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Friday, 15 July 2011
02:44:23 PM (GMT)
1. Your name: Vincent
An intelligent man who can be a bit vain, but is generally very attractive. A ladies'
man, but with fairly conservative values when it comes to relationships. Very
hardworking, and equally stubborn, he won't back down for anything. He's got a great
sense of humor, and enjoys making others laugh. Likes dirty jokes. An all-around good
guy. A person who has an EXTREMELY LARGE GIGANTIC PENIS and can have sex with
multiple girls at the same time. >///////////>

2. Your Age: 18
The age where an American can: 
1. Legally buy pornography 
2. Legally buy cigarettes 
3. Legally gamble in Indian Casinos 
4. Legally be concidered an adult 
5. Be tried as an adult in a court of law 
6. Be drafted for a war they don't believe in 
... but still cannot buy alcohol.
Billy: Wow! I turned 18! I'm going to buy cigarettes and gamble in a shoddy Indian
Joey: Wow! I turned 21! I'm going to buy vodka and gamble in a real casino! 
Billy: ... damn country.

3. Best Friend: N-o-a-h
To have sex with an extremely hot woman, while fingering four other girls, 2 with
each hand while "toe-ing" 2 more girls, one with each foot. Basically to Noah is to
have sex with as many girls as possible, using every single body part capable of
Yo I Noahd them bitches so hard last night. ./////////.

your crew, your hommies, a group of friends, people who may or may not have your
me an' my posse gonna hang tonite

4. What should you be doing: Drinking
The act of pursuing happiness and self destruction at the same time.
"How can I be so thirsty this morning when I drank so much last night?"

5. Favorite color: Black
1.Darkness, a dark colour, the colour of this text is black. 

2.A race - The black race can range from African american to polynesian.
    1. I own a black car. 

    2. A black person stole my car.

6. Birthplace: Pomona
Pomona, california is a city. Thats where they filmed the cat in the hat.
Visite the nice Art District of ponoma

7. Month of your birth: July
The month where the most amazing girls are born. These girls are hot, sexy, and
incredibly irresistible. Not only do they have an appealing body but they are
intelligent as well. Every girl wants to be born in July.
"Man, that girl is super sexy. Her birthday must be in July." 

"My girlfriend was so irresistible yesterday. I couldn't keep my hands off her. She
really is a July girl."

8. State you live in: California
. State the produces more food than anywhere else, has crazy night life, large
schools, hot women, a load of stuff to do, and a the longest beach anybody has ever
2. A place you'll want to stay in once you visit get there. 
3. Extremely diverse. 
3. Much more entertaining than Texas.

‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   15 July 2011   437745  
I lol'd. It's mostly discussing sex. xD
‹♥♠~Bloodwolf<3 Littlewolf~♦♣› says :   17 July 2011   955242  
ikr not my fault >//////< 

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