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The new girl next door part 6 {end}Category: warning
Saturday, 15 May 2010
09:20:49 AM (GMT)
Max lowered her mouth over Jenna's left breast, slowly tracing rings with her
tongue, Jenna was gasping, it felt so good, so good. Max played with her nipple her
tongue so sensitive that goosebumps covered all of Jenna's skin. 
All Jenna could do was look up at the ceiling, whilst Max sent spasms of pleasure
down her body, even breathing was becoming difficult. Max switched boobs and sucked
Jenna's right, her hand resuming massaging the left. She altered her body on top of
Jenna whilst she did this, moving her legs to part Jenna's, rubbing her thighs
rhythmically as well, she moved her tongue down Jenna's flat stomach to her belly
button and back up, more goosebumps erupting over the soft skin.
'You taste so good' moaned Max
'Mmmph' was all Jenna could manage, she was past words. Max sat up, kneeling and
wriggled out of the dress of which Jenna had broken the zip, her own breasts were
heaving, up and down as she breathed, they were straining in her bra, she unhooked it
quickly and her boobs spilled out, the perfect shape, thought Jenna. Max lay back
down on top of Jenna her breasts hanging down, she lined the nipples up, hers and
Jenna's and lowered until they touched. She began to rock backwards and forwards, her
body pressed on top of Jenna's their erect nipples, coming into contact and becoming
one. It felt so good, so good. Both girl's bodies moved together, Jenna's moving
almost by instinct, they breathed together, sighed together, moaned together, getting
more and more aroused. Their chests still moving together, Max ran her hands down
Jenna's body to her hips, she didn't need to ask, unbuttoning Jenna's jeans she
tugged them down her thighs and Jenna kicked them off when the reached her ankles.
All she was wearing now were her panties, Max was similarly attired.
'I need you' groaned Max
'I need you' repeated Jenna
'Love you' said Max
'Love you' said Jenna, and she meant it. All she wanted was this feeling from Max,
all the time.
'There's more' said Max
'Is there?' asked Jenna
'You've no idea' Max replied 'Its the best, Im going to pleausre you like hell'
'Good' sighed Jenna, it was not only their chests moving together, now their whole
bodies were moving in time, Jenna just wanted to be touched by Max and for it never
to stop, ever.
Max leaned up and planted a hard kiss on Jenna's mouth, it was long with plenty of
passion. 'Now' she said, 'Now'
She moved down Jenna's body until her belly button, her hands moved to Jenna's legs
she forced them away from each other, further, and further, it felt a little
unnatural to Jenna, to lie like that, but she thought she better get used to it. Cool
air rushed to the spot between her legs and her hips arched instinctively. Legs
contracting, Max pushed them away, her head was between Jenna's thighs now, she said
'I prefer natural' and stroked Jenna's pubic hair softly with her fingertips, 
'Aaah' groaned Jenna, her legs once again coming together, but Max was in the way and
they rested at her sides. Then without warning she put her mouth to Jenna's clit,
kissing it furiously, Jenna nearly climaxed there and then. Max was ferocious with
her mouth and Jenna didnt even have time to gasp as she inserted  finger into Jenna's
Jenna's hands gripped the bedcovers as she cried out 'Aaaah'
Max almost growled but didnt stop, her finger went deeper in, it didn't hurt Jenna,
she was past feeling pain, all she could experience was pleasure, from Max.
Jenna felt something start to build up inside her, her hips arched as she prepared
for something she had never felt before
'Stop, stop, stop' she moaned but she didnt mean it.
Max carried on, and inserted another finger, Jenna's pussy was tight that was all she
could manage. Max's fingers started to moved in and out, in and out, in and out of
Jenna, going deeper each time.
'Aaaaah' Jenna cried, 'Aaaah!'
'Mmmmph!' Max made thrusting her hand in harder, Jenna's body arched more than she
thought was possible, she screamed as she climaxed, the waves of her first orgasm
pounding through her body, making it judder and thrust against Max's mouth. Max's
fingers withdrew and she greedliy moved her mouth to Jenna's pussy and her tongue
added to the spasms of pure pleasure passing through Jenna's body. 

It took minutes for the orgasm to subside, Jenna's cries became moans, her moans
became whimpers. Max lifted her head and lay on top of Jenna, calming her cries, she
kissed her and Jenna tasted her own juices, 'You taste so good' said Max, Jenna
agreed, and soflty she fell asleep in Max's warm embrace.
Last edited: 8 June 2010

‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says:   22 May 2010   776572  
maple_syrup says :   28 May 2010   691163  
thank you  x x

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