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It Came to BeCategory: Story
Thursday, 15 July 2010
11:53:45 PM (GMT)
'Kay this is your Birthday Gift Chels. 
It kinda sucks but, here ya go!

They had finished. But only just. 

The man panting wiped his nearly paper white cheek flushed from the exhaustion as he
flicked his red eyes over to the woman. Short inky black hair made her neck visible.
But he wouldn't take advantage, how could he when she was already putting on her
blouse? He would however, comment on "Your company when allowed, is always short. You
remind me of those womanizers "Wam, bam, thank you Ma'am" Do you take your self as
such?"  She paused and titled her head to the side "No unless you're a woman and
we've confirmed you aren't so...In this case it'd be " In , stir, thank you Sir." 
The man blinked and smirked 
"That was crude of you."
 "It was crude of you to bring it up." 

He sat up lazily running a hand through his dark hair. 
 "You've dealt with worse then I. Don't get your feathers ruffled, Dear Sister."
 "My feathers aren't ruffled, Beyond." He'd loved to pounce her then and there.
 Pin her down, gag her, sink his teeth in deep, make her scream, but overall have her
understand that just because he'd agreed to this sort of relationship didn't mean
that it was only her say that mattered-but what did he expect from his sister? 

Beyond flopped back on the bed, he felt drained, his mouth dry, his chest heavy, and
overall irritated at some stupid tap tap noise that wouldn't stop.

 "Well are you just going to lay there or will you serve me some tea?" 
Beyond flipped his head up to find his sister dressed and sitting at his tea table
tapping her foot."What's this about staying for tea, Lawliet ? You never stay in my
house for long."  

She sighed 

"Father's out of town and Mary says she won't have me in the house only to bring home
men and harlots." 
"Really? When she say that?" He was up and looking for his pants so he didn't catch
his sister's grin 

"After the first two men during the third women."  "Naturally..." he said pulling up
his pants. "About time someone tells you what's what instead of pampering you."
 "No one scolds you why should they scold me?"  "Well I behave myself. I'm not
parading about like Lexington and you smell something burning?" Beyond went
for the kitchen leaving Lawliet to think.

 She wasn't parading about...she couldn't help it if a maid or Mary caught sight of
her bedding someone else. She locked her doors carefully, what else could be done?
This was why she preferred France to England....But Father asked her to come, if only
he wasn't so forgetful. He asked her to come then he leaves for business in
Germany....Stranded in England at Beyond's repelling. 
God knows he never gave without asking in return, even in France rumors reached of
what a ruthless business owner he was. 

"That said at least he'll provide me till Father comes back."....Damn the fact that
she hadn't brought money to stay more then a week at best. "Stupid Father." 

"What about Father?" Beyond came carrying a tray of tea 
"Never mind Father. How's your kitchen?" 
 "Oh, the oven was on and the maid left." 
"Why don't you hire a live in maid?"
 "I don't feel like furnishing more then the kitchen, dinning room, parlor and my
room until I marry or something." he passed a cup of tea for his sister, took one
himself and sat down. "Which leaves no bed for you so-"

The look of outrage Lawliet shot him stopped him cold but it annoyed him more then
anything. "Will you let me finish?! Leaves no bed for you so do you mind sharing mine
or would you rather I sleep in the parlor?"Lawliet sighed relived "I won't run you
out when your bed is large enough for both of us." stirring sugar into her cup she
look as though she got a two for one deal. 
Beyond blinked and realized why 

"You didn't have to fuck me in order to stay here." he smirked 
"Oh? You should have told me sooner."  
"Yes, apologies. Pass the jam." 

Underneath the table Beyond's nails dug into his palm.

foreverchacha says:   16 July 2010   634738  
oooooh, i  love this. i really do.

....heheheh. this is...

thank you my darling~
rikus_gurl says:   14 August 2010   397790  
... It was cool until I realized who you were talking about...
Akiba23 says :   8 September 2010   495306  
.....oh age, like that matters.

Beyond + L= Wonderful Sex and Hot Incest.

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