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What a Creepy Dream o_oCategory: Dreams
Tuesday, 22 June 2010
05:02:53 PM (GMT)
Ok how do I explain this. It began with me in Drivers Ed, and someone ( I think it
was Paden) began telling this story about a crazy scientist using the roots of a
bunch of trees to bring to life his creation. Somehow by weird dream means, I was
suddenly by all the trees he used, looking through these glasses that show (by having
the trees glow white) which ones were connected and where they went. I followed it to
this place where there were alot of soda cases sitting outside this wall. More were
constantly being stacked. But then Mandy (yes, Mandy. From the Grim Adventures of
Billy and Mandy. I'm not kidding.) came by and stole some. 


I don't know. 

But then the dream kinda skipped over to my friends visiting. Here's the strange
part. It was my old house, and Liza (my best friend I've had since kindergarten) had
long hair (she's had short hair for five years now) and my other friends Cassy and
Kelley were there, but I didn't know them until after I moved out of that house. So
that was pretty strange. But here is where creepyness comes into play. This kinda fat
girl at my school who is a grade above me and I've never really known at all showed
up at my door while my friends were off doing someting else. Then she kinda made it
as though I was her best friend. Even in the dream I was creeped out. Then she went
up to my computar room and started listening to music. I kinda went up there too,
since she was talking to me and kinda expected me to keep listening. Then my friends
finished whatever they were doing and they also came upstairs. Liza walked in first.
She saw the girl, and said, with an irritated/disgusted infliction, "...Pendalton..."
(the girls last name) then Liza turned, and went to walk out, but Cassy and Kelley
stopped her and they all came in. Pendalton was listening to music and didn't really
notice them. So we all sat a little ways from her and talked about how the hell we
are going to get her to go away o_o Liza said something about if we ignore her, she
will leave on her own eventually.

But then

I woke up. 

Thank God that's over o___o

Kirti says:   22 June 2010   347269  
Sometimes dreams are just the brains way of proccessing things that
we didn't pay attention to. So maybe Pendalton showed up
because you see her around without noticing her, rather than
despite seeing her around without noticing her.

I dunno. Weird dream, deferdoodles.
Loststorm says :   22 June 2010   270191  
Mmmm I dissagree. 
My dreams are always about things that don't apply to anything at all


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