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I want to cosplay~ =w=Category: (general)
Thursday, 28 July 2011
02:41:16 AM (GMT)
SOOOOOOOOOOO a con's coming up. And this diary is more or less a reminder for myself lol But anyways, this will be one of the last few cons I'll be attending in Taiwan and though I said that I won't be doing any more serious cosplays, this seems fairly easy~ I mean, it's pretty closet cosplay cuz I have everything already without having to make it/get it custom-made. Female!America is the one on the bottom. Here's a cosplayer; THIS IS NOT ME: I know I know. Kinda showy. Well, that's what you gotta do to get photographs~ But very simple, no? As I said, I have everything except cowboy boots and the cowboy hat. But that can easily be substituted with a pair of Oxfords and a fedora loll And so here's me. Gimme suggestions on how to make it more America-y, rather than beach? WARNING: A VERY MYSPACE PIC OF ME IN THE OUTFIT. Sorry for the bad quality, I used my cell and it's horrible orzz Oh and beware. BOOOBSSSS jkjk I've got a slight tummy, so ignore that plz DUNDUUUNNNNNN Oh and the hat, fedora: I don't have the wig obviously. Lol you can see a bit of my face So your thoughts please? I'll borrow my friend's Rin wig and add red clips. Makeup I may post later.

‹??????› says:   28 July 2011   524725  
FFFFF I think you look gorgeous, as in hawt, and fitting
clothes for the cosplay. QAQ I wish I was as confident as you to be
female America! As for suggestions, I say you got it all perfect, just
remember to get McDonalds or something like that, ha ha. xD 
<3 o3o /foreverstalksyou
Bootheghost says:   28 July 2011   246272  
Easy solution is to acquire a large, American flag... big props
always = more attention!! :o

... also will make the character more recognizeable lol.
lollylovex3 says:   28 July 2011   581436  
LOLLL, YOU FLATTER ME. I thought that I could do it too, if my friend
who is 'bigger' than me did something even more daring.
But rlly, it looks too much like I'm going to beach orzzz. 
You've seen the Rin wig in my PicS, so that'd work, ya? o 3o I'm
afraid no one will recognize me
Of cos I'll get some burgers; well it might as well be my lunch =w=

Oohh! A FLAG, YESS. Well, Idk how I can get a massive flag at this
point, so I guess I'll just grab a small paper flag orzz Or make a
quick belt-scarf with the American flag or sth.
Any more tips, cosplay master? *u* I rlly dk how to make it even more
recognizable D; Helpppp x.x 
StarDust says:   28 July 2011   571298  
Well just make the costume more accurate, like the America in the
picture doesn't have a belt on her shorts or straps on her bra/bikini
top. Then when you get the wig make sure it's styled like her hair. 

Uhm and yeh. That's it. Just props and stuff : D
lollylovex3 says :   29 July 2011   664847  
I see I see o 3o Thanks! *u* 
What kinda props would be best~? 


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