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what should i do....?Category: worried
Monday, 22 November 2010
02:48:52 PM (GMT)
(just so you know i'm in grade 8 )

so a girl at my school cut her wrists horazontally almost all
the way up her arms :{ everyone in grade 8 knows about it. we all know that she is
constantly wanting attention and that's why she did it. she's done it before to a few
years ago but i didn't really hear about it much. anyways i seriously think she has
problems she isn;t like goth or emo really she doesn't dress like it, infact she goes
to the bathroom about 20 times a day just to check her hair. i almost threw up
when i saw her wrists and i felt sick for about 15 minutes after thinking about it.
my friends all know about it too. her younger sister (a year younger) just found out
recently and doesn't know what to do. my friends and i told her she should tell her
mom who works at the school and she said that if it gets any worse then she will tell
her mom. i think it is bad enough already. she refuses to show her sister or admit to
it. i don't know what to do she seems fine pretty much normal she doesn't seem mad or
depressed or anything and it's not like she doesn't have everything. she is dating
someone our grade who doesn't like her but she really likes him. he would break up
with her but he doesn't want to because he is worried she will do something that
could permantly damage her for life! and she totally would! her best friend scratches
hearts into her arm; i used to be friends with her. both of them never used to be
like that. apparently she did it this time because she was feeling depressed or
something. anyways so i told my mom and one of my older sisters and they said that i
should tell someone like a teacher. i really don't know what to do because i know
that pretty much everyone in gr. 8 knows but they haven't told anyone. her mom
doesn't know and i don't think any teachers do either....... i know that i would feel
sooo bad if she killed her self or something (she apparently has said something to
people that if her bf dumped her she would jump in front of  a car or something...?)
and i could have done something to help prevent that!!!! but what do you do just walk
up to her mom and tell her that her daughter cuts her wrists??!!??! maybe i should
tell my teacher??? i need advice!! please help!

thank you to any one who read this cuz i know it's long!

ps. not talking about the person who wrote a diary before me! k!
Last edited: 22 November 2010

‹vulturє› says:   22 November 2010   316807  
Tell someone. Say that you're worried! If she gets all moody about
you telling say it's for the best.
victoria8450 says:   22 November 2010   539806  
thanx......i think i will tell my teacher........:{
‹JacobJigglypuff› says:   22 November 2010   320575  
Actually it would be better to befriend her and get close enough to
her that you two can talk it through why she pulls that. Telling a
teacher could very well make matters dramatically worse.
mmsexycyber says:   22 November 2010   764098  
Some people are better at not showing how sad or depressed they are.
She may be really really sad but she doesnt want to burden people with
her depression so she pretends shes okay and acts like nothing is
wrong. So she cuts herself to take away the pain she is feeling
emotionally, she may be telling people or showing them because hse
wants someone to care, because she may want someone to tell someone
for her. Usually people who cut are people who want or need help,but
instead of seeking help they take it upon themselves to realease the
pain by cutting. What is best is that you tell her mom or a teacher
about what you have seen and tell them you think she might need some
professional help.
mmsexycyber says:   22 November 2010   512823  
If she doesnt say something now, then things could get worse on there
This girl doesnt know how to deal with emotional stress and whatnot,
someone needs to help her a guide her and teach her how to deal with
things rather then cutting. 
‹JacobJigglypuff› says:   22 November 2010   274700  
Then try being that guide.
suchaheartthrob says:   22 November 2010   559074  
She's not craving attention.
She doesn't want to be noticed.
Maybe she just wants to be beautiful?
Have friends?

The stress of a boyfriend at such a young age is extremely stressful.

I didn't tell my parents about my depression occurrences because I was
afraid they'd blame it on themselves, and also put me in some mental
institution. She might be breaking up inside so she always plasters a
smile on her face so no-one assumes anything about her.

If I were you, I'd be nice to her. You don't know what she's going
through, and I'm sure you'd want someone by your side when you were
scared, and in need.

victoria8450 says:   22 November 2010   937948  
thanks for all the advice guys
JackPower says :   24 November 2010   314909  
Leave her be if she wants to cut herself and be an emo retard let


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