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Are you really...You?Category: Rant/Venting
Thursday, 29 September 2011
05:01:40 PM (GMT)
I propose that it would be in the sophisticated,gracefull,acceptable, undeniable manner and all around good to put this under the category of "Rant" ^^^LAME^^^ OH WELL, I'LL JUST GET TO THE POINT. SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADOOO. people. Have you noticed that people aren't really living up to their "title" or whatever their fayce wants to be like? I certainly have....NOT. Okay, I have sheesh. What I really want to say is that some friends really aren't my friends...Some of them truly try hard to fit in and others are naturally great at being themselves. Well, 93.5467% themselves. I doubt that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, is actually being who they really are. Of course we have hidden a few facts about ourselves because it is embarressing to tell our secrets or share that are favorite song is like what, Go-go cutey periwinkle pony? But to lie about it? Guuurrl {Boooii}, that ain't right! If you want your friend to treat you with respect, then there's no need to lie just to impress them. There's this one girl in my grade that I've known since grade school and all that poor child could do is lie about everything. Why? What's the point in that? Of course you may accomplish receiving pity from passbyers and fake friends to cheer you up to seem cool, but what do YOU really get out of that? Nothing. Nothing at all. You don't have any respect from me, and just because you are my friend's friend, does not make you mine. Don't you hate it when people think they're your friend? Yeah, I do.
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******************************************************************** I think I really got off topic there....I feel that some of my true friends might get sucked up into the whole "fitting in" deal. Please, if you are my friend and read this DON'T.
Comment below to share your experiences about your friends, or ex-friends.
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‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   30 September 2011   782853  

so confession

i love the song hollaback girl

then again, there's things that other people dont need to know. people
progressively change when they get older, this is natural, to stay
with the people they've known for so long, they'll conceal it. JUST
Xima writes:   30 September 2011   108185  
@Error01110010 Tis' all good! I don't mean go around sharing your secrets, just don't deny it when someone asks! I hate it when people lie! They try to hard to be something they're not and make themselves more than they actually are. : / But if it were something like being abused at home and deny it, then that's something different. They're not saying it to become ms. or mr. popular like most people at school. This is just my opinion on the matter, but I think I somewhat get whatcha mean. >_<
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   30 September 2011   963311  
the good time to lie about shit =
whenever it can ruin lots of ties or if people dont really need to
know this. by telling people it could get you being made fun of
nonstop about 'serious' matters which really isn't anyone's business.
Or to keep yourself out of serious trouble, so long as you understand
what you did was bad. 

the stupid time to lie about shit =
when it comes to things that you like or don't like just to 'seem
cool', as you have said. i mean, the internet is the perfect example
about how there's always going to be people who hate something, and
always people who will like something. Youtube videos are an epitome
of this, especially. There will always be a dislike, and usually a
like - if a video has one of these not happening, then it's not
popular enough to show this. THAT'S JUST HOW THINGS WORK and people
need to get over it just because of what other people think. 
Xima writes:   30 September 2011   512415  
@Error01110010 I agree with most of that{Mainly the stupid time}. But the good time...Do you mean if someone straight off asked you if this happened of if you did that? I would probably tell them to mind their own business, but I wouldn't lie about it....Oh wait, reread your thing. Okay, so like if someone were to have sex with someone else then you mean it a'ight to lie? I guess so,lol. Its no one's business so, I s'ppose its legit. >_< If I did that...I would tell them to leave me alone, lawl. Maybe...Or lie. It hasn't happen so I can't say. o_o There are SO many people at our school who act so gaw! It's sad when people dislike the most truthful...But I guess 'cause they are the annoying ones--I think. Just some. >_< I need to stop making the ">_<" face. o_o
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   30 September 2011   294895  
your sexual or status matters are never anyone else's business, and
perhaps something along those lines were a mistake or something over
that sort. Girls have a tough one with that, i mean, you know how it
is. they'll get made fun of and teased and called a slut if other's
found out they did it even once, whereas a male would be seen as a
god, depending on the attractiveness of the female.
in other words, those kinds of things really aren't other's
I think the only time you need to buckup and not lie is when it comes
to your preferences about things - what you like or don't like
otherwise, no one really needs to know about it. kfdsljgkl

ee--weeell yeah, that's probably what makes them annoying anyways.

you almost used the same amount of "o_o" :'D 
Xima writes:   30 September 2011   426835  
@Error01110010 Okay, good game brosef. BD I see what you are saying now! I know, are school is sexiest too. Ug, our school really fails when I think about it. The only undisappointing thing about it is being able to see your friends and if you make good grades and volunteer the easier it'll be in life. : ] It must be stressful for those of different orientations. 'Cause whenever someone insults them they sometimes think its because of their orientation and go off on them... GOSH, I'M GOING TO STOP USING SO MUCH SMILY FACE STUFF NOW. Grrr.
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says :   30 September 2011   218630  
well, you know, our school isn't really sexist. this is completely
common in numerous places. its been in our society for a long
time, im not even sure if it will pass by generations. igfkjsgjdfl
too be honest, with numerous things, our school is pretty good. we
haven't been sliced up into groups. we're all aware of the groups, but
we still communicate to each other.
our school just can't inforce the rules it makes though I MEAN COME
ohhh lupita
for guys, it probably is. because, here's where things go backwards,
it's seen as worse. So, homosexual guys ; 'slutty' girls, you know
what i meant? //so it's kind of fair
ANYWAYS for girls however, being lesbians is RAINBOWS, AND MAGICAL,
AND EEVVVERRYONE LOVES IT. some girls in our school are pretending to
be bisexual/homosexual just to seem cool or something like that.
females are generally more open-minded with things for some reason,
whereas males think that lesbians are "hot". Homosexual men for girls
either 'don't really care', or sometimes enjoy it, then again, also
may not support it. But straight guys deject it a large majority of
the time and give hell to the homosexual. 
SO YEAH. dfg;skdf



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