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The Releasing Moment...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 28 December 2011
03:19:37 AM (GMT)
The Releasing Moment.
Chapter one
T-this feeling again? I said In  my head wobbling in my seat trying to keep my head
up it was an urge to collapse in a sudden time.
I needed some fresh air…
Shockingly when I was outside that same boy stood there waiting for me like if he
knew I was going out. He was that same boy I ran into earlier this week… who was
he? As I stood shacking in place I saw him grin then he said. “Looks like you’re
going to get sick?” he walked closer then wrapped one arm around me walking me to
the nearest seat. 
He looked more familiar now that I am closer to him…
Ah! I said I my head he is Jackie from when I lived in Tokyo Japan we were neighbors
at the time I am surprised to see he remembers me…
At the time we used to do everything together thinking of those times made me shed
tears. “Hey now why are you crying? Does something hurt inside?” Jackie said
looking into my eyes as I just stared into them…

Teddy bear is what Jackie used to call me but… now it seems like he doesn’t
remember me at all to think about it.
“I-I’m FINE!!” I yelled with the strength I had and tried to get up and run. I
did not want to see him any longer…
Yet he didn’t let me run because…
Because he was always there for me when I was ill that is why I… 
Loved him…
Later that evening…
I had been feeling down lately sense I saw Jackie well I guess I can just call him
Jack now.
I was sitting in a coffee shop sipping a hot mocha blowng the steam off from the
When I picked the paper cup up I struggled to hold it in my hand.
It fell into my lap burning my entire lap I cringed and stood up screaming for the
pain to ease.
right then Jack was right there wearing an apron and a suit... did he work here?
i thought about how i ran from him now i just wanted to be held by him just one last
as i calmed down he took me in the back gave me some ice to put on my burn.
"Strip..." Jack said as he held the bag of ice.
i just paused with a look in my eyes.
"come on stop fooling around... i don't have all day." Jack said waiting.
then i reached for him and brought him closer and kissed Jack like i used to his lips
tasted like cherry lip gloss and he smelt like roses and peaches.
i had wanted this for all these years playing hop scotch and tic tac toe with Jack
when we were little boys. 
i saw him drop the ice wraping his arms around me wanting more than a kiss. i took
him by the waist... i was free feeling and suddenly the pain was no longer there.

Chapter two

I unlocked the door entering my house i now shared with Jack.
twisting the key hearing the lock click open for me. i steped into the entrance hall
where i had smelt apple pie cooking in the oven.
i kicked off my shoes and tossed my bags down then walked fast towards the kitchen. i
saw Jack in the pink floral patterned apron i gave him for his birthday a year ago.
he had his locks of blonde pulled back with a ribbon and when he turned to see me i
huged him from behind. i smelt deep into his collar of his shirt he was wearing.
Jack giggled and i picked him up off the ground twirling him in my arms. Jack turned
around and gave me a kiss then asked me how my day at work was.
i told him the same each day "Boring without you..." then smiled and gave him another
kiss this time slipping my tongue in.
Last edited: 1 January 2012

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