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Chapter 13Category: (general)
Wednesday, 17 March 2010
12:14:13 AM (GMT)

^ Chapter 12

Chapter 13: I Glare, now fall to death! (Lame Title I Know =P)

	I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into. I mean, I was pretending to be
Ryoki’s girlfriend, RYOKI’S! Seriously, I think I hit my head. And he was holding
my hand really awkwardly; did he even know how to act like a boyfriend? Honestly, if
he didn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised.
	How had I gotten myself into this again? Oh yeah, he promised to buy my favourite
dinner, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, fires and steak. (Never underestimate the power
that potatoes hold over me, they’re my favourite food, I eat them like nothing.)
	“Sneaky lil bastard.” I muttered, Ryo didn’t even notice the words I had said,
so unlike him, that deaf pedophile.
	“I see her,” Ryoki said. I bent down and grabbed something I had brought with me
to disguise him so this.
	“Put it on.” I grumbled.  Ryoki, confused, but still he nodded and put it on,
haha he should have seen how awful he looked. I mean, black eyebrows and red hair?
	In a matter of seconds his sister was knocking on the door, we waited a few moments
and made feet shuffling noises, then Ryoki slide it open the door.
	“Yeess?” Ryoki asked in a weird, creepy, stalker voice. I wanted to laugh then,
but then that would break the point of the wig right?
	The girl who looked the COMPLETE opposite of Ryoki, I mean, she had blonde hair,
that was really long and silky, and her eyes were greyish blue. Did that seem like
Ryoki’s sister to you?
	“Um... is Ryoki Yoh here?” She asked, and then she bowed, she actually freakin
bowed, so different from him... “I’m his sister Aki Yoh.” She went on as she
rose up. So polite...
	“No. He’s in the house over from here.” Ryoki said, releasing my hand and
pointing over to Sam and Ed’s house, oh no he didn’t!
	“By the way, he’s shrunk in height, and dyed his hair blonde.” Ryoki finished.
My jaw dropped, I felt stupid punched, and he was setting up his own best friend!
	“Thank you.” Aki said. She bowed again and headed off towards the other house,
well shit; I’d need a couple bananas to think this over.
	As soon as she was gone, Ryo burst into laughter, not noticing that he’d left the
door open and was still holding onto my hand, wait WHAT? Why in hell was he still
holding onto my hand? 
	“I can’t believe she bought that! I didn’t even have to use you!” Ryoki
laughed out. I could feel my face burning with anger.
	Getting my hand free, I wacked him on the head in anger, why’d he do that to Sam?!
I could bite his head off and throw it into the floor and stomp on it.
	“How could you?!” I screamed at him. Hitting him on the head, knocking over the
wig, and then there was sudden footsteps, and suddenly Ryoki grabbed my hand again in
that awkward hold.
	I was about to ask ‘What the hell?!’ when I saw why, a huffing, angry bull was
standing in the open door way.
	“RYOKI!” the bull screamed. Um, what was happening exactly?
	“Change back into your human self Aki, stop being mad.” Ryoki said, pointing at
her nose. Erm...
	“No.” Aki, well the bull said. But even though she said no, she turned back into
her human self, standing before us looking as mad as heck, well maybe they weren’t
so different...
	And then I heard sounds at the backdoor, I turned to see Sam and Ed, I gave them my
help me away from the pedophile look. And then Ryoki noticed them.
	“Hey guys, this is... my sister, Aki.” I saw Sam take a look at Aki, overlooking
her from head to toe. Meanwhile I was thinking of all the similarities I could now
see between Aki and Ryoki. And then I noticed the scar on her arm, it went down
parallel to her forearm; I knew a scar like that on someone...
	“Oh, you’re the people from the other house, right?” Aki said as she spun
around to face them. They nodded in response, jeez were they robots? “Well let me
tell you two, you got a strange neighbour. I can tell, he fell in love with this
stupid girl here!”
	“What?!” We all said, all though couldn’t really hear me, because, I REALLY
wanted to start laughing uncontrollably. I mean rolling on the ground, slapping my
fists on the wood, walls and ceiling kind of uncontrollable laughter. 
	Then Ryoki was suddenly mouthing something to Sam and Ed and they immdetly
understood, um could I be filled in a little bit? Just a little.
	“Well, it’s true! It’s just that Ryoki doesn’t deserve a girl like this!”
Aki said, pointing at me, talking as if I was an it, and I was pretty sure I wasn’t
a boy and a girl, because in my language that’s what an “it” means.
	“Why do you say that?” Ed asked Aki, looking directly at her. 
	“Well, for one, she’s not well kept. I can tell by a certain aura she gives off
that she’s hostile, accusing, foul mouth...” Aki went on listing my bad traits,
but I really didn’t care, I was more tired and annoyed at Ryoki to bother listening
to her.
	Suddenly I could feel my hand become free, I looked at it, yuck! It was all sweaty
from his hand, whoa, ew, I had Ryoki’s germs all over my hand, he made it all
sweaty, yuck I needed to wash it now.
	“Ryoki, your sister was saying all those mean things about Meaghan, why didn’t
you stop her?! If you’re acting as if you’re her boyfriend, at least act like
it!!” Sam yelled with unusual harshness in her voice. 
	“But she’s my sister; I can’t talk back to her! She’s the only family I have
left...” Ryoki said, trailing off as he looked off.
	“I don’t care if she’s the last person on earth! You shouldn’t let her get
away with that!” Sam said, well I wasn’t worried about that, I was actually
worried about the sweat still on my hand, I felt filthy, but before I could go, Sam
raised her hand to slap Ryoki, but suddenly it wasn’t Ryoki she was going to slap
anymore, it was Ed.
	“Oh my god Ed! I’m so sorry!” Sam cried. While Sam was distracted, Ryo pulled
something out of his pocket; I couldn’t believe how much of a jerk he was being! I
was going to slap him after I washed my hands, and then after that, I’d wash my
hands again.
	“...What’s that?” Sam asked, her eyes looked like she was dazed, and annoyed.
	“From Master.” Ryoki said, playing the cool laid back act. I saw Sam’s hand
shaking with the want to hit Ryo, oh she knew how I felt, but Ed stopped her,
grabbing her hand with his and smiled. Ick, moon eyes between both of them, I liked
it better when Ed didn’t moon eye, he looked yucky when moon eyeing. 
	After Sam read the letter, she disappeared from our house, dragging Ed with her, and
I rushed off to the bathroom, and put a big glop of soap on my hand, rubbing my hands
furiously under the freezing cold water, cold water disinfected better than hot
water, or at least that was what I had thought... I then switched it to hot water
just to make sure.	
	“Are we going?” Ryoki asked. I could hear his yawn outside the bathroom door,
and the movement of fabric as he shrugged on his coat.
	“We would have been leaving sooner, if you hadn’t sweated your germs onto my
hand!” I yelled over the rushing water, drying my hands I pulled out my pocket
knife and opened the door.
	“Hey! Watch it with that thing!” Ryoki yelled at me as he backed away from me, I
glared at him and stuck out my tongue, but out of the corner of my eye I could see
Aki standing at the end of the hall way, horror struck as she looked at my switch
blade. Jeez, what was her problem; it was just my switch blade.
	“You! What are you still doing here?” I asked, looking Aki straight in the eye
as I still held up my knife to Ryoki’s face.
	“Um, I wanted to come with you guys on a mission. You know, see what his partner
was like when on the course.” Aki said, still staring at my switch blade.
	“Well you can’t come.” I told her as I went into me and Ryoki’s bedroom, I
shrugged on my black coat and dropped my switch blade into the zip up pocket before I
stuffed my hat onto my head, I then came back out and looked at her.
	“Ryyyoooo pllllleeeeasssseeee!” She complained. Ryoki looked at me, saw my look,
shuddered and turned back to her.
	“No. Go with Ed and Sam, get to know them better.” Ryoki said. He then walked
past her and slammed the sliding door; I followed him, picking up my shoes and tying
them up quickly.
	“You don’t remember, do you?” Aki said to me. I looked up to see her just
behind me, I stood up.
	“Remember what?” I asked, shaking my bangs away from my face.
	“What you did to me.” She said, and then Aki was out the back door and heading
to Ed and Sam’s place. Well she was a freak, but honestly was it a surprise? Her
brother was a pedophile after all.
	I glared at Ryo the whole entire walk, and kept in front of him whenever I could. He
was such a dick, doing all that to Sam and Ed, that jerk Ryoki, why I outta... 
	“What are we looking for again?” Ryo asked, sighing as he stopped walking so he
could stare around.
	“A cave you freakin idiot. We’re looking for a magical sword! A FREAKIN MAGICAL
SWORD!” I yelled at him. Ryo stopped looking around and looked just at me.
	“You liar.” He said. I didn’t laugh, I glared at him.
	“You’re gullible.” I said. “Although we are looking for a cave.” I said.
Ryoki made faces at me when he thought I couldn’t see, but I saw them. And he would
pay for those faces later, but for now we had to find that cave...
	“Is that it? The freakin cave?” Ryoki asked, pointing at the only cave we’d
seen since we’d begun our journey around the out skirts of town.
	“Probably.” I said, flicking on my flashlight with my right hand’s thumb, I
used to sit up in the middle of night when I was four years old flicking the
flashlight on and off like this so it’d look cool when I got older, yeah, never
quite worked, but six year olds thought it was cool, wait that’s lame...
	I entered the cave, shining the flashlight on each wall, they were all blank. Well
jeez I was expecting some kind of cave writings by apes. But I moved onwards in the
dirt ground of the cave, Ryoki following me from behind, yawning still.
	I stopped when I came to an end and saw something glowing, and what seemed like
tinker bell like lights, you know those mystical balls of light things, that are
magic? Yeah those. But anyways, they were surrounding some kind of mystical sword.
	Well gobbler berries, I had been right, it was a freakin magical sword, wait why was
there a banana sticking out of the end of it? Jeez what was with me and bananas?!
	I reached out and grabbed the sword, throwing the banana onto the floor. “That was
too easy, come on, no boogie traps?” I asked, playing around with the sword.
	“Don’t jinx it Meaghan!” Ryoki yelled, stepping into the area I was in.
Suddenly crashing noises came from every exit of the cave, I shined my light on the
exits, and strong sturdy cage doors of black had fallen down.
	“Too late.” I said, standing facing one black door. Jeez was it always me that
got us into trouble, like really?

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