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my omegle is amazing haha not really but im bored.Category: (general)
Thursday, 14 October 2010
09:25:07 PM (GMT)
Stranger: Hai
You: Hello
Stranger: Hru?
Stranger: Oh uh
Stranger: How r u?
You: Im great. u?
Stranger: Good thx
You: ur welcome lol
You: R u a girl or boy?
Stranger: Girl
Stranger: Plz dont say u wanna cyber
Stranger: :/
You: im a girl..
Stranger: OK
Stranger: Kool
Stranger: Im sick of creeps who wanna cyber
You: I know right!!!
Stranger: Oh mai gosh! Do u like Hellsing?
You: Theres like what a million on here it seems like!
You: Hellsing?
Stranger: Mmhm
Stranger: An anime
You: i dont know what that is
Stranger: Dang
Stranger: Its amazing lol
Stranger: And I bet u would like Alucard
You: :/ sorry
You: Whats that?
Stranger: Alucard is a guy from the show
Stranger: He's smexy xD
You: Like is he a character?
Stranger: Yah
Stranger: Spell his name back words
You: haha awesome:D
You: dracula?
Stranger: Mmherm
You: ohh!
Stranger: xD
Stranger: He looks smexyer tho lol
You: lol 
You: From the show hellsing?
Stranger: ^^
Stranger: Yah
Stranger: Hellsing OVA
You: what channel?
Stranger: No channel
Stranger: It aint shown
You: ohhhhh
Stranger: Its on the cpu now
You: ohh ill check it out
Stranger: I should find a pic of him lol
You: yeahh:D
Stranger: Do u have a chatango?
You: nope.
Stranger: If so we would b able to talk all the time!
Stranger: U should get 1 then
Stranger: I like u!
Stranger: xD
You: ?
Stranger: Yup
You: haha! thanks! ur pretty cool urself
You: okay ill get one hold on
Stranger: YAY~
Stranger: Mmmm smexy lol
You: okay i have one
Stranger: YAY
Stranger: User?
Stranger: And do u like Twilight?
Stranger: o.o
You: Ashleylovesyou101
Stranger: Ok Im never talking about Twilight then
Stranger: Kuz I hate it VAMPIRES DONT SPARKLE
You: hahah
Stranger: Do u like justin biber?
You: lol im team jacob
You: No i hate him
Stranger: AWSOME
Stranger: He sounds like a girl
Stranger: And Im on Team Alucard
Stranger: xD
You: Yes he does!
You: lol :D
You: how old r u?
Stranger: I am 13
You: im 15
Stranger: But have the mental compasity of a 16 yr old
You: haaa awesome
Stranger: My grandparents call me special
You: My thingy wont work. i cant do it
Stranger: Thingy?
You: why?
You: chatango
Stranger: Oh because Im a odd 13 yr old, no other 13 yr old they kno acts and
understands things like me
You: so urr really really mature for ur age?
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: I am
You: Ohh okay good! My sister is 13 and she still acts like shes 6 its annoying!
Stranger: Lol
Stranger: My sis is 10 and she acts like she's 3
You: hahah same herw!
Stranger: Alucard, when u see him u'll shit bricks
Stranger: xD
You: :D hahah lol
Stranger: xD
Stranger: Most who see him do to!
Stranger: Its like they're magic
You: u should check out theres a lot of anime fans on there
You: XD!
Stranger: *Shrugs* Most dont kno Hellsing
You: U may be suprised
Stranger: I show my friends
You: and we culd chat on there too
Stranger: And they're like ''OMG AMAZING''
You: lol 
Stranger: AND THEN they shit bricks
You: hahaha

Stranger: WOO HOO
Stranger: OMG WOW

You: i cant see the,
You: them*
Stranger: Dang
You: oh dang i have to go.
Stranger: Awwwwwwwwwwww
Stranger: I'll ttyl, get on chat when and if u can
You: i cant it wont work
Stranger: It might at some point
Stranger: Plz try
You: But i have an account on if u do make an account my name is
You: all caps
You: IT says i have to download something and my computer wont let me
Stranger: Huh
Stranger: I gtg anyways
You: okay byee
Stranger: Ttyl

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