as Jesus comes back, it will be beautiful once
‹Wonderlust King› says:   23 March 2012   126023  
No silly Holly don't you know anything the Illuminati are attempting
to gather the Emperor's Children (known as Sensei). Take them to the
Golden Throne on Holy Terra where the God-Emperor has sat for 10
thousand years, and then sacrifice the Sensei so that the Emperor may
reincarnate and defeat the Chaos Gods :D

But don't worry the mighty Imperial Inquisiton is here to keep us safe
from those daemon worshiping heretics x)
Zelda3443 says:   26 March 2012   860776  
So I don't know if this is true, but it sounds interesting...I'm just
curious (not trying to sound bitchy at all) how do you know these are
cold hard facts?
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   27 March 2012   151700  
Symbolism, news reports, Youtube videos, word of mouth, and basically
watching videos with Illuminati messages in them, eg. Rihanna's
Zelda3443 says:   27 March 2012   909457  
It sounds fascinating...are there any websites or anything with more
info? (I don't mean to treat you like google or anything, but you seem
to know what your talking about.)
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   28 March 2012   552223  
There a literally thousands of websites, just google "Illuminati" or
"New World Order" or something along those lines. It really is
fascinating, it's like a giant puzzle with little clues everywhere. 
Zelda3443 says:   28 March 2012   331902  
Okay, I will thanks.
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says :   28 March 2012   636128  
No worries  


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