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Saturday, 29 May 2010
06:48:06 PM (GMT)
I met this girl named Cassie. She is fifteen but her parents completely rule over
her life, forcing her to wear clothes that they choose, and monitering everything she

They tell her it is a sin for a girl to wear pants. Girls must only wear skirts and
They tell her that it is a sin to dye your hair.
It is a sin to listen to music of any genre other than Christian. They call it
'secular' music.
They force her to read (more like study)the Bible every day, and they watch
her. They make her write about it when she's finished.
Her mom picks her clothes for her.
She has a job as a barista at a coffee place but her parents get the money. They give
her a portion to put in the offering plate every Sunday at church.
Her mom makes her keep a journal, and her mom reads it. 
She has a cell phone but every text she recieves is also sent to her mother to be
read and approved before she can read it. Calls must also be approved.
Her father 'helps' her with homework every night, checking every answer. She often
finds that although she gets a perfect score on homework, she hasn't learned a thing
when the tests come. Her father has.
No make-up. None. Not even chap-stick.
No pets.
Must babysit twins brothers until parents get home every night.
Not allowed to join sports at school.
Not allowed to wear high-heels.
She must make supper every night, and wash the dishes.
No TV.
Church every Sunday, even if she's sick.
She's only allowed to be friends with the children of her parents' friends. She has
no real friends.

Today, I met the real Cassie.

I had never met her before. My mother, who trains horses, was training a horse for
her mother, and she came along. We hang out in my house while our moms' talked horses
Her eyes are scary.
She is extremely beautiful, but she wishes to change her appearance, even if only to
wear make-up. 
If I had to live the way she does, my eyes would be dead.
But her's aren't.
They are fiery, and tortured. She has passion like no one I've ever met.
She wants to travel the world, not be a house wife to a sexist husband, like is her
family tradition.
She wants to show the world who she is, what she can do.
I showed her heavy metal Christian music, and she couldn't get enough of it. 
She wants to dress how she wants to. 
She wants to express herself, not her parents, with her appearence. 
She wants to be free.

If you agree that her parents, and not her, are in the wrong here, please comment
and say so. Maybe if we can get enought comments we can show this to her parents. But
for now, comment to tell her that she has the right to become an individual just like
everyone else!!!

Hoshiaya says:   29 May 2010   200291  
Wow that's so sad...
Oroborus21 says :   29 May 2010   736387  
if she wants to break away and make her own way she will be able to
do so if she is determined. its an age old story.


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