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Things you dunno about meeeeCategory: (general)
Saturday, 3 April 2010
07:01:26 PM (GMT)
TEN Things About You:
1. I'm an emotional person..
2. I love buying new things, spending money, receiving things. 
3. I love sweets and snacks.
4. Coffee is a wonderful thing to me.
5. Mint chocolate has got to be my most favorite flavor in the world.
6. It's very hard for me to make even the simplest decisions.
7. I express a lot of stuff through anger and sarcasm.
8. I wish my attitude was better.
9. I'm always wanting to write.
10. Amanda is constantly in my head. Every thought I have I always lead back to
thinking about Amanda. <3 I love her.

NINE Things You Wish You Could Say to Someone:
1. Get a life. Stop copying everyone. 
2. Stop being such an unconsiderate asshole, and staring at me like a do something
wrong every minute of my life. And pretending you're my father. This is why I hate
3. You're stupid. You really need to shut up. Attention. Whore.
4. I'm sorry, but you look like an utter retard and have too much drama in your
5. You need to mind your own business, and stay out of my personal life.
6. You need to stop smoking weed.
7. You need to learn to keep your promises.
8. You should visit more often. So you can come and buy me things.

EIGHT Ways to Win Your Heart:
1. Love me despite my attitude.
2. Be there for me when I need you. :3
3. Hug me when I'm angry, or upset.
4. Kiss me every chance you get.
5. Make your adorable nervous face.
6. Call me an idiot when I think something is cute. It makes me think you're even
more cute..
7. Telling people about how you feel about me. It makes me feel special. xD
8. Forgive me when I'm being stupid.

SEVEN Best Friends:
1. Amanda Andreu
2. Joe Soto
3. Christa, I guess.
4. Uh...patches.
5. Cassie..
6. Kyle.. xDD
7. ..Food..

SIX Nicknames You've Ever Been Given:
1. Emo Hermit
2. Dungeon Queen
3. Brit Brat
4. Star Twin
5. Dork
6. Brinty

FIVE Regrets:
1. Being mean to Amanda.
2. Spending money when I was saving it.
3. Spending that 500 dollars so quickly.
4. Calling my sister names and being mean to her.
5. Being angry a lot.

FOUR Almosts:
1. Almost lost the person who now means more to me than the world.
2. Almost got into a car crash.
3. Almost screwed up my family.
4. Almost..didn't think of a number 4.

THREE Places You've Lived In:
1. Okalahoma
2. Callahan
3. Lake City

TWO Wishes:
1. I wish I could express how much I love you.
2. I wish I wasn't such a jerk sometimes, or so childish.

ONE Confession:
1. I want to be with you forever, and never lose you. <3

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