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For Stars Chapter OneCategory: Chapter One
Tuesday, 23 February 2010
11:57:36 AM (GMT)
Chapter One--Braxton

I made my way down the corriders of Helity Academy, the elit private school that
which my parents attended, so I had to go here also. It was located in the middle of
a small town in Arkansas, filled with racism, uppity women, and rich men. It was
boring, it was the same, it was normal. You dressed this way, you talked this way,
and you did everything the same way. You married the rich, you had rich children, and
you made a lot of money. You didn't leave the town except to go on vacations to
foreighn countries with so-said children, which you have to have--Heaven forbid you
don't have any kids--then you came back from them with foreighn objects you
probably shouldn't have taken from the country, but you did anyway, so you show them
off to all your rich friends and brag about how awesome your damn vacation was.
   I love my life.
   Extreme sarcasm by the way.
   I belong to the richest family in town. Girls crowd around me like I'm famous
because my last name is Varre. My family is from French descendants and we were one
of the first French familes to move here. The other half of my family lives in New
Orleans, Louisiana. A place I've never been.
  My girlfriend is Aniya Laury Hotchens. She's a short blonde who is anorexic. Her
hair is naturally blonde. I think anyway. Who knows? She's a manipulative, sly bitch
who I am probably going to marry. Who marries for love anyway? She is in love with
me. Well, she's more in love with the fact that I'm rich and she will be richer also
if she marries me. And our kids--God, our poor delusional, discombobulated kids--will
carry my name, just like her. And she will die a Varre, although only by marriage.
But it's enough. She wants people to look down on her grave and say, "Oh my. Poor
girl, she was a Varre. They are the richest family, you know." And that woman
would probably be one of our own gossiping old ladies, dressed in black to mourn.
  That's if Aniya dies.
  We're all Immortals in some way. Well, most of the kids are. Somehow, some gene in
us tripled or doubled, and we were given one of three powers: Star, Night, or Sun. I
am Star. Not much I can do yet. The parents have somehow found a way to block our
powers. I can only use a few of mind and that takes energy and I end up with a big
headache. The only power I have that they can' block is my mind-reading. They can
block it a little, sure, but I can still sense thoughts. And, unlike that stupid
vampire in that stupid book, I can read everyone's mind.
  The floors glittered, showing off their new wax that had happened over the course
of the weekend. The lockers were freshly washed, the students leaned against them
talking, kissing, and laughing, all dressed in standard wear. No uniforms. We all
wore what our parents picked out--nice suits, nice jeans and shirts. The girls wore
pleated skirts and vest, looking ever the educated preppy bitch. All conformity. And
me? I had just as much choice as them, saying as how my family was the richest and
most respected. I had to be the good brother, saying as how my younger twin brother,
Praxton, definitely was a bit sloppy. He wore his suit unbuttoned, his pants too
baggy, and a baseball cap turned backwards on his heads. 
   I sighed, placing my hands around Aniya's eyes, a fake grin spreading across my
face. "Guess who baby?" I teased, not really into it.
   She giggled. "Ohhh, I don't know." She pouted. "I give up!"
   I removed my hands. She reached up and kissed me. I smiled at her. "What's up?"
   "We're getting new students today--five. They're from Louisiana," she crowed, her
face lighting up. "I can't wait to show them around." 
   And make them another one her? Wonderful. Please let these girls have a
little bit of strangeness, something difference. And how did she know about
them? Oh yeah, she worked in the office. "Cool."
   "They have powers, too! Two have the Night, the other two have Sun, and another
has star." She looked excited by the meer thought of them. Again, I begged to God to
let them be a little different. I don't need anymore Aniyas walking around,
aggravating me. 
   Suddenly, the hallway quieted. I turned around, as did Aniya, to see what could
cause three hundred loud teenagers to shut up that quick.
  Walking down the hall were five teens, dressed nothing like us.
  Well, damn, I got my wish....but this is
  The one at the point was obivously Night, by the way she carried herself. And I
felt the urge to go up to her as did the Star powers to the Night. She was dark
skinned, chocolate colored, with dark blue eyes, and long brown hair. Her hair had
hot pink streaks in it and wasn't neat and pretty. It was hanging into her eyes in a
messy bang, the front part was cut to her chin, the back part hanging down her back
and fussed up. She was wearing a black skirt with hot pink mesh under it. The skirt
was short, as was the mesh. It flared out. Her shirt had probably once been a button
up longsleeve, but was not a button up with the sleeves ripped off. She wore a hot
pink tie and hot pink high-tops.
  Behind her were four other people. The only star in there was the boy, who was
wearing blue jeans and a tight black shirt, his dark brown hair hanging into his gray
eyes. He wore a red jacket over it. Behind him was a blonde with messy, layered hair
and green eyes. A sun power. She was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with a
dragon going up the sides. It hung off her shoulders. I didn't get to see the other
two because Aniya chose that moment to speak.
  "Well," she coughed. I had never seen her speechless before. "You can't dress like
that if you come here."  
  "Why not?" the one at the front questioned, sucking on a lollipop she had just
unwrapped. "....said there was no dress code."
  "But, look at how we're dressed," Aniya said, motioning towards us.
  "No. Dress. Code. Plus, live a little. It looks like so borin' in here." She looked
at Aniya with a sort of 'Oh my God, you make or have no sense' look. She talked with
a sudden Southern twang that was a bit cute and a bit funny.
  "Yeah! Party!" one of the girls I didn't see said. I glanced at her. Dark black
hair, silver-gray eyes, other Night power. White skirt, dark blue polo striped, and
another hot pink tie. Black knee-high boots. She shook her hips, shaking her layered
black hair out. 
  "Dats right, Jojo!" the leader said, grinning. They slapped hands.  
  Aniya turned red with anger. "Listen, in order to come here--"
  "We're gonna do what we want, how we want, when we want. What the hell you gone do
'bout it?" the leader asked, eyes narrowing in anger. "We from Louisiana. Party
capital." She crossed her arms. "Don't make me lose my religion. I'm bout to kill a
hoe." Kill a hoe? They were harsh in Louisiana, too. 
   Behind her, the others nodded their agreements. "When she hurt somebody, we go to
church singing 'When the Saints go Marching In' tellin' people she got cancer," the
boy said. I hid a smile.
   They laughed. "Gigi, you crazy as hell. Listen to him, crazy as hell," the leader
said. Gigi? Oh my...
   Aniya glared. "What's your names?"
   "I'm Pim. Gigi's the only boy. Jojo is my second-in-command. That's the one with
the black hair. PJ is the blonde with gray eyes. The Mexican lookin' one is Lia," the
leader announced. Pim? Gigi? Jojo? PJ? Lia? Is that what they name their kids in
   "What's your real names?"
   "Primrose, George, JoAnn, Pamela-Jane, and Natalia, but we don't answer to those."
Pim rolled her eyes. "We gone be late an' we NEED to find this class."
    They walked off, ignoring the spluttering Aniya. I had the weirdest urge to
follow them, but I stayed with my girlfriend. Why is she my girlfriend again? 
   My brother came up to me, grinning. "Whew! Did you see Jojo? Damn, she was fine! I
want a piece of that! I'm goin' get her!" He ran off, smiling that semi-crazy grin of
his. Hmm. He sounds like them.
   He stopped them just before they disappeared. Everyone was still quiet so you
could hear the conversation.
   "Uh, Jojo, ya know, you're cute and all. Wanna go with me on a date this Friday?"
Braxton asked hopefully.
    Jojo smiled, blushing slightly. "Uh, sure?"
    "Good! Let's double. You and?"
    "I'll bring somebody for her."
    He walked the rest of the way with them. Aniya turned at me, her expression a bit
pissed off. "Those bitches going down."
    I sighed. Like I haven't heard that before.

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