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Thursday, 27 October 2011
04:01:27 PM (GMT)
Just for my own personal reference. Two people are in for a novel when they get
their yearbooks this year. :P

1. "Jackalope! oooOOOahh! I thought they lived in Australia!"
2. "Walrus land! Leopard seal! UHHH!"
3. "Into Ghetto Narnia!"
4. "That sheep ate my youngest child."
"You should kill that sheep and use it for mutton."
"That gave the greatest idea for a comic. Mutton man! Everything he touches turns to
5. "Cocky zombie!"
6. "Mind tag! O_O"
7. "Kool-aide man on fire!"
8. "CBS: cold boob syndrome."
9. "You look like a chipmunk!"
"No, he doesn't. Chipmunks are actually cute."
10. Janitor - "Hey kid! Don't do that shit!"
11. "Frozen like the frozen tundra!"
13. "Gotta go. I'm playing a game equivalent to bomb squad! It requires both my hands
and all my mind!"
14. "One time, when I was Asian..."
15. "That's like saying, 'My dog has a broken leg.' 'PUT HIM DOWN!'"
16. "Mom/sister/daughter/aunt/grandmother/wife! Oh how I've missed you!"
17. "Peas and acting! Acting and carrots! Suck at acting! ACTING ACTING ACTING
18. "You're going to grow up to have eight kids and twenty sheep... and you're gonna
live in a van."
19. "I love you almost as much as I love syrup bottles shaped like unicorns."
20.. "Meerkat! REEREEREE!"
21. "Tinky Winky, TIPSY, la la... PO!!!!"
22. "Imma joyfly! BUZZ!"
23. "We shall have a child. His name shall be Finley. And he shall be a dinosaur."
24. "I can't afford this! I'm a single mother working at McDonalds!"
25. "Act casual!"
26. "Her head... was right by my crotch!"
27. "I lost track of how many wives I have. All I know is I have one husband, and
that's Micaela."
28. "We're in the jungle of high school and have just stumbled upon the Micaela!"
"Shut up, guys..."
"It appears to be giving off some kind of mating call. Perhaps it's trying to
attract... THE DANI!"
29. "Why are you crying?"
-while laughing- "I DON'T KNOW!"
30. "Are those badger tracks...?"
"... MRS. COLLINS!!!!"
32. "Smurfs on meth."
33. "Alaena's eating Brandon's nuts!"
34. "Ninja waffle!"
35. "Flying taco!"
36. "I heard something about figs...?"
37. "What is it called when the line goes flat?"
"I don't know... dead?"
38. "Shame on you times a thousand!"
39. "I'm a little grapefruit, short and stout. Here is my vine and here is my sprout.
When I start to ripen, I pinken out! Pick me up... and... eat... me... out?"
40. "You misspelled it. That says Hot TUBE."
41. Jess's yearbook signature "I hate signing yearbooks."
42. "You tried to kill me with that Frisbee!"
43. "I'm going to start calling you the Great Calvino."
44. "Stupid Celia, stupid Celia!"
45. "How about that local weather?"
46. "This would make a great soap opera! She divorces you, marries me, but I'm
cheating on her with you, and then she leaves us for an Asian, and Megan moves out,
but then comes back for her crap. WE COULD MAKE MILLIONS!"
47. "I love our rants about Blonde Katnises... Katni?"
48. "I must find the Avatar to restore my honor!"
"But, Zuko, NOOOOO!"
49. "I haven't taken my pills for three days."
"Oh dear God, save me."
50. "I. Am going. To kill you."
51. "Boo Radley is going to marry Zach."

And that's all I can think of at the moment. I know there are more, so maybe an
update will be needed.

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