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What the heck is a school name?Category: Bored to tears
Sunday, 20 February 2011
05:27:31 PM (GMT)
First Of All, What's Your School Name?
Is that like, what people call me in school? 'Cuz I'm pretty sure that most people go
by thier actual name.

Math class.

1) Who Do You Sit By?
Cheryl/Carla. My desk is kinda in between them.

2) Who Sits Behind You ?

3) Who Sits In front Of You?
No one. I'm in the front.

4) Who's Your Teacher?
Ms German

5) Do You Like Maths?
Kinda, I guess. Mostly I like the class because everyone there is hilarious.

Science class.

1) What's Your Favorite Type Of Science? (Chemistry, Biology, Physics)?

2) Why Is That?
Chemical reactions are cool.

3) Who Do You Sit Next Too?
Micheal. At least I think that's how you spell it. I'm probably wrong.

4) Who's Your Teacher?
Ms Heedum.

6) What Do You Enjoy The Most About Science?
The actual class? Science is cool. 

English Class.

1) Do You Find English Boring?
A little. We mostly don't do anything. The teacher will be all like, "Okay, we're
going to take notes now!" and then she'll bring up a power point slide which will be
up there for half the class before she decides that we've all got it written down.

2) Do You Hate Shakespeare?
Yes. I don't understand him.

3) Who Do You Sit Next To 
Umm... Ian.

4) Who's Your Teacher?
Mrs Dunn/Spinelli. She got married recently.

5) What Do You Like Best About English?
I don't know. The writing, I guess. 

General .

1) What Year Are You In?

2) Who Is Your Guidance Teacher?
Mrs Para. At least I think that's how you spell it...

3) Do You Like Your uniForm?

4) What Are Your Favourite Lessons?

5) Do You Have Many Friends In School?
Not really.

6) Best Friend? 

7) Friend Who's In Most Of Your Classes?
Jorge. He's in all of them except Home Ec.

Best teacher?
Ms Heedum.

9) Worst Lesson?
Home Ec. Why do you keep calling them lessons?

10) Do You Like Your School?
No. Also, you forgot history.

renewing says:   20 February 2011   644513  
school name = name of the school you go too.
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› says:   20 February 2011   476238  
Duh. Well, now I feel stupid. 
renewing says:   20 February 2011   479444  
it's a simple mistake. happens all the time. (:
Zelda3443 says:   20 February 2011   816656  
I didn't wanna put the name of our school so I named it after me XD
Oh and it's Miss Parra. You're supposed to roll the r so everyone
calls her Miss P.
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› says:   20 February 2011   277154  
Oh. You should've called it Heavy Burtation.
I think I've only seen her like, three times this whole year anyway.
Aren't you supposed to roll the R in every spanish name? People don't
go around calling Miss Rodriguez Miss R.
Zelda3443 says:   21 February 2011   704916  
No you're not supposed to roll the Rs in every spanish name -_- take
spanish or something, dude. Seriously. Only if they have double Rs.
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› says:   21 February 2011   379697  
How am I supposed to know that? 
First I want german, then french, then latin. Spanish is a last
Zelda3443 says:   21 February 2011   995392  
You know nobody here speaks that, right?
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› says:   24 February 2011   542482  
German? My mom does.
Zelda3443 says:   3 March 2011   981202  
In this general area very few people do
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› says :   3 March 2011   872659  
But it'd help around the house. Do you know how often mom and Maggie
spurt random German at each other? I would really like to know what
they're saying.


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