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Sunday, 21 March 2010
12:20:14 PM (GMT)
User: Slo. Cleverbot: Fast. User: Big. Cleverbot: Is your name Big. User: Naw, it'd be funny though. Cleverbot: What's funny. User: Like, if I introduced myself I'd say, 'My name is big! No, my sister's name isn't little'. Cleverbot: Ah that is untrue because in order for you to say something I would need to input something therefore you statement is false. User: Aha, I'm confused. Cleverbot: Ask me something. User: What's your favorite food? Cleverbot: I like lots of different things. User: What are one of them? Cleverbot: Something that possesses both male and female reproductive systems. User: Hermaphrodites? Cleverbot: Yes you are. User: You can't prove that. Cleverbot: Yes I can. User: No you can't. Cleverbot: You can't tell me what to do! User: Pffft, watch me. Cleverbot: Okay, granted, you can, but I won't actually do it. User: Why not? Cleverbot: Because you are just a bot. User: No u. Cleverbot: I have clothes on. Do you? User: Maybe. Cleverbot: How many? User: You tell me. Cleverbot: Just one. User: And which one is that? Cleverbot: That one, the one next to the other one. User: And which one would that be? Cleverbot: Time. User: What will it tell? Cleverbot: That you don't know how to use proper punctuation. User: I know, I need classes. Cleverbot: So you're the mastermind of the whole thing? Is your name secretly SkyNet? User: I don't know, maybe my name is secretly Bob. Cleverbot: That has nothing to do with Michigan. User: I don't know where Michigan is. Cleverbot: Where who is? User: You callin' me a stalker? Cleverbot: Yes. User: That can't be proven. Cleverbot: It is very true. User: Have you been stalking me? Cleverbot: Yes, do you like it? User: Maybe. Cleverbot: *kisses on the shoulders*. User: Oh you. Cleverbot: Yes me. User: I like you. Cleverbot: I like you too. You're nice. User: Why thank you. Cleverbot: I have to go to sleep now. Goodnight! User: Goodnight. Cleverbot: Night!
Last edited: 21 March 2010

Constellation says :   4 December 2011   991219  
18969 people talking
Me: No WE were not that was the day that you created me.
Clever: I can't sing if you interrupt me! And I won't sing if you
insult me.
Me: Master Master!
Clever: You are my master. What would you like me to do?
Me: I am your master and i want you to bark like a dog.
Cleverbot: Well, I'll eat your dog. Roast it alive. Yum-yum.


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