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A Beatley survey.Category: (general)
Sunday, 4 April 2010
02:44:30 PM (GMT)
Stolen from somewhere.
I can't remember where.

1. How long have you been a Beatles fan?
Two years? That sounds about right.

2. How did you discover the Beatles?
I always knew about them, of course. It's hard to dodge them.
But I didn't like them. They were "old."
Then I heard "When I'm Sixty-Four" and "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" on the radio.
I think it's pretty self-explanatory from there.

3. Which "era" (early, mid or late) do you prefer and why?
I really don't know.
I love their later music and stuff, but I also love their humor and stories from all
their touring in the early 60's.

4. Which album(s) is your favourite and why?
A dead three-way tie between Abbey Road, The White Album, and
Sgt. Pepper comes in a very very close fourth.
I just like how their songcrafting developed.

5. Which album(s) is your least favourite and why?
Beatles For Sale. Mostly because half of the tracks are covers.
And not the best covers in the world, either.
Also, I lol'd when they got the Mellotron out for Mr. Moonlight.

6. What are your top 10 Beatles songs?

1. Mother Nature's Son.
2. Martha My Dear.
3. You Never Give Me Your Money.
4. Long, Long, Long.
5. Happiness Is A Warm Gun.
6. When I'm Sixty-Four.
7. I'm So Tired.
8. A Day In The Life.
9. I'm Only Sleeping.
10. Good Day Sunshine.

7. Are there any Beatles songs you really don't like? Which ones?
"Mr. Moonlight," because of the Mellotron.
Seriously, guys?
"When I Get Home." The lyrics make me roffle.
"Hold Me Tight." Paul's voice is just... ohgod.
At least, to me.

8. What are your views on each of the Beatles' films?
A Hard Day's Night is nifty, and there are some quotes you can use daily. 
Help! was... boring. 
It made no sense. I only watch it to see the boys on crack.
And Magical Mystery Tour? I love that.
It's like proto-Monty Python.
I haven't watched Let It Be because I know I'll get angry at them.

9. Do you have a favourite Beatle? If so, who and why?
We're pretty much twins.
Monty Python. Peace. Music. Being quiet.
You know, the whole she-bang.

But! I love them all.

10. What's your favourite solo John song?
In fact, I love his entire Plastic Ono Band album. 
And then, Rock 'n Roll was a nifty collection of covers.

11. What's your favourite solo Paul song?
The best kind of crack there is.

All kidding aside, I really like "English Tea" and "Maybe I'm Amazed."

12. What's your favourite solo George song?
"My Sweet Lord." 
You could also say the entire Brainwashed and All Things Must Pass albums, too.

13. What's your favourite solo Ringo song?
Sorry Ringo.
I hate your use of nonexistent words.

Therefore, the only song of yours I like is "Photograph."

14. How do you feel about Yoko?
She's pretty cool.
A lot of people blame her for breaking up the Beatles.
Paul was just a douchebag with an ego the size of Russia.

15. How do you feel about Beatle slash?
I really couldn't care less.

16. How do you feel about John's relationship with Brian?
John shouldn't have walked all over Brian.
Maybe they're different, wherever they are right now.
If they are somewhere.

17. Is there more to your love of the Beatles than just their music?
Yes, ma'am.
Every aspect is fucking awesome.

18. Are the Beatles actually the greatest band in the history of music? Are they
your favourite?
In my opinion, yes.
I listen to a lot of music.
None of them have really blown me away like the Beatles have.
So yeah, you could also say they're my favorite.

19. Tell me one unusual/controversial opinion you have on the Beatles.
I think George was a better songwriter than John and Paul combined.
They just didn't give him enough opportunities to get more songs on the albums.

20. Tell me one of your favourite Beatle moments.
Right after Abbey Road finished playing in my CD player for the first time.
And I was all "... shit."

branches says:   5 April 2010   395664  
oh just what I needed.
loftygrass says :   6 April 2010   892101  
-shakes fist at- 

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