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Just friends and what a day (:Category: (general)
Monday, 22 November 2010
09:17:09 PM (GMT)
lo; another good day (:
/i didn't wear pink like i was planning on-instead-I wore my other fave color. blue.
blue short sleeve turtle neck, blue star sweatshirt, blue jeans, blue longgggg socks,
blue checkered shoe, and blue eye shadow. 
I've gotten into this thing where -after I take my shower I put on make-up and do my
hair tis certain way. Ever since-i've been getting flooded with compliments. Which
makes me all giddy because i'm not one to normally  get complimented :>
heres how my day went.
Still havne't went to bed-went to school:1st block Science.
had science fair poster board and petri dishes with me-they smelled-realllllylyyyyyy
badddd-like, rotten eggs and spoiled milk for 4 months badddd ;C and thats why people
think i've been feeling a tad lightheaded and sick-'cuz 20 of them stinky things were
with me constantly all weakend o i kept breathing them in -and your not suppose too
sooo,,.... fudge... D:
SOOO Mr.Nipple Piercing threw away all my baby bacteria petri-dishes :C
gahhh, my smelly babies ;^;
then took my board and was all "pschh-probably not gonna get to present anyways...."
SAGHKAFFDJKLL;;... I'd kill you if it wasn't illegal in all 23 states 'cept for Texas
'cos they're kickass C<
and this one 'popular' girl who sits in front of me said "awh- I really like your
hair todays-it's  really cute~" 
"awh really? Thank you!" C//:
i also but in 2 bows in my hair today instead of just 1-which i think i'll start
doing from now on. (and of course they were BLUE checkered bows :> )
2nd block:Social Studies w/ Mr.S.
gahhh bad grade ;C
3 block:band.
gahh-couldn't find folder.
ohshiznetts-and i'm the only tenor sax player in  concert so wth? ;A;
so i had to look off my friends music-trumpet player. I still did pretty good i guess
but-I HAAVE to find it 'cos she left tonight so tomorrow i can't use her music and i
don't wanna have to use that weirdos' who always talks to me about people like
Christopher Columbus getting laid. :P
So I had to go get my instrument-right? rught-walked over to get it.. and offf
coursee.... the guy I used to be crazy about 2-3 years ago- was blocking my way.
"Oh excuseme, can I get in here real quick so I can-"
"WOAH! Watch my ---" (I forgot what he called it XD sorry ;x; )
"Excuse me?!"
"My man boob"
"...er.....right....I really don't wanna have to touch your so called "man boob" or
man breast or any 'man' parts at all-so could you move so I can get my instrument?"
OFCORUSE, He has to be all-not normal and stuff-and stick his alto sax above the
tenors-NOOOO, they don't go thereeee-they go over on the other wall wih the other
altos-move it there sonnn/
after I asked him to move-he just stood there-putting his  instrument together-I knew
he was trying to piss me off-he loves to do that to me for some reason D<
FINALLY I ended up getting my saxophone-while he followed me out with his calling
names after me-the most popular one right now he's getting all the guy in concert
band to call me is "gothic". gah-i'm not really-I just.... ugh-they said blue was a
gothic color...wth?
band directors told us funny jokes no one laughed at byut me 'cuz it was about an
alien and i was all "AHAHHAAAAA TONYYYYY" XD
yeah-so bands over now-I try to put my sax back.
guess whos back? <333///

yeah.. I  WAS hoping I could get around him without him noticing but he just stood
there and then dilebertly (lolsp) stood in my way.
SOO I forgot what we were talking about but IN THE end it consisted of a few "Gothics
" from several people-him calling me a queer then a fagot then me jumping with joy
saying "YAY! I'M A FAGOT~!" and then we got into a discussion on which I actually
told them I want to try taking testosterone and all 3 guys just stared at me-then of
course hee has to say it-"but you can't-you wouldnt have a  penis still"
mydearbowiegod...how is it he's smarter than me? Dl 
though i guess it;s not that hard huh? lol...
so now it's gym time....
yayayayay oh and i forgot to go help swissy with his Science fair-.......hope he
doesn't kill me and forgives me :x
I also got to say hello and talk to Hungary.
and Poland sat with us at lunch again today. yay~ <333
And England said he's gonna start reading the Harry potter series 8D
Syltherin and RAVENCLAWWW C:
so NOW i'm at little sister sealand's practice and after an hour or 2 it's almost
over-this really nice gyu noticed I was playing my PSP and asked me if he could see
it-for about 5-10 minutes we just talked about psp' and other nerd stuff 'cos he's
cool and i luve him lol C:
but no-really, he is quite amazing <333
and he liked my sucky drawing :>
I am so flattered by this new person-that i've known but we never talk 'cept for once
or twice in band before a pregame show.
thats 'bout it now....
Last edited: 23 November 2010

‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   23 November 2010   436418  
The weird guy?
Sad to say, he probably likes you.
Biihtei says:   23 November 2010   609051  
@ KawaiiKoneko :
well, they're BOTH weird-but the first guy was a trumpet player-the
guy that always got talked about sex-the other guy who always got in
my way was a saxophone player-ALTO-sax... and then that there last guy
was just some guy who talked to me during play practice-who's now in
symphonic band. 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   24 November 2010   594446  
Biihtei says :   24 November 2010   210562  
@  KawaiiKoneko  :
phffschhh yeah right lol :P 

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