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and she was liek omgbbq! (stolen from retreaux)Category: ♥yush.quizzes.
Thursday, 13 May 2010
03:16:00 AM (GMT)
Do you listen to alternative music? yeah, i guess. :D
Have you ever met an Amish person? Nuh. My bestfriend's brother's name is Amiel,
though, if it matters. XP
What's your favorite movie with Ashton Kutcher in it? Um, what? Dude where's my
car what happens in vegas. I don't really watch much of his movies.
Did you listen to Aaron Carter back in the day? yeah. )
Name a friend/aquaintance who's name starts with the letter A. Angelli. :D

Have you ever seen a Broadway show? Actually, yes. :D
Name a brand that starts with the letter B. B--.. Idunno. xDD
Who's your favorite character on the Brady Bunch? My boyfriend's the tv person, not
me >_>
Who is the last person you called a bitch? MARGOT! D:< (and i still think she is.)
When's the last time you were on a boat? Um.. I don't remember. )

Have you ever seen a 'Casper' movie? Yes. My favorite was the one with hilary duff.
Do you own anything Coach? erm, no. I'm more of a liz person. >_>
How many names in your contact list begin with the letter C? A lot? xD
Have you ever sang in a chorus? Yes. I miss it. :/
Name someone famous who's name begins with the letter C. umm.. Charles Dickens..?

Which word do you use more: damn, dang, or darn? depends on where I am, but usually
Do you ever say 'dude!' before saying something moderately important? YES. xD
Did you notice that there was a Disney and Nickelodeon version of the show 'Doug'?
Which version did you like better? Really? :o
Do you like Dunkin Donuts? I guess. :P

Do you live on the East Coast? Nuh.
Do you like Elvis Presley? Uh-huh. xD
What about Ellen DeGeneres? Yes. she's liek, awesum. xD
Is Elmo cute or creepy? Elmo is cute. Even when he's like 'ima eat your brains!
Have you ever done ecstasy? no. >_<

Do you believe in fate? depends.
Have you ever heard the song "Fuck It" by Eamon? no.
When's the last time you saw a relative who's not in your immediate family? Uh, about
a month ago? Before we left for china xP
Who is the last person you called a freak? MARGOT! (is anyone seeing the trend
here?.. xP)

What's a goal you have at the moment? Stop being hung up on the whole
boyfriendstealing margot thing. (but I swear, one bitchslap will do me a whole lot
better than making an incredibly long post i'm going to tag her in.)
Do you like things that are grape flavored? I guess? Depends on the thing.. )
Do you own a gaming system? If so, what? PS2, DS, PSP, Wii, PC.. Um, we gave away the
gameboy sp about a year back, so yeah.
Do you like the movie 'Grease'? yes. it's cute. xD

Do you think you make a good host or hostess? Depends.
Do you wear hats often? No.. I look stupid in hats. ;3;
Who is the last person you held hands with? idk.
Name a place you'd like to visit beginning the with letter H. hhhhhhh-paris. xD
Do you like any Hilary Duff movies? Yeah. I love Hilary Duff. I mean, back then.

What's your favorite ice cream place? Dairy Queen? :D
When is the last time you did something illegal? Idunno. xP
What was the last thing to inspire you? The city at night. it's just so pretty.
Do you take Ibuprofen? Not unless I need it.

Is Jennifer Lopez a better actress or singer? singer.
Have you ever been to Jamba Juice? yeah xP
Do you like Jeeps? YES. they're liek awesome but I'd look immensely smaller if I had
that kind of car.
Is anyone jealous of you? *shrugs*.. Maybe. I don't really care, but some people say
Which month do you like the best: October, November, April. :D

How many people have you kissed in the past year? what kind of kiss? If it's a cheek
kiss then it's a lot, but if it's a kiss kiss then one. >_>
Do you like kettle corn? i guess.
Do you consider yourself kind? i can be..?
What's your favorite song by Kelly Clarkson? Long Shot. :D

Does it annoy you when people say 'lol' or 'lolz' in a verbal conversation? I use it
sometimes but it sounds weird so.. >_>
What lake is closest to where you live? Idunno.
Who is the biggest liar you know? Mmm. Hard to say.
What's to the left of you? The window, an armhair, a floor lamp, Tortilla Chips.

Do you listen to MGMT? um, no.
What was the last thing you received in the mail? idunno. xD
Are you anything like your mother? Um.. we're about the same height..? >_>
Have you ever experienced a miracle? Not really.

What is the last thing you said 'no' to? Going out. :P
Did you watch Nickelodeon as a kid? I was more of an animax kid.
Did you ever watch 'Next' on MTV? no..
Do you ever use the 'n-word'? what's the n-word?
Who's the last person to write you a note?

Do you like the color orange? Yes.
When's the last time you were near an ocean? Erm, when I was flying to china..? xD
Have you ever been to Old Country Buffet? no.
What about Olive Garden? no. >_>
Do you have a friend whose name starts with the letter 'O'? no.. )

Which pain is worse--physical or emotional? i can stand physical pain.. believe me,
getting hurt was part of the training.. after a while you get used to it.
But emotional pain eats at you til you can't take it anymore and you lose your
mind...... *ahem*.
Name a song starting with the letter P. Papercut. >:D
Have you ever seen 'Pretty in Pink'? no..?
Are you a people person? depends on the people.

What's the last grade you received on a quiz? my last quiz was like two months ago.
Who is the most quiet person you know? Shairah.
Have you ever quit something you've been doing for a while? Yeah.
Do you own a quilt? No.. >_>

Do you like to run? yes.
Don't you hate when surveys ask you about religion? I don't really mind.
What's your favorite ride at an amusement park? Idk. xD
Are you planning on relaxing later? Yeah.

What's your favorite soda? Idk.
Who was your last sexual encounter with? rofl. i'll keep this for those who know.
right kuu? )
When's the last time you went to a salon? uh.. prom.
Can you sing well? i could, but then i got to puberty. lol.
Where do you go to school? a school.

What's the last thing you watch on TV? umm.. idk.
Have you seen Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' music video? yes.
Do any of your friends run track? yeah.
Do you have any upcoming tests? no..?

Do you think anyone is truly ugly? no.
Do you own a pair of Uggs? no. c:
Have you ever been to Utah? no.. and i'm not sure i want to.
Do you like the song 'Umbrella' by Rihanna? i guess?
Is your underwear cute? idk. maybe? x__x

Do you like vanilla-scented things? YES. especially my boyf's vanilla perfume..
thing.. rawr..
Who is the most recent person you know to lose his/her virginity? er.. me?
Do you shop at Victoria's Secret? I shop at PINK, techincally not Victoria.
Do you listen to Vampire Weekend? no.
Who's the last person you visited? ummm.. IDK.

How's the weather today? dry. and cold.
Do you smoke weed? no.
Do you live on the West Coast? no.
Do you hate winter? i actually like it better than getting deep-fried in summer. >_>
White bread or wheat bread? WHEAT! xDD

Do you know anyone named Xavier? yes. and I remember my crush from sixth grade, too.
our codename for him was xander. xD
Did you play with xylophones in elementary school music class? no.
Do you know anyone who takes Xanax? no..?
Do you like X-Men? yus, they pwn.

Have you ever done yoga? haaaaaaaa. yes?
What's your favorite flavor of yogurt? strawberry/raspberry, berry mix, etc.
How was your day yesterday? okay.
Do you like the color yellow? i guess..?

When's the last time you visited the zoo? the last time we were in singapore.
Do you like zebra-print things? depends on the thing.
Have you ever heard the song 'Zingy' by Ak'sent? no.. >_>

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