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Sunday, 15 May 2011
10:47:21 AM (GMT)
First day back at school was Miche's worst. She hadn't hung around with Riku
, she'd wandered the school yard for an entire hour or so and even skipped all her
lessons for once instead of going to one or two that she really liked- Art was a
prime example because her spray painting was going surpisingly well. She let out a
sigh as she walked home, kicking up a stone with her hands in her pockets and her
head just watching the floor. She got to the crossing and sighed, looking up to see
the 'happy couple' walking down the street, laughing and joking and enjoying
eachothers company.
That should be me the tomboy though, her feet still trudging across the road,
turning up her music to drown out the sounds around her and submerging herself in a
world where nothing could harm her. She looked up once more to see a strange sight-
Riku running towards her with a look of terror etched upon his face. But what was

She awoke screaming, taking in a great suck of air and continuing the screaming as if
she was in pain, even though she was no longer in the world of those with hearts. She
stopped after a while and tried to open her eyes, only seeing black. She still saw
black. Again and again she tried to open them but it was as if they were glued shut!
Where was this place? Why couldn't she...?
It hit her like a ton of bricks.

She lifted a finger and probed her eye, yelping as she poked herself in it. It was
open."...I...I..I can't see.." She said quietly, going numb on the inside. Blind. She
was blind. The girl tried to get up, rising to her feet and tripping over on
something. She felt around while on the floor and something soft brushed against her
fingers, was that her hair? But she hated having her hair long! It took way to long
to take care of and it made her look like an actual girl."I can't see!" She
yelled out at no one, not realiszing that there was another presence in the place
with her. "Umm...that's weird..." The voice told her and the girl jumped out of her
skin, scrambling backwards and against a wall."Who's there?" She asked, her voice
frightened and quiet. This was not her voice! Miche's voice was so strong and deep
and it always sounded slight moody but that was ok.
"Oh yeah. I'm Dem- No wait. I'm not aloud to do that till you've been to the
superior. But whatever, I'm Demyx." The blonde held a hand out for her to take but
regretted it quickly as he realiszed that the milky eyes staring at him could really
see nothing and this girl was not talking B.S. He leant down, taking the girl's hands
in his own and pulling her onto her feet. Miche felt odd being pulled up by someone
she couldn't see."Where the hell a I?" She snapped suddenly, her voice still a little
on the soft side. She brung her hands back to herself and tried to glare at Demyx but
sent it in the complete wrong direction."Technically speaking, you're no where. But
that just sounds weird so I call it 'In between'." He explained the best he could. He
opened a dark portal and took Miche's hand again, a goofy grin on his face."Back at
the castle, I'll tell you more, 'kay?" He told her, leading her on. Demyx suddenly
snapped his fingers and Miche jumped and scowled a little."I almost forgot but I
didn't!" He sounded excited about this and she gave a little smile."Welcome to the
Organization Chimex!" And with that, he tugged her into the portal."That's not my
name!" She yelled at him, hitting the older on the shoulder and frowning angrily as
it closed behind the two.

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