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So, another day, another diary I bet you won't read.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 9 November 2010
09:58:06 PM (GMT)
Really, I'm not expecting anyone to read any of these, I mainly type this all out
for my own benefit, but if you do, well... thanks?

Ryan is having Problems. He doesn't want to be in a relationship, and have
restrictions and responsibilities and everything, but he still wants me to make out
with him and depend on him and all that. Sad thing is I still do, and I don't have
the heart to tell him I won't put up with his bullshit. (by the way, if you or you
[and you know who you are!] tell him about ANY OF THIS then PAIN WILL HAPPEN TO YOU)
And I've asked him about it, and either he doesn't understand that we can be in a
relationship without all the crap he wants to be away from, or he is a class A
douchebag. That's all I really want, is to be able to call him truly *mine*, but he
won't listen to anything no matter what I do. Potato(e), I am debating running away
from him and being a lesbian with you. Your thoughts?

lunasan says:   9 November 2010   118851  
(reenacting inside joke you'll get later) DO ET
‹Mentality› says:   9 November 2010   710709  
‹Susannah Wednesday› says:   9 November 2010   930206  
He wants all the benefits without the responsibility. Douchebag, FUR

I could use a nice little...friend. xD
‹Mentality› says:   9 November 2010   339827  
Well, no, that's not the whole story, though... I
mean, I know he's nice, and... -sigh- I'm too love-blinded to even
have good judgment on this. I'm working on it. For all I know, you're
right, and he is. 

And I like the way you say "friend".   
‹Mentality› says:   9 November 2010   650523  
(also, just to be sure. are you being srs, or not-srs? :P)
‹Susannah Wednesday› says:   9 November 2010   255497  
Are you just resorting to me because Ryan is being... weird?
lunasan says:   9 November 2010   114342  
(this is the part where I pop in in parenthesis and say I was being
serious when I said do it. Kthxbai.)
‹Mentality› says:   9 November 2010   693244  
I've always kinda wondered...
‹Mentality› says:   9 November 2010   360098  
lunasan says:   9 November 2010   436796  
Your second to last sentence. But IDC too much, all the relationships
are screwed this year, apparently. 
lunasan says:   9 November 2010   182005  
Arlee, I now remind you about New Years. I broke it on accident (not
sure what to do about that) but please? 
lunasan says:   9 November 2010   641450  
You don't know him :I But With the definitions I gathered, he's my
boyfriend :I (Yes. I am so lame I don't have my own definition. I also
had to ask about flirting. Dont' judge me.)
Please keep your end anyway? 
lunasan says:   9 November 2010   245272  
‹Mentality› says:   9 November 2010   668936  
Mehh... Well, if you are in a real relationship, and are totally
serious, and can't kiss other dudes, I'd say you're going out. Sorry.
Pics or it didn't happen?
‹Mentality› says:   9 November 2010   495581  
Dude, mentally force Ryan to stop being a cunt muffin and I'd love to. 
lunasan says:   9 November 2010   172747  
lmfao. just MB Arse... and no, it doesn't count as breaking it if you
get back together. anyone else yes. also dude, it's just us walking
‹Mentality› says:   9 November 2010   177033  
I still wanna seeeeee. And we're still together in all but name, I
guess. Frigging immature dudes. Raaaargh fourteen year old rage :B
‹Mentality› says:   9 November 2010   943385  
How do you fit four gay men on a chair? Turn the chair upside down. 
lunasan says:   9 November 2010   636222  
lmfao, did you figure it out, or do you want the thing I made?
‹Mentality› says :   9 November 2010   528218  
No. I just don't care. I'm not using friggin' PAINT when I have $200
Photoshop that I barely use anyways >_> #istoolazytoscreencapthisshit 


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