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Part 4 (Chapter 1)Category: (general)
Saturday, 1 October 2011
09:11:26 PM (GMT)

If there was one thing Emma Pillsbury detested, it was the rain.

Sure, people made the rain look oddly glamourous and romantic in television adverts
and sitcoms/movies, but to the redhead it was simply mud, a sickness risk, and
getting soaked through to the bone. Definately not her idea of fun.

Rain was pouring from the skies in Lima, and Emma was sitting in her office, looking
out of the window and waiting for it all to stop, or at least subside. It wasn't
a 'harmless shower', it was actual heavy rain. The kind of rain that attacks you as
you go outside, soaking you in about a minute. It wasn't like she didn't have her
umbrella (she always brought one with her wherever she went... just in case) she
hated the thought of it all.

School had finished for the week about two hours ago, so she was most likely the
person there. Emma cursed herself silently for being so stupid. Rain was only water.
She encountered water every single day, she just hated it when it fell from the sky.
Her therapist was probably going to scold her for being afraid of the rain, of all
things, though she was perfectly happy with baby steps. Well, she wasn't even afraid
of it, not really. It just made her feel... uncomfortable.

"Still here?"

Emma looked up, and smiled softly as her boyfriend entered her office. The word
'boyfriend' was a peculiar word, it sounded almost childish, or something an
adolescent would say.

"Yeah... you caught me," she said guility.

Will smiled.

"Forget your umbrella?"

"Nope. I just want the rain to stop a little."

"We're here for pretty much the same reason then," Will said, chuckling and sitting
in the chair opposite her.

"I guess so," Emma sighed, and looked out of the window.

"At least you brought an umbrella with you."

"I bring one every day, and you know it," Emma blushed slightly as she spoke. Yep,
she still sounded as crazy as ever.

"Well... why don't we head off?" he suggested.

She turned to look at him, and sighed softly. He was looking directly into her eyes,
giving her the look he reserved only for her. Emma knew he was trying to encourage
her, but something kept holding her back, and stopping her from agreeing.

"I... I don't know," she mumbled pathetically, quickly lowering her gaze into her
lap, looking blankly at her hands, folded neatly in her lap. She glanced at Will
quickly... but long enough to see a dangerous glint in his eye.

Uh oh.

"I'm just going to have to steal your umbrella then, aren't I?"

Emma sharply looked up.

"Excuse me?"

Before she could even blink, Will snatched at her bag, grabbing hold of the umbrella
that lay on top. He grabbed his coat and bag, and bolted out of the room.

Emma's eyes widened, but she soon gave in, and smiled mischeviously, despite being
the only person in the room.

"Come back here!"

"You've gotta catch me!" Will sang, darting down the corridor.

Emma groaned, and ran after him, her bag thumping against her hip painfully. When
caught up to him, he had stopped at the main entrance, waiting for her, still
grinning like an idiot. She tried to catch her breath, her heart thudding in her
chest, threatening to burst right out.

"I... hate... you...!" she panted, bending over slightly.

Will rubbed her back.

"Gosh, you'd think I just made you run a marathon!" he teased, earning a warning
glare from Emma. "Ok, ok, sorry! But it got you out of the office and into a better
mood, no?"


"I hate how you're always right."

"Not always," he admitted. "Now come on, I have a date with my girlfriend in a few

Emma rolled her eyes.

"Alright, alright."

After the pair put on their coats, Will stepped outside, and put the umbrella up. He
held out his hand to Emma. She hesitated for a moment, but something finally clicked
in her mind, causing her to reach out and entwine her fingers in his own. She
outside, giggling, and linked arms with Will, both of them holding onto the metal
handle of the umbrella. Will glanced up, and laughed. Emma looked at him curiously.



"What about it?"

"The umbrella!"

Emma looked at the umbrella, and realised in surprise that the umbrella she had
selected today (yes, she had several, though she favoured the yellow one) was in
a dusty shade of periwinkle blue.

"So it is," she commented, inching slightly closer to him as they strolled over to
Emma's car. "Gosh, I'm freezing. Aren't you cold?"


When they got to Emma's car, she couldn't help but shiver in the cold. She hated
freezing cold days just as much as the rain.


Will pulled Emma into his arms, still keeping hold of the umbrella, managing to
it so it protected the pair from the downpour. He pressed his lips against his
girlfriend's, kissing her softly, yet in a meaningful way. He pulled away about ten
seconds later, though he didn't pull back too far, so the tip of his nose rubbed
lightly against Emma's. She smiled up at him, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Perfect gentleman..." she murmured softly, before pulling away. "Will, you can
borrow the umbrella, so you don't get soaked on the way to your car. I've got about
four more at home, so I won't miss it," she smiled brightly.

"Oh, are you sure?"

"Of course, it's the least I can do," she giggled. "Seriously, now. I have to get in
the car before I catch a cold. I'll see you at seven."

"Seven," Will repeated. He patiently held the umbrella for her as she clambered into
her car, and when she shut the door, he smiled at her once more and walked over to
his own car. As she pulled out of the car park, Emma glanced behind her, and burst
out laughing.

Will had been waving jokily, but had somehow loosened his grip on the umbrella,
was now flying away. He was running to catch it, and the expression on his face made
her laugh so hard she almost crashed into a tree.

What would she do without him?

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