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Tuesday, 9 November 2010
08:35:45 PM (GMT)
We all knew what was going to happen.
Everyone knew we were all just going to sit at some random table with our normal
Each lunch table had a diffrent type/brand of music such as pop and Rap.
Me, England, K, America, and Rossy-boi sat at the table labeled "Emo/Punk".
LOL, We only sat here because I saw it and was all-"OHOHOHOHOHOOHHHH! I WANNA SIT
So we did-SOME people-Swissy, Big-Brother, Lithuania and China all actually "mixed it
up". Blehh :p
What's funny was that there were 2 tabels labeled "Emo/Punk" lol at one, it was all
gyus, and the other one it was us- (all girls one guy) LOL :')
I was wearing my cheese-Hoarsie shirt, with my pink checkered bow and quickly threw
my hair over my left eye while we sat there.
They probably had 2 tables 'cuz there so many damned emo people err-"posers" lawls
I laugh. C:
They gave out smiley and star stickers to who-ever "mixxed it up at lunch" -Sit with
people you don't normally sit with.
I got pissed off-I wanted a sticker-but in the end- I ended up getting 2 Gold stars
I wore them With such pride!!!
but they ended up falling off after 4th block gym :C
Sad Face sonn.
people keep telling me I should "go to the hospital"
Because ever since yeasterday mourning my back has been hurting realll bad :<
Like-to where it hurts to sit, move, walk, stretch, and I have gym-AND INSANITY
And I already used up my "free" day for gym-for yesterday-'cuz my back REALLLYLYY
hurt worse yesterday-but STILL! IT HURTSS.
So they say I might need a Back Brace...
And they say that I might have to go in a wheel chair if I don't get it checked out
I dunno- I've never really understand all that stuff before-
I normally don't sleep on my back but I did by accident so that might be why it
England said because I have scoliosis that might be one of the main reasons...
I just wanna rip  out my spine right now and hit somebody with it!!!
Supposedly a doctor...
That's all.for.now....


Diary Q:worst pain you've ever been through???
hahaaaa laziness ftw.

brittybritt96 says:   9 November 2010   110064  
my skool did that too!!! it sucked!!! even tho a couple of my friends
that i rarely talk to were there but my worst emeny was there
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   9 November 2010   641940  
Worst pain...
That would be pushing my foot through a nail, thank you very much. :3

Oh yeah, and my back constantly hurts cause I has scoliosis. xD
Biihtei says:   10 November 2010   135372  
oh really?
like I said-It was erally lame 'buz most people were all "pschhh
not.gonna.do.itt" and just sat at a random table w/ there friends
awhh i'm sorry to hear that-I don't have any worst enemies or even
enemies so I got lucky lucky in that area :/

Apparently-I found out today that...I really am A shy person... I've
been thinking about it all day.... 'hence why everyone probably
thought I was all depressed and sad and ...sick?.. yeah... 
brittybritt96 says :   10 November 2010   982268  
its alrriite(:
my bff emma came up with the idea of boycotting the hole idea aand not
talk at lunch
i thought it was a great idea if i didnt' like certain ppl!


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