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Chapter 10Category: (general)
Tuesday, 16 February 2010
11:42:42 PM (GMT)

I'll get chapter 9 link later. *is on reeeeeeally late, and can't be bothered;
shouldn't even be on in the first place*

Chapter 10: Besieged ; A Turn for the Worst
Man, I can’t believe anybody could ever get this sick. I felt like I was going to
set fire to anything I touched, I was so hot. What bothered me more was that Lycans
were on their way here, and that a large wall was being built outside to protect us.
Edward just needed the materials; he could easily transmute a strong wall from
different things. He’d have to make it smooth though, so Lycans won’t be able to
climb up. We could very well be besieged, and I couldn’t do anything to help. That
made me angry. 
I took a peek out the window in the bedroom to check out how the wall was doing. I
could see Ed clap his hands together and place them on various supplies that Meaghan
collected, Whilst Ryoki was on the outside, leaving a moat of flammable material,
just in case.
I climbed back into bed and put the ice pack back on my head. As much as I wanted to
help, I could barely stand up by myself now. It made me furious that I could be
helpless at a time like this; and I had three days of this? Heaven help me.
The door to the bedroom opened, and Ed walked in carrying a cup of tea and some more
soup. I was honestly getting a bit tired of soup, but I simply smiled as Ed placed
the tray on food on my bedside table.
“Hey. How’re you feeling?” He said softly as he sat at the foot of my bed.
“...Pretty crappy.” I said honestly, yet still with a small smile. He simply gave
a small sigh as I forced myself upright so I could eat.
“Is the wall all set up?”
“Yep. I tried to make it as smooth as possible, and high as possible while being
strong. It should last.”
I nodded as I grabbed the bowl of soup from the side table. With a slightly worried
smile, he got up and walked out the door. I honestly wished he’d stay longer. He
didn’t have to talk to me or do anything for me, I would just love to have his
company. I often wondered what his true feelings for me were; if he really did just
think of me as a friend. He told me once at the Academy, and I have never forgotten
them, ‘I won’t allow myself to love until my personal mission is completed.’ It
broke me up on the inside at first; I went back to my room in tears. Then, I realized
that if I wanted to have a chance with him, I’d have to help him with his personal
mission, whatever it was. I stuck around with him from then on, and honestly, I’m
not sure what his true reaction to that was. He simply smiled as I followed him
around, but was he getting annoyed with me? I wouldn’t be surprised; I tend to do
that a lot.
Whoa, I just went into my own little world there. Maybe the fever was having me
hallucinate, who knows.
As soon as I snapped out of my daydream, Meaghan walked in the door, and shut it
hastily before running over and sitting at my bedside.
“How’re you feeling, you tooshie?” She said as she replaced my melted icepack
with a new one.
“Better, thanks.” I said as I reached for my tea and took a sip. Hey, this was my
favourite tea. I never told anybody; how did Ed know? I stopped mid-sip and swallowed
what I had.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, it’s just that Ed seems to know what my favourite tea is, and I never
told him. I’m a bit weirded out...” I said honestly in a quieter tone. Meaghan
gave me a sly smile.
“I think he loves you.”
I spewed out the small bit of soup I had in my mouth, shocked at her blunt remark.
“W-what on earth makes you think that?! And why haven’t I noticed it??” I
inquired, flustered. 
“He’s all antsy when he’s not close to you to make sure you’re alright; it
looks pretty lover-like to me.” She said in her “know-it-all” voice. My brows
simply upturned.
“Haha, I don’t think that’s the case. He told me back at the Academy he
wouldn’t fall in love. I doubt he’d break that now.” I said as I pulled another
spoonful of soup to my mouth.
“Do you want me to ask him?”
I spewed out my soup yet again, giving her a pleading look.
“Please don’t.” I said in a hard voice. That’s the last thing I want people
asking him. Even though I think he knows how I feel, I’d still be
super-embarrassed.  She simply laughed.
“Well, if you ever do, I’ll be happy to ask.” She said, getting up.
“Haha, yea-no.” I said jokingly as I finally swallowed some soup instead of
spitting it out.
“If you need anything, holler. We’ll be doing final checks on the wall.” She
said as she rushed out the door, not allowing me to answer. I simply smiled as I
finished up my soup and took a nap no longer than a half hour later.
The next time I opened my eyes, I could see my old training room from the academy. He
had a nice warm glow to it, along with training dummies, a shelf of books, and even a
mirror in the corner. I could see Ed sitting on a stool, reading a book from the
shelf. It wasn’t the Ed I knew though; this was the 13 year old Ed I ended up
meeting back at the beginning of the year. He didn’t look much different, but had
his hair in a strange ponytail. When it was shorter; that awkward stage between long
hair and short hair, it looked great, but now it had grown out, and looked a bit
weird. I suddenly heard a door slam behind me, and I saw my 11 year old self behind
me. I had long hair then; about the length Ed has it now, and wore more girly
clothes. I looked a lot cuter then I seemed to remember; maybe that’s because my
self-esteem was low then.
The two younger us’ didn’t seem to know I was there, as my younger self rushed
over to the younger Ed.
“hey, Ed, I need a bit of help with these questions, can you show me how to do
them?” I heard myself say in a slightly higher pitched voice then now. Ed smiled at
young me.
“Have you been putting off studying, Sam? You should know better than that by
now.” He said as he rubbed my head in the way I hated.
“I didn’t forget; I was busy.” I said with an angry, yet cute, face. Ed
“Yeah, well, you got to open up your schedule a bit if you’re too busy to study.
Show me them, I’ll help.” He said, with a slightly defeated tone in his voice I
only now realized he had. I remember this; it’s a flashback of a memory that stuck
out in my head often.
After about ten minutes of studying, younger me looked at Ed’s strange ponytail.
“Hey, Ed, isn’t your hair getting a bit too long?” I said bluntly, but
innocently. His left hand strayed to his ponytail.
“What’s wrong with long hair?” He said defensively.
“Nothing, it’s just that kind of ponytail makes it look a bit stupid.” I said,
oblivious to how rude it was at the time. It made me cringe now. Ed glanced at the
mirror in the corner of the room.
“...I guess I see what you mean.” He said as he pulled out the hair elastic and
let the hair down. I can remember my heart skipping a beat then, and could see myself
going red. I even did it then too? I haven’t changed much. Ed sat on the stool for
a second.
“...How should I wear it then? I don’t like it hanging down when I’m
“Ohh, let me help!” I said joyfully as I took control and started trying
different things with Ed’s hair, without even trying to listen if he objected. Man,
I was ruder then I thought I was.
The first style I could see myself try on him was a low ponytail, which Ed cringed
at. He bluntly stated that he didn’t like it, and I then suggested a high ponytail.
Once it was done, he put a hand to his chin.
“...Maybe. Do you have any other ideas?” He said, examining my work. Here, I got
some stupid ideas, and screwed around with his hair, making girly style, in which he
got more and more infuriated with. Pigtails, more fancy ponytails, the like. After he
got angry enough that I could feel like he was about to explode, I tried more simple
styles again. Just about defeated, I tied it in a simple braid. He stared at it in
the mirror for a bit, with a face of slight bewilderment. I just stood behind him,
waiting for his reaction.
“...believe it or not, I think I like this.” He said as he continued looking at
the braid I carefully pulled together. I remembered the incident all too well; that
was when I helped him choose his current hairstyle. I’m not sure why I remember it
so well, but I do. 
The image in front of me started to fade before me, and the next thing I saw was one
of the pathways between the classes. It had a much colder feel to it; lots of cool
colours. I could see an even younger Ed walking along. (I could tell because his hair
was in the sort-of short period where the strange ponytail looked good.) I can see a
younger me running up behind him, desperately trying to catch up.
“H-Hey, Ed! I hear a lot of girls in the class like you! Do you like anybody right
now?” I asked eagerly. I remember this scene well too. This is where Ed tells me
that he won’t love until completion of his personal mission. The young Ed stopped
dead in his tracks.
“No, I don’t.”
Younger me looked at him with slightly surprised eyes; back then, I automatically
assumed that everybody had a crush at the time, and was expecting him to tell me so I
could do a better job of impressing him. The remark startled me then. 
Young Ed turned around, although he did something different from what I recalled. He
didn’t look at young me; he looked straight at me, right in the eyes. The
background around us faded into blackness, and Ed gave me an extremely cold and even
loathsome look.
“Let’s face it... will you ever be good enough?” He said without flinching. I
felt my heart stop, and it hit me hard. Had he just said that? That’s so out of
“If anybody... anybody knew what I’d been through, maybe then... maybe then!” 
His young self cried, trembling. His eyes shut hard; his fists clenched. I had never
seen him like this before, this was so unlike him...
This wasn’t all that troubled me though. Behind Edward, slowly appeared a large
eye. A large purple eye with a menacing gaze that seemed to pierce the very soul. I
wanted to run, but my legs wouldn’t respond. I wished desperately to move, but
couldn’t. The eye narrowed slightly, giving my heart a shock. From around the eye,
small long black arms suddenly reached out, grabbing Ed and enveloping him, with him
giving no fight. I wanted desperately to cry out, but no sound came from my throat.
Oh dear, what was happening to me? What on earth was happening to me? The arms seemed
to multiply, and suddenly reached out to grab me. My legs still refused to move. The
arms grabbed me hard; I only then started struggling to no avail. The arms lifted me
from the ground, and slowly pulled me to the eye, which was now standing by itself.
Horizontally, it stood about as tall as me. Its imaginary lids widened, showing large
whites as the pupil dilated. I struggled more and more, but achieved nothing. Where
on earth had this eye appeared from? This wasn’t anywhere in my memory. Was this,
perhaps, in Edward’s? How could I be seeing his memories? Or was this thing just a
figment of my imagination?
I didn’t have much time to linger on about it, for the eye suddenly let out a
piercing shriek and pulled me to it, as my vision went black.
I woke up with my heart pounding hard against my chest; my face dripping with sweat
beads. I took a look at my surroundings; I was back in my own room, in my own bed. My
heart relaxed as I let out a relieved sigh. It was just a nightmare, nothing more. I
looked to the side of the bed I wasn’t sleeping on, to see my ice pack had fallen.
So, I was just having nightmares because my fever was getting out of control. I
picked up the ice pack and put it back on my head. It was already melted, but it DID
help. I let out another sigh as I relaxed out. My relief didn’t last long though; I
could hear a strange rumbling from the ground. It suddenly occurred to me what was
happening outside. The Lycans were coming.
Their fast pace created a rumbling which disturbed the liquids in the room, shaking
the tea and soup almost to the point of spilling out. Suddenly, there came a large
clash from outside, with the sound of breaking stone. The sound of electricity being
shot through the air ensued; that was the sound of Ed’s power. That only gave me
the assumption that the Lycans were breaking through the wall the three of them
thought was strong enough. There came inaudible yelling from outside, probably one
calling commands to keep the Lycans out to the others. I pushed myself to the bedside
and forced myself upwards, to get a view from the window. As soon as I was on my
feet, I heard an extremely large scrape of claws against stone, and the sound echoed
in my head, forcing my to fall to the ground. I tried desperately to get up, not
going to let the lycans beat me, but the constant sounds of the scraping claws were
too much, they kept bouncing back and forth in my head; I felt like I was going to
explode. It was getting so dire that I was starting to lose consciousness. Damn it,
this isn’t good. I’m going to pass out on the floor, and it might be too late
before the others find me... Damn... My mind, despite the ringing, longed to see
Ed’s face again, one last time. I wanted to see him... one last...

Kirti says:   17 February 2010   290455  
Nice work! (Though to be honest I haven't been reading every chapter,
so I don't really understand what's happening.)
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   17 February 2010   589704  
Lol Kirti =P

Nice Sam, You Latey ! Haha I Started Ch.11, You'll See It Soon Enough
Warriors_Fanatic_101 says :   2 March 2010   416268  
Wow O_O. Thats good! =)


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