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Anotha survizzle fo rizzle mah nizzle... see? I am gangsta.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 17 March 2010
07:53:13 PM (GMT)
1. Explain what triggered your last kiss?
- Hmm, Love. =)

2. Have you ever looked someone straight in the eyes and told them a lie?
- No... I try not to do that.

3. What are some things that make you mad?
- Denise -__-

4. Who can make you feel better in a difficult situation?
- Paige =)

5. Is there something you want to say to someone but can't/won't?
- Lol, Not really.

6. What are you doing right now?
- Talkin to tha love of mah life. And listening to music.

7. Do you wish anyone in particular was still in your life?
- Not really.

8. Are relationships ever really worth it?
- This one is.

9. Who was the last person to text you?
- No phone.

10. Is there anyone you couldn't go a day without talking to?
- Lol, Paige.

11. Do you believe exes could really ever be "just friends"?
- Sometimes. When the relationship ends on good terms.

12. When was the last time you were told you were cute?
- Uhh... Like a week ago? Maybe.

13. What are you wearing right now?
- A Vurt shirt, And some pants.

14. Do you believe what goes around comes around?
- On somethings... But other things you gotta do it yourself.

15. To get with someone of the opposite sex, have you ever faked being drunk?
- Ha. No.

16. Which one of your friends would you swap eyes with, if you had to?
- I don't know...

17. What do you want?
- To be with Paige right now.

18. Who was the last person you rode in a car with?
-  My dad.

19. When did you last do something ridiculously stupid?
- Prolly... Never. DUH

20. Are you ticklish?
- Some places.

21. If you found out you got someone pregnant, what would you do?
- Damn... Wtf? 

22. Last time you smiled because you got a text?
- Last time that me and Paige texted.

23. Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a B?
- Can't say I have.

24. Did you date someone you regret dating?
- Yeah. Who hasn't?

25. How do you feel about chocolate covered strawberries?
- That's two things that I don't like...

26. If the last person you kissed saw you kissing someone else right now, do you
think they would care?
- Omg yes... But that would never happen.

27. Last sporting event you watched?
- Lol matt and orion playing madden xD

28. Is someone on your mind right now?
- Always♥

29. What is the worst situation you have ever been in?
- I've been in a lot... so I don't know.

30. How many people do you fully trust?
- 4

31. How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed?
- I can't count that high.

32. What does the last text say in your inbox?
- No phone.

33. Are you missing anyone?
- Every second.

34. What do you currently hear?
- Forever in your hands, All That Remains

35. Have you kissed more than 4 people this year?
- Nope. Just one =)

36. Do you remember the first time you met the last person you kissed?
- Yeah. I won't forget it.

37. Have you had sex with a black person?
- Nope.

38. Ever liked someone who didn't like you back?
- Once again, Who hasn't?

39. Have you ever dated your number one on myspace?
- I am now.

40. Do you have a best friend?
- Yeah DUH

41. The last person you kissed calls you, why?
- I don't know. She doesn't like talking on the phone.
So I'd ask her tha same question.

42. Plans for tomorrow?
- School -__-

43. If you could make your lips bigger, would you?
- Umm... No

44. How many people have you kissed whose name started with a J?
- None.

45. What month were you born in?
- June,

46.Do you like your hair?
- Sometimes -__-

47. Will you be up before 7 am tomorrow?
- Yeah, Sadly. 

48. When's the last time you straightened your hair?
- Last time I was at Paige's house xD

49. Have you cut your hair this week?
Nope. That was last week.

50. Type the alphabet and stop at the letter of the last person you kissed?

51. What was the last thing you wore that was black?
Mah shirt.

52. Do you have a mirror in your room?
- I used to.

53. How about a tv?
- Yeah

54. So, what do you want for your birthday?
- To be with Paige all day.

55. What did you eat for lunch today?
- Nothing.

56. Sex ruins relationships, right?
- Not really.

57. Where do you want to live when you're older?
- Alaska =).... Or Wisconsin.

58. Do you like hugs?
- Sorta... I like em if its from one person.

59. Do you know what you want to do when you grow up?
- Sorta... I want to be 2 things. Idk which I want more.

60. What are you wearing on your feet?
- Shoes.

61. What color do you want your hair to be?
- Idk really...

62. Is your life falling apart or coming together?
- Coming together♥

63. Where would you rather go, Greece or Hawaii?
Prolly Greece.

64. Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night?
No =)

65. Would you ever dye your hair blonde?
- Nope

66. Does toast scare you when it pops out of the toaster?
- Lol no.

67. Has a girl ever thrown stones or pebbles at your window before?
- Nope. I

68. Every girl needs a little black dress. Do you agree?
- It doesn't really matter.

69. Could you go a whole year without cursing?
- Hell no.

70. Gatorade or Powerade?
- How bout.... MOUNTAIN DEW

71. Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater? Why?
- Fly xD

72. Your ex taps you on the shoulder and says, I still love you. You say?
- Too bad. xD

73. Are you wanting any tattoos at the moment?
- Yeah

74. What did you do for Halloween?
- I was with orion xD

75. Honestly, do you love someone?
- Yes. Yes I do =)

76. What color is your hair?
- Brown.

77. Are you spending the weekend with the last person you texted?
- Ha. Yes =)

78. What if your boyfriend/ girlfriend went through your messages?
- Lol I don't care.

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