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To-Do List (12/18/11)Category: (general)
Sunday, 18 December 2011
06:38:38 PM (GMT)
I think I'll make one, even though its night there are a lot of internet and real
life related things I have to do! DX

[] Roleplay (At least) 5 posts at Jack's Houser 1/5
[] Go through my clubs and answer everything 6/9
[] Update at least 1 page of Shiny Lovers 0/1
[] Finish most of the Frankenstein cliffnotes 
[X] Play best 2/3 pokemon w/ dad [2/3]
[] Finish the GPX+ Scavenge Task [0/1] I can't, I failed.
[] Post in Insanity
[] Make myself listen to all of spice without breaking my computer screen
[X] Have Dinner
[] Make an (important) diary [0/1]
[] Make a youtube account to watch Hetalia! I'm eighteen, didn't you know? XD [0/1]

Probably more to be added, but thats sooo much crap to do DX

DX 2 things!
Last edited: 19 December 2011

‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   18 December 2011   798324  
You and I both know the one I want checked off at this very moment!!!!
BeautifulLikeRoses says:   18 December 2011   163377  
LOL the day is almost over Tay and I haven't done none of it! DX

No I don't, whatever could you mean, Tay? *troll face*
BeautifulLikeRoses says:   18 December 2011   396407  
Tay, why you no tell? XDD 
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   18 December 2011   454908  
I'm so used to just clicking on the Clubs thing that I forget about
everything else xD
And you know exactly what I mean my chummy chum XDD
BeautifulLikeRoses says:   18 December 2011   876489  
Tis' fine. 

LOL if you no tell....I will sic hmm...who's scarirer, Rin or
Miku... rin AND miku on you! XD And then you would be killed
for something that I know that you know that I know C: 
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   18 December 2011   703630  
Send Len xD
You...... have to finish those Frankinstine notes Missy!!!
We both know how important those are!!!!!!
(I'm so lame xD)
BeautifulLikeRoses says:   19 December 2011   489232  
I DO . thats actually the most important thing on my list, its due on
tuesday (one of the downsides of homeschool, break or not, I have to
give it to him DX)
BeautifulLikeRoses says :   19 December 2011   755416  
Also, 2/11....I am a horrible vocaloid driven human being. I couldn't
do all of that in one day DX

Ooh, Typo, I need to type in Jacks Houser! XD

Well...there goes a day with nothing done... :P


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