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Cinematic Records...Category: Kuroshitsuji
Sunday, 5 December 2010
03:55:45 PM (GMT)
If anyone was to kill Tempest during her lifetime, they would see her Cinematic
Records. And this, is what they would see of her Cinematic Records...

Tempest was 'born' as the first Female Shinigami during the Victorian Era. She was
born with the Shinigami disease 'The Thorns of Death', which could only be cured by
another Shinigami collecting 1000 souls and giving them all to the diseased
Shinigami. None of the other Shinigami's did this though. They all complained that
they were too busy. Tempest didn't mind at all. She didn't think the disease would be
that bad, but it got worse. Everyday it would get worse and worse. She become slower
on her job, a bit weaker sometimes. And many more symptoms. She never let this stop
her from getting on with her work.

Tempest has long dark purple hair, with a fringe that nearly covers both her eyes.
She wears black trousers, a white shirt, a lighter grey waistcoat, a large red neck
bow, and black trainers. She has one green eye, and one red eye.

Ever since she had joined the Shinigami Dispatch Society, she had developed feelings
for a certain red headed Shinigami. Grell Sutcliff. She didn't let this show though,
she felt stupid for it. She was given an umbrella with spikes on the spokes and the
tip of the umbrella, as her Death Scythe. And black rimmed glasses, which she later
cracked both of the lenses, to make them look 'cooler'.

Once William sent Grell and Tempest out on a mission with each other, Tempest was
obviously ecstatic, but began to fall jealous of one person after that day.
Sebastian. Grell had told Tempest that he always stopped by to see his 'Sebas-chan'
whilst doing his work. Tempest agreed to help Grell complete his work, whilst he went
to see Sebastian. From that day on, she grew a terrible jealousy of Sebastian, since
Grell loved Sebastian.
"Sebastian wo korosu. Sebastian wa korosu..." she'd mutter under her breath, meaning
'I'll kill Sebastian. I'll kill Sebastian.'.

She would go out and complete her reaping of souls, and also reap the souls from
Grell's Death Scroll, since he was visiting Sebastian. Afterwards, she would go back
to the Phantomhive Mansion to get Grell. Whilst doing so, she would stop and talk to
one of her friends from the Manor, Kage, a demon. Kage worked as another maid at the
Phantomhive manor, and both Kage and Tempest had a burning passion to kill Sebastian!
Once Grell was ready to leave, she would take him back to the Shinigami Dispatch

Her life was hard, dealing with the disease that no one would help her with. But she
got on with her life. She was also lonely, since she was the only Shinigami there. It
seemed like she would only get an intelligent conversation from Kage. She also felt
hatred, jealousy, and upset when she saw Grell around Sebastian.

That is what you would see of her life ^^' I'm sorry if this is crap. I would have
added on more, but I didn't have enough time ^^'

  What I imagine Tempest like, when talking
about Sebastian >XD She wants to killll himmmmm >8D

‹Tama_♦› says:   6 December 2010   520094  
Black trainers...
                           ...which they so had in the
Victorian Era XD

Anyways, nice story Nom-nom! Methinks your writing is improoovings OuO
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   6 December 2010   583886  
Oh yeah, Tempest is a rebel xD

And thankyou, but I think that my story of her death is better ^^'
I just wanted to write something about her here ^^
You think I should add her death story in a Diary, instead of the
‹Tama_♦› says:   6 December 2010   460931  
More like Tempest has a time machine XD
 I don't know, put it wherever you liek =D 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   6 December 2010   850925  
xD that would be the best ^^
ok, I shall put it in mah diary now ^^ 
‹Tama_♦› says:   6 December 2010   218182  
Okieee^^ (doesn't make any difference here since I've read it ^^) 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   6 December 2010   980705  
yarners ^^' But it's for other peeps now to see, since it's made


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