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why don't we let go, ayeoh and i ain't gotta tell'em;Category: (general)
Tuesday, 28 September 2010
10:39:47 PM (GMT)
When did you meet the last female you texted? todaaay at school! Are you 100% over the last person you kissed? helll yes. Are you currently looking forward to anything? the weeekend! i'm hanging out with Joeee at his house & going dress shopping for the Rachael's Sweet Sixteen withh Brianna<33 Would you be surprised if your most recent ex called you tonight? very surprised! Have you ever kissed anyone within an hour of meeting them? hmm, no? Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? yesss!(: Do you care too much/not at all/just enough? all depends, most of the time, i often care too much :L This time last year, can you remember who you liked? nooo? Who was the last person you went out to eat with? thressa! we went to red robin across from the hotel C: Your phone is ringing. Its an ex. What do you say? "oh jesus no. gooodbyee!" Where is the person who currently has your heart? england? (; buying me a lotso bear...? C: hahah. Were you single on your last birthday? idon'trememberrr. Are you anyone's first love? i don't knooow, you'll have to ask someone i've had a relationship with! but i hope so..? lololol. Did anything brighten up your day today? indeeedy! What is one thing that is currently bothering you? my knees. they hurt like hell. Do you want to cut your hair? nooooo! Would you rather have roommates or live alone? roommaaates ;D Do you have any scars? of course. Will you be in a relationship next month? hopefully? idk. caaan't see into the fuuture! Do you remember who you liked three months ago? mhm. Has someone upset you in the past 48 hours? yes. but nothing major. What are you freakishly obsessed with? always having at least a couple bracelets on my right wrist C: if i don't, it feels nakeddd! What have you done today? woke up, went to school, came home, showered, ate, chilled, did homework, went to get ice cream, came back and studied, like i'm doing now C: Who is the last person to irritate you? ugh. AJ. What is the last thing you did before bed last night? put on my jammies? Is there someone who likes you? hopefulllly..? What makes you happy? being with/talking to my loved oneees, music, traveling, taking pictures, watching movies, shopping, and chillin'(: Is your profile private? no? Do you trust people easily? eh, kind of. Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend? oh god yes. infact, that's how i ended my freshman year! hah. Have you ever gotten in a car with people you just met? noooo. Do you have feelings for anyone? yessssssss. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead? mhm(: First thing you do when you wake up in the morning? shut off my alarm on my phone. Have you kissed someone in 09 that means a lot to you? idkkk. Would you prefer being locked in a room with your ex or your worst enemy? worst enemy. Who was the last person that left you a comment? damonnnnn! bffff! ahaha. What's something you really want right now? YOU. no. YOUR MOM. no; uh goldfish. Where do you go when you need to just get away? the park(: Who was the last person to make fun of you? adaaaam. hahah. Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing? yess. i <3 guys' hoodies. What is something weird you have done lately? i've been biting my nails. which is weird, 'cause i neverrr do that. Do you ever wonder if the person standing next to you is a virgin or not? hhahaha, maybe. If you were going to die in 10 seconds, what would be the last thing you said? "fuuuckmylife, lmfao, kbye?" C; Who do you go to for advice the most? brianna&otherreallyclosefriends? Can money buy happiness? hmm, maybe? What's the worst thing to happen to you today? Is there a certain person that makes you feel safe? yeaaah boi. Did you kiss or hug anyone today? hugss! Do you believe that if you want something bad enough, you'll get it? yes. i doo! Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now? i think so? idk. What's something that can always make you feel better? daydreaming&music. Did you stand on your tippy-toes when you had your last kiss? ahahanoo. The last person kissed? Did his/her name start with A,J,L,M,R,S,C,V,Z? noooope! Do you like anyone? indeeedy. Who was the last person to call you? brianna <3 Name four things you did today: 1. showered. 2. read. 3. laughed. 4. ran. What does the clock say? 10:29pm What do you hear right now? Letting Go by Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj. When was the last time you cried? two days ago. i watched a mega sad movie Cx Are you on the phone? noooo. What woke you up last night? my stuffy nose D; Are you texting anyone right now? yesss. Do you have shoes on? nope! but i do have my teddy bear slippers on C: <33 Waiting for anything? maybe. When was the last time you talked to one of your best friends? two minutes ago. Who was the first person you talked to today? olivia. What are you thinking about right now? alot of things..? Will your next kiss be a mistake? i don't know! Where did you last fall asleep other than your bed? on a hammack outside. LOL. Are you close to your siblings? as close as a 15 year old girl can be with her 4 year old sister? hahah. Your ex says they never even liked you, you say? thaaaanks, fuckyoutoo. Have you ever liked someone you didn't expect to? ahaha, story of my lifeee? aka, yes. Do you like to hold hands? yeaaah(: You have to get a piercing, what do you get? belly button? Has someone ever called you at midnight on your birthday? hahaha YES. Have you ever dated anyone older than you? mhmm! but not by a hike. What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had? pepsi. Do you think you will ever be married? mhm(: hopefully. What's the last thing you said? "where's my damn pen, kid?" Have you ever tried your hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end? yeah, basically freshman year math. Is it possible to be single and happy? i think so. Are you jealous of someone right now? uh, nope! Was the first person you talked to today male or female? femaaale. Have you known any of your friends for most of your life? mhm(: Anything happen to you within the past month that has made you really angry? one of my closest friend lied to me. Do you like hugs or do you freak out when people hug you? I ♥ HUGS Missing someone you shouldn't be? nawwwh. Do you have nice eyes? i think so? C: Where will you be 12 hours from now? in schoool! second block, to be exact. Is your current hair color your natural hair color? yes it isss! Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough? unfortunately. Would you rather marry your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, or take a million dollars? a million fucking dollars, baby. ahaha. Do you believe in the Mayan prophecy (world ends in 2012)? eh, idk really. it was also suppose to end in 2000, so i'm not all to concerned with 2012. Is it hard for you to get over someone? it all depends on how much i liked them, tbh.. Is your best friend in love? omfggg; the bitch is love drunk.

ohlordy says:   29 September 2010   953917  
So uhm, I want that background.
underpressure says:   29 September 2010   902858  
so; uhm, want the code? 
ohlordy says:   29 September 2010   100418  
Well uhm, kinda, yeah.  
underpressure says :   29 September 2010   446511  
erm, i'll, uh send it to you. 

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